Friday, February 8, 2013

Theraphy check on Aariz

Hi there...for some reason Aariz just stopped walking after the week that he walked few steps on his own i.e. the week which i refered to in the posting before this one. For a few days in that week, he actually really walked a few steps then dropped then raised his butt again and walked another few steps.But that week was the only time he did that and after that week...he just refused to walk on his own...he still walk around but he needs support. He would either walk while holding onto something like a furniture, or he will push around the baby-gym toy.

This is the situation until this very moment.
Last week we decided to bring Aariz for pysiotheraphy check and the paed also advised us to do the hearing test because for a 2 year old toddler, Aariz to certain extent is indicating some delay in speech....he is still very much at abai...abab..mamam. We first went to the pyhsiotheraphy center in Kuantan Specialist Hospital
 and unfortunately they do not have a paed physiotherapist thus suggesting us to go to the International Islamic Uni physio which fortunately is just around the corner from our convenient!
Aariz actually is ok with outsiders, he wont cry if a stranger try to hold him. However, for some reason he just can sense if the stranger is a doctor or some therapist who intended to jab him or do some massaging on him.The moment the therapist tried to lie him down...he just cried his heart out...really crying and shouting which is not his normal behaviour.
The theraphist said that the tendon on his right leg is stiff and we need to do regular massaging to soften it. That is why his walk is a bit odd, as he tends to drag the bad right leg. The therapist also informed that it actually hurts him when we massage the bad leg but we still need to continue doing it to help him walking again.
On the hearing we are subjected to a second test for the specialist to provide a more constructive opinion and advice if certain treatment is necessary. For now, after the first test, it looks like Aariz may have some problem with high frequncy sounds Means he is not able to hear the high frequency sounds like the sound of ph, shh and some other consonants. I know.. it is a suprise to me also..i thought for hearing , there are only 2 options...can hear or cant hear --but suprisingly it is not like that..there is possibility that we can hear certain sounds and not hearing some other sounds. This discrepancy subsequently will lead to some delay in speech.

Our speech appointment will be in 2 weeks time and we are due for another pysiotheraphy session on the same day

I really d not know what to expect but as long as it is something that we as parents can assist and there is solution to it, i am insyallah we are taking a step at a time!