Saturday, March 10, 2012

Headboy SKIM 2012

Finally angah was announced SKIM head prefect for 2012. It was indeed the longest wait ever not only for Angah but for both mummy and abah. The trial was like from end of last year then they were down to 3 shortlisted...interviews so more...trial on public speaking and so on.
Deep down I know the title would be his but of course we do not want to be over confidence after all
rezeki di tangan tuhan. All we did was giving his encouragement and support and of course kids need to know that they are still d same in our eyes with or without the title....I just do not want him to feel so bad
if tbe position is meant to be other's. Angah is someone with very strong competative spirit even the teachers acknowledge that....i think that is positive but at the same time we must understand and be
receptive to failure...that is something we need to instill and keep reminding him.
so congratulations angah....i told him with that position he got to uphold the responsibility well, be kind dan humble...juga pesan dia jangan nakal sangat, jangan buli times he can up to some kind of
nuisance jugak.....yesterday evening jugak back from work dah marah dia se-das....gaduh dgn along
terjerit terlolong kat luar rumah maghrib being kids kan......

those are my all of them so dearly....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shortest tenure as Class monitor

wow have left this blog idle for a long time. So many events n incidences have passed us from then till now.....i will try to catch up...sedaya yg boleh. Ah...i definitely need to share this story on Adib..

.remember i told about my dear Adib wishes to become the class monitor. one fine day last month, he happily waited for me to come back from work..and embraced me at the door..."mummy, cikgu lantik adib jadi ketua darjah"....he was like "yes...yes"....knowing how much he was eyeing for that position...i was proud n happy for him. He took up the responsibility without any hesitation ....wrote down names n scolded those who didnt sit at own places...from the very first minutes he was selected. He told us that he was d third class monitor, the first two was terminated from duty  due to some minor misconduct like being naughty or something.

Then abah told Adib to make sure he completed his home and class works to ensure he able to keep the position.
And true enough...masin mulut abah...about 3-4 days later.....adib with muka "kelat"..told us that he is no more the class monitor...the title is taken from him as he continues to not finishing his homeworks...pity him but that was his own mistake. Perhaps his is the shortest tenure...maybe , i dont know.

So last weekend, we worked together to clear all his outstanding homeworks. Need to like sit and talk to him and teach him to write nicely---adib handwriting is extremely awful--, use the ruler, erase properly etc etc. Parents need to do all these with their kiddo....cant just tell and leave them on their own. Kids these days are not like us...back then, during my days...i think I had that urge inside me that want to excel and learn, but kids these days ...we need to remind them again and again...i had my jerit jerit session last sunday dedicated to Along and Adib....after the jerit jerit, got to grap myself again and sit with them and monitor...phewwww....hard work for mummy, right? but I will do this a thousand years...just love being their mummy and having all the four of them as my dearest sons.