Tuesday, December 23, 2008

mim di atas ma mim di bawah mi

Today as usual during school holidays when mummy reaches home, there will be only Adib at home to greet my salam...he usually very tight up with PS2 and will give mummy a short "waalaikumsalam and i love you"...However, today he jumped to mummy after the greeting and told me that he read ma-mi during his iqra session at aunty zue..and i said what???

He rushed downstairs took his Iqra and read the page ...ohh...there you go...mim diatas ma mim dibawah mi...ma-mi.....and he was so astonished with the finding having mami inside the Iqra...and he continued to show another phrase that reads sha-da something and he said this sounds like shut up....my goodness....and he laughed...funny little boy...

He is now reading the first page of Iqra3.

Just to add on, the picture is Adib with his armour outfit not really an outfit more like armour gears. He had actually been requesting for a halloween costume during the halloween season sometime in Nov or Oct. He got the idea from those kids' channels in astro of course, and I have explained that halloween is mat saleh things got nothing to do with us as muslim but he is too small to understand...so until I bought the armour then only he stopped asking for it.....but he actually expecting something horror..spooky...more like a dracula outfit
...but i managed to convince him that they are the same still apply to the halloween concept...he takes my words for now until the next halloween season comes into the picture ......(i believe..he..he..he..)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Angah's 8th Birthday

Last Idul Adha break we celebrated Angah's birthday- the event was actually 2 days earlier than the actual date i.e. Dec 9th. The initial plan was to celebrate it on raya itself but last minute we were told that Cha's birthday was about the same time and Mok De had planned a party for her.

So we sort of joining in more like tumpang lah Angah...but it's ok isnt it...after all "we are family"...and besides the agreement is not to have any party this year as we have added another 3 transformers to the earlier collection....Angah had his favourite Tiramisu combined with Chocolate Indulgence...yummy...Happy Birthday Angah........may all the good wishes come true.................