Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 3 brothers at Indera Pintar

I did mentioned in earlier posting that the boys started their ABC in Indera Pintar - it's a smart reader. Actually when we first sent Along , we didnt have much information what smart reader is all about...reasons why we chose the kinder was because it is very near to our house and first impression it looks like a proper playschool not like tadika during my time, we only ate and sang not much of a learning, besides mine was in Ulu Tiram...i remember learning "sici-loro-telu-papan"...that's how far i can count in jawa.

So here some pictures during kindergarten...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Adib's first day in Indera Pintar

As the term starts for 2009, it also marked as Adib first day at kindergarten. Indera Pintar is the very same kindergarten where Along and Angah started to learn their ABC. As Adib felt no 3 among the boys to attend the kinder, I was not as anxious as when we first sent Along (at the age of 4)...well experiences make us wiser and technically prepared. Having said that, Adib had attended Al Hafizin last year so mummy was pretty sure that it's going to be a smooth one.

And my predictions was all true....he was very calm..handshaked with the teachers, giving the salam and sat still .
Angah and Bibik Gatik being overly excited , followed to send Adib. Before we left, Adib asked why Angah and Bibik were leaving ...he actually thought they would wait for him. So I told him that Angah needs to go to school and Bibik has to he nodded, and we rushed off coz I can see the change in his expression...
Actually we have been waiting for this event for quite sometimes...and suprisingly the most worried among us is not mummy but along and angah...

Here are some of the advices from along and angah to adib:

1)No bad words and no crying in school - or your mouth will be plastered- abang dah experienced that..sakit!!
2)There will be no angah in school so ask your teacher when you need to pee

3) Tell teacher Elly Adib cant take hot food - on second thought, mummylah cakap kt cikgu

4) bring a bottle of air suam to school, coz pupils are not allowed to drink during meal but if we bring our own then it is alright - adib drinks a lot during meal...(angah warned mummy)
5) do not register adib for swimming class as we wont be there to monitor him and after all he is still a baby.
Then mummy asked Along and Angah, if both Along and Angah can survive why cant Adib..And they answered together WE WERE BIGGER!

And mummy did check with Adib if he remembers all the "words of wisdom"from the older brothers and his answer was "ingat...kentut"...god bless!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The First term of 2009

This was captured today, a day before school starts. Actually, it was a late preparation. We had the bags and the uniforms earlier but not the books, luckily the school bookstore opened today so I went to buy the whole lots during the boys' piano lesson.
Exceptional things about this 2009 school session...
1) it is going to be Along's final year in primary school meaning the most important year as he will be sitting for the upsr,
2) Angah's first year appointed as a school prefect-angah is all very excited, i guess about wearing the maroon suits and being able to jot down names huh!
3) Adib's first year to Smart Reader...

So all the best enjoy schools and STUDY!
With this the PS2 is kept away and only available during weekends......

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year 2009

There's nothing much about our new year celebration for 2009...but just to make note on the day itself..
we had breakfast at Mc D...

watched "Bedtime Stories" - awesome....we had good laughs .Unfortunaley, there was no poster on the movie so ...

and...Had lunch at pizza hut...actually i wanted to take pictures of the food, but we just cant spare a minute when food served on the table....

solo king

During these school holiday ,we play our ps2 most of the time.Until we found a ps2 solo king.On the 2nd of January 2009 he played the ps2 from morning until evening.In the morning,he didn't take a bath until the evening.We asked to take him a bath but he replied "mat dib mandi masa mami balik nanti".He only took a break for breakfast and lunch but nobody can touch the PS even during that time.We cannot do anything because he said to us that "kalau along dengan angah main nanti adib sebat"and that time he had a belt with him.Actually, we can beat him because he is alone but nevermind because he is our little brother.