Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dental Visit

I was up for my dental visit last saturday, this was the morning before Festival Hari Guru at ECM. Along had gotong royong at his school, Abah went to Summerman , so I brought Angah and Adib with me. After my filling and scaling, I asked Angah if he wants to do his checking and he said yes. Adib was not interested!!

He had his dental check up and so happened there was one tooth that need extraction, he was reluctant at first but Dr Anitha being soft spoken (even to us -adults) able to get Angah to agree at last...and thus, he had his first tooth being properly pulled out by a dentist.

After the dentist, was when we supposed to get Adib's hair cut but it was postponed until next weekend.
Angah was not supposed to eat for approx. 30 minutes after the tooth extraction but he was hungry thus we went to Mega Curry House (our favourite Indian food spot) for roti canai and roti bom (for Angah) and tosei (for Adib and myself).

Then it was "bayar" time - suddenly Angah took out his wallet and said he wanted to pay (remember the cash he received for being olahragawan).

mummy: tak pe lah you dont have to do that...
angah: betul angah nak belanja...
mummy :ok
angah : ehh napa pulak kurang dari 10 hinggit
mummy: dah ...abah tak de , along tak de...

adib: mummy nak lolly pop
mummy: mintak angah lah.....

Alang alang menyeluk pekasam...he..he..he....Thanks Angah!

Hari Guru at Indera Pintar

I was approached by overexcited Adib one day- last week just to notify that the kinder will have hari guru celebration and the kids are required to wear their best outfit to school.
Apparently, he has made his own decision to wear his Hackett and blue jeans....and he has been counting days since then .....
In fact, he's supposed to have his hair cut last saturday but he told me to postpone after wednesday. At first i could not figure out why wednesday? then only i remember about the hari guru and i granted his wish :)

This morning, I have no problem waking him was just one shake and he's all up and widely awake, he even woke Angah when normally they hardly meet each other because Angah will leave before he woke up.
Looking forward for the occassion, he had his bath by himself without any hesitation or screaming for mummy to bath him.

Right after bath, I dressed him and let him combed his hair as usual...he combed his hair and commented " Mummy, adib macam abah lah" and I told him "yes, adib kan anak abah"

We went downstairs, I requested him for a picture and as usual, he gave his best post. Upon seeing his picture, another comment came from "Adib macam Along masa kecik kan mummy" and i told him, "yelah, Along kan abang"

Brought him to a nearby gerai kuih buying some kuih for the jamuan. He was already very restless thinking that we are going to be late and what not...scolding me at the gerai itself to be fast and not to buy so much..
I told him the kuih is for everybody not him alone but he didnt really understand...
Adib: mummy nape beli banyak ni...adib bukan boleh makan banyak tu
Mummy: ni utk semua lah adib and kawan kawan
Adib: kawan adib bukan ramai macam tu?
mummy: bagi org lain and cikgu sekali
Adib: kalau semua org kenyang? adib pun kenyang?mummy bawa gi ofis mummy lah
mummy: ada lah orang nak makan nanti
Adib: mummy bawak lah, kalau orang kenyang adib tak tahu....

Our dear Adib......................ohhhh he grows so fast :(

Monday, May 17, 2010

Festival Hari Guru 2010

There was a Festival Hari Guru in East Coast mall last weekend. In conjunction with that, there was education fair and certain contests were organised for secondary and primary school students.
The contest for primary school was E-lab Elephant Talk -a 4-5minutes sketch about saving elephant and SKIM was one among other 18 schools participated in the contest and Angah was one of the 6 actors for his school.

There was Sheila and Imran Ajmain performing....that was ok

Next was poem reciting---that was extremely boring for mummy at least:)

Last show was the contest Angah participated.

Daniel was the baby elephant......very cute!

Angah the evil hunter..............

this was when he had the evil laugh....
Baby elephant cried when its mom was shot to death

Ikmal --the other hunter--took the baby elephant's tusk

--reporter from National Geographic

Angah and his team did so well, the voice was loud and clear....the story was fun but I think they lost points on the amount of props and the setting that accompanied the sketch they put up, so they just won themselves a consolation prize.

