Saturday, June 16, 2012

And when he laughs...

 These are very rare shots of Aariz...taken during our last visit to KL early June. I mentioned in few occassions about him being serious and all that...getting a smile is an achievement already , thus when he laughs...we are all overwhelmed. We got to stop doing whatever we were doing  and pay attention to this bundle of joy.
 Dia actually geli as I tickled his armpits. Bersungguh sungguh ketawa.

"And when you smile, the whole world stops and stays for a while"....and now I undersatnd that lyrics from Bruno Mars :).
What was I thinking to stop at Adib, kan? and just tried if only we got a girl...i cursed myself to ahve said those...
what we want is Aariz...nothing more and nothing less...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Aariz at 1 year 6 months

Aloha...I miss this space so much but unable to slot a moment in my 24 hours for this passion of mine.
My update on my precious Aariz..he is now 1 year 6 mths in less than 48 hours. Time flies for sure.

 Still not walking but has been very active since he started crawling...he owns the space and able to explore on his own accord. Love his walker as well but he will shout to get people to release him if that tires him.
He can raise himself up and stand on his own but of course still need holding on something for support.Huge improvement -- from those days that he only sat on his rocker watching his favourite baby tv--but baby tv is still aired like 90% of the house air time during Aariz's awake hours----

 Some says that premature can very fussy and kind of hyper to an extent...but so far we are not seeing that in Aariz...he is in fact a very "calm" baby -traveller -- he can just relax in his car seat or even the stroller. Only making noises when he is hungry or if we stop pushing the stroller to long...dia kena like jalan aje non stop, but that is alright than if he doesnt want to sit in the stroller at all...
But I have never had any problem sitting my boys in the stroller...the tips is dont take out the baby too fast if they cry asking people to hold them up. Kena tahan hati.

Talking times we thought we heard him saying words like his own name..or even ba..or bik....but most of the time he still very much with ahhh...ahhh...ishhhh...ishhh.

One of his favourite activities of the day is bathing...given that he had his first bath after like 3 mths old...we were quite worried if bathing could be difficult but it has never been. Deepending on the weather, we still use warm water for his bathing especially in the morning.
Getting smarter each day definitely...he knows when people dress up to go out....he knows to cling on mummy or abah, when seeing we are getting ready...for work or just out..will shoo away bibik with his suruh tepi tepi...

Last but not least...among other things...we patiently wait to the day that he walks on his own....amin!