Monday, November 21, 2011

Approaching the Big 1

It has been a while since my last update on Aariz and suddenly he is just a few days away from the Big 1 celebration. There have been many good developments and I will try to document everything here.
Blame it on my urat urat yg putus, but i think he was about 9 months when he started to turn over or "meniarap". They were very brief turn-over initially...the stomach barely touched the floor and he just turned again making lot of noise. And Abah came up with this comment, "lung cage dia besar macam mummy ni"....abah kan kalau yg pelik pelik semua mummy :(
However, now he can really stay flat on his stomach with no cry and able to raise his head high.
At this point of time, we are patiently waiting for his first crawl and eventually his first step. My boys, they didnt walk that early actually...Along had his first step at 1 year 3 months, Angah at exactly 1 year...Adib ...I cant recall...but I dont think it was earlier than 1 year. As Aariz corrected age currently is about 10mths...we dont expect any miracle so soon.

Recently at exactly 11months he expended his taste buds taking porridge into his menu.

Ingredients are rice, carrot and chicken-- cook and blend together. We may try ikan bilis/anchovies this week. Anyway, we still alternate this porridge with other baby food and baby biscuits....keeping the varieties to stimulate interest...Mat Aariz tend to get bored quite easily..picky..There were days he can just refuse to drink and eat....sangat merisaukan.

Apa l agi ekk....ahh...he loves baby talking. He makes noises when Adib changed the tv channel...if he is stationed in front of the television, we must ensure Baby TV is on. He screams and pushes himself when he wants us to pick him up....such a smart baby my sayang. He also knows if you scold him. This skill was picked up quite incident was in our car when Abah greeted him, it was just "aa....rizz", perhaps he was shocked or maybe the greeting was without a smile.....and he replied with a scream...

Since then our mischievious abang just love to re create the act...again and again....and mummy will then ended up screaming to Abang Chik.

apa apa aje yg mengacau adik ...tu tugas Mat Dib.

One last thing, he has his first tooth last 2 mths...and now there are 6 little cute teeth...and one of them is bigger than the rest agak kelakar jugak. I think that's about all for now...