Monday, April 18, 2011

Smiling away at 4 months

April 13th marked as Aariz forth month...actual age, his adjusted is only 2. True enough that we cant measure premie's development to his actual a 2 months old baby he now can smile back when you play or talk to him...

He starting to make noises hu...and haaa...and hiiiii.....he's getting more and more adorable each this little "kuku monster" so much....I am calling him "kuku monster" because his nails can grow so fast and it needs clipping like twice in a week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Abah's birthday

First of all, happy birthday dear Abah.....the boys should have realised it as much as I do that Abah is always a good father, not always strict but always accomodating. I sincerely think that he is alsoa better parent ... and i only have like half of his parenting talents!

Anyway.....we celebrated among us first for lunch at Swiss Garden, plesae click here!

and later in the evening , dinner with Tok Bibah, Tok Ana, Chumad and Mak Usu. They were here to see Aariz for the first time...

Before dinner, we had 2 games of bowling. Since I know Chumad also bowls and quite good at it, i suggested that we went bowling before dinner...and champion for the evening was Chumad. Terror orang Johor ya! On that note, need to also annouce that I have break my less-than-one hundred scoring ...yaye!!!!!

********even Mak Usu had a few attempts********
For dinner, as expected by the boys, we went to Mahkota for salted crabs but too bad, tak de rezeki, they dont have crab that nite and we got to opt for salted prawns....

*****Kindly ignore Along**********

Even without crabs , i can tell everybody had a great time dining together...and ahhhh for a note... for the first time, Abah got a birthday present from Tok Bibah...that T shirt he's wearing....