Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hari PIBG dan Penyampaian hadiah SKIM

Today is Hari Penyampaian Hadiah for SRK indera MAhkota...I am a committee for the PIBG thus has been helping with the preparation since friday...the help was more on comments than anything:)

Unfortunately, Angah missed his chance to get any prizes this year, and Daniel commented to mummy, "tahun ni saya dapat lawan Aimran". Mesti menanah hati Angah and he replied "ehhh...geram nya aku"...that is definitely a challenge Angah!

***some of the teachers....cikgu cikgi smile************

There are 4 shows presented by the kids.....

****Hand in Hand from the school choir*** very nice song and performance

***joget from standard 1 kids****Adib said he's going to take part in this dance next year...


***nasyid headed by an OKU student*** (I think the class for OKU was called resos)
** a solo performance from std 1 girl with Ayat Ayat Cinta***sweettt...

As for Along, after a long 6 years in sekolah rendah, at last he got his chance to go up the stage for 5A's prize and certificate, both from the school itself and Yayasan Pahang. He got the invitation early this week, and was telling me..."akhirnya Mummy, Afi dapat jugak hadiah untuk sekolah rendah". Few days back, another question, "...macam mana nak jalan atas pentas tu mummy, afi tak biasa ni"...He's excited...who would not, right?

***our dear Along*****

***Anwar, Najimi--he also won best boy in Sport or Ko Ku, Arip and Along**********

****Adib, Anwar, Arip and Along**********

Most of Along and Angah's friends can be considered as Adib's as well coz most of the time, they will spend time at our house...

**Zuhairi, Tengku, Muiz--best student 2009, Najimi, Anwar, Afi and .......-this boy is not familiar to Mummy***
**Najimi, Anwar Farhan, Arip, Afi, Zuhairi and Tengku***

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bowling @ Berjaya Megalane, Kuantan

We went bowling last friday joining RT Bio Farm at Megalane. Angah was lucky that there were spare lane as they only booked 2 lanes for 7adults+Afi. Thus Angah managed to play on his own at first then joined by Aunty Tini's brother ( i think)....Being too skinny, it is not easy for him to carry 8kg bowl ( or was it 6kg) and he actually slipped down twice...bahaya betul!

Know what after each throw , he sat besides me and prayed that his opponent would score lower than his...punya was funny but he was determined to win!

Afi was playing at his own phase..very laid-back as he always does....after each turn he would eat something~~~sempat kena marah~~~.but he was not so bad improving after weekly training i guess...for information, he joins bowling club at school and they have training every monday.

Adib with Luqman around, had great fun running around until he was warned by one of the staff there...buat muka sardin ajer...:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mat Dib masa kecik

was browsing My Pictures and decided to post some of Adib's old pictures here.
Gosh he grows so fast....
i almost forgotten that he was this chubby before....

Wearing a diaper on his head
with tudung....sort of...:)

wearing uncle bell's wig
at times he wore superhero mask everywhere he wanted to

this was during hari raya back in 2006
the boys with Adli

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exercise @ Taman Bandar, Indera Mahkota

We have successfully started again the most healthy family activity i.e. exercising. It was quite a routine once upon a time but somehow without knowingly it has just stopped for as long as i can remember. Hopefully this round we can make it like a ritual at least once a week ...that would be good enough , I think.

So last saturday, we were off to Taman Bandar...all the 5 of us plus bibik...

On Monday, i was being forced by Adib to the Taman.....gosh...i actually had like a muscle cram all over...if not for Adib's assurance about being healthy and perserverance...i may have failed myself....he..he..he..malas sangat.....

He even accompanied me jogging that day - the other 2 days he only played at the palyground....and along the way he talked endlessly..asking me this and that while i was catching my breathe.., i did ask him if he felt tired talking...he answered me "tak peluh pun mulut Adib"....i rest my case!
Suprisingly he actually recalled the last time he jogged with us (which was sometime last year or so), he stopped half way and requested Abah to pick him up as he did not have the strength to jog. He commented , "Dulu Adib kecik sekarang Adib dah 6 years, mummy, Adib boleh lari sampai habis"...amazing

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The CNY break

On CNY itself, in the morning the boys had another round of fishing at Komat..and managed to catch 7 kelis..1 big one and 6 anak keli.

Lunch time we went to a CNY open house --fulfilling invitation from Mr Wong, mummy's ex HLB boss...and so happened his first daughter is also studying in SABS with Along but in a different class. Uncle Wong actually told Along to watch over her become sort of a body guard...Fortunately his daughter is one adorable nice looking girl so i commented that Along will take good care of her ensuring nobody has a go with the girl but himself...marah Along!
So...the intial plan was KB but Aki was not too well for a long distance so we changed the destination to the water park next door... Bukit Gambang Water Park..

Thank god, Ayah De arrived at 9.30 thus we managed to get the tickets within 15-20 minutes. It looked like the whole Kuantan actually had some sort of gathering over there...the place was just over crowded and crammed with people ...orang macam U.T kata Uncle Fend.
Cik Ti + Cik La with Mat Akil @ Mat Kokil @ Akil Luqman
Mak Ndak+ Ayah Im with the not so petite...Na-na @ Ketik-Na @ Qistina
Abah , Adib and Li-Cha @ Alisya...
Adib and Cha @ Farisya...
Abah and Kakak @ Farhani
Left Bukit Gambang at 1pm and off to bandar Kuantan for lunch..
Aki and Ayah Im...Tok was not able to join because she had a stomach ache...
Ayah De + Mok De and the girls.....
Cik Ti and Mat Akil...