At the end of the day, the group had fun....the experience priceless...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family outing at Awana Kijal

Went to Awana Kijal last Friday with the Pekan team...we took our own trip down to Awana and met up there. On our way, somewhere in Kemaman, we stopped for otak otak and sata and keropok lekor---you'll get the best of those there--confirmed!

In the spirit to keep the car clean we actually ate at an abandoned pondok.

And this is it ----Awana Kijal Resort..

cantik cangat senyuman mat dib , kan? simpul gitu!

We were first to arrive and the boys had their swim within the first 10 minutes of arrival.

About 2 hours later the whole lot arrived and straight away get themselves into the pool!

Later that evening, the whole group had buffet dinner together... It was too bad that we had to leave the group rightafter, as we had another function early in the morning the very next day...


Cik Da, Angah, Ayah Cik and Tok Mimah

Ayah Joe with anak2 sedara nyer...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sport Day part 2

just more pictures....

The supporters---red team it is!

the opening---during my time, we were required to wear sport t shirt not baju ko-ko--but back then we didnt have baju ko-ko---looks like blue team was everywhere!

during the break
walking to the podium for 4 golds was not enough that he needed to escort another team member with the flag:)

olahragawan for the year

and the proud boy----as if sponsored by 100plus

Monday, May 3, 2010

H1N1 vaccine

We have had our jab for H1N1 vaccine...we first went to the hospital last week, waiting for the medical officer and after about 15-20 minutes of waiting were being told that the vaccine was sold out. We called another 2 privates in Kuantan and was informed that they were sold out as well.....worrying right?

The hospital told us that the stock will be replenished again the week after and hence we booked and paid for ours.

One boy was happy though....he was thankful and told me, he will gather his strengh within the week.

And lAst saturday, Along was up to his words--he was calmer-mentally prepared maybe--but Abah and mummy were still worried.
We all went to the room together, Along requested to be the last and Abah said ok and he wanted to stay in the waiting room.
First was Angah...

right after, he said " sakit lah sakit lah Abah..."
mummy: " angah slow sikit kang Along dengar-- lepas Along baru Angah cakap sakit ok" --what an advice kan?
second was Adib...he had his on his buttock---big smile first.......
then nangis.........just a little tiny miny cry....
mummy: "adib jgn kuat sgt kang Along dengar"
third was Abah -- i was writing something for the nurse and missed the opportunity to snap a photo of abah--i should have be readied for Abah--he had history with injection as well:)

forth was mummy lah....abah was getting Along to be ready for his turn..

Along: Along nak last lah...
Abah: ni dah last lah ni....

and final jab on..........Along.....

he made all of us worried.....Adib ngeri sangat...Angah silently said a prayer maybe....we gathered around him for moral support...

even my hands were shaky....and DONE---we were relieved!!!PHewwwwwwwww

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Olahragawan SKIM 2010

This afternoon we went to Stadium Darul Makmur for SKIM's annual sport event.

The school split their sport days into 2 , one at the school itslef for std 1 to 3 and another held at the stadium for the upper standards i.e. Std 4,5 and 6 and today was our first time attending such an event ( during Along's years in SKIM--he didnt do sport :)
Angah participated in 4 track events..

-------------------100m sprint-------------------

he got a gold

------------200m sprint-------------------

and...another gold .....


and another of course!


gold is what he's aiming and that's what he got .....the forth gold!

He got GOLD for all and that's entitled him to won the Best Athlete /Olahragawan for the year.....this is a suprise to him coz he thought only std 6 is eligible for the title...

Until this very moment--he's downloading his pictures into FB...kept on saying "bapak happy jadi olahragawan" .
We are all so proud of Angah--big time! Congratulations!

The RED team secured as second place for overall points but they had the highest cheering voice since both boy and girl's best atheletes are from the group and in fact they are classmates (Angah and Hanum)....beat the std 6 students:)