Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Boys with Misha

These pictures were taken during our last month trip down to KL.

The friendship is basically an extension of our - the parents' -long relationship from A level to Uni until this very moment and insyallah to akhir hayat...
For some reasons , they are able to click well eventhough we dont really meet up that often...

Just ignore this little boy....

Monday, November 29, 2010

From Mohawk to Botak Chin

This is step to step from Mohawk to Botak Chin. We managed to get Adib's agreement because it's school holiday and no kids will tease him or something for being botak. We assured him by shaving his head early , the hair will have more time to grow again and by the time the school is opened he'll be dashing again :)
I got the barber to stop at this stage to capture this "mohawk" style-- as what the boys call it...kelakor!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The boys were forced to help out during this gardening session last month...i was heavily pregnant ...cant let the bibik handling it all my only source of workforce are the boys...they did well....along with my "jeritan" (screaming and shouting)....
it was no slavery...they had great fun...

week one

week two

and the outcome.

Adib's graduation dinner

It was about 2weeks ago, Adib's kinder had their graduation dinner. This year is Adib's final year in kindergarten as he'll be in standard one next year thus, another most awaited event for the year.

Adib participated in 2 performances, one is the opening performance and another is tarian zapin. He has been practicising like 2 months before the event and we had no chance at all--- not a single chance--to get him performed or showed a step or two at home. He kept repeating that we got to wait for the day itself to see it...Adib , he always has his own thinking on like it or not....we got to wait patiently.

He was one of the ushers with bunga manggar....

Then the opening dance...still holding the bunga manggar...

and the tarian zapin...there was a sketch before the dance and we didnt know that he was the main cast/dancer.....that really caught us by surprise , if only i knew...i would be standing right in front of the stage....he was smiling away to see our suprised faces...and he kept looking at us giggling and made us worried that he might forget his steps.....

I actually asked Adib the next day why he didnt tell us about his role in that Zapin dance and his answer was "kalau dah ceriter boring lah semua org dah tahu tak de lah surprise"
Mummy: ni cikgu yg ajar ke?
Adib: Tak ...adib yg pikir sendiri...

---i really dont know what went wrong but the kids' eyes became zombies' that nite :
The Graduation...


And the end of Tadika Indera Pintar....insyallah in 5 years time...we'll come back with Adik....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mat Dib's wish....

Remember i wrote before that the boys were hoping for a baby sister...Along and Angah said just for mummy...their wish is to accomodate my "previous" wish.....As for Adib...he has been saying consistently that he wants a baby girl all along ....even after the ultrasound.

He told me, "if the baby is a girl, I'll take care of her but if he's a boy,I am going to bully him big time" laughing...very seriuos statement....
Then when aunty ann, delivered a girl, he told me to swap our baby with aunty ann's..I told him , that we cant do that because that the baby is the only girl for aunty ann... that makes him stopped, and digested the information....and later understood the circumstances...

Know what, he worried me...his statements and one day...very recently...i talked to him..

mummy: adib , seriously are you ok having a baby brother?
adib--he looked at me and answered : ye lah mummy, adib suka adik lelaki...boleh main dgn adib...boleh main nerf guns boleh main batman....adib suka batman...adib bukan suka dgn barbie dolls....
God knows how relieved i am now....he was just being palyful and cheeky as he always does--- now i know, we are all prepared and looking forward for our youngest boy.... 102 days to go...

Friday, October 22, 2010


Our little talk...banyak dah but i just dont have the urge to post it here...anyway this was a few weeks back...i was driving the boys back from dinner..and Adib asked me this question,
" mummy, nape setengah kedai letak signboard Pusat...macam Pusat Tuisyen lah, kan ke pusat tu kat perut"

and we laughed...i really do not have an answer--cant find the right word to explain Pusat,
Unfortunately abah was not around ...cause abah can explain better most of the time,
thus passed that to Along to answer , " Along tolong jawap"

along : "Pusat ni macam centre...macam pusat sumber, pusat tuisyen"
angah: " pusat perabot"
along:" jangan nak mengarut kedai perabot adalah...tak pe lah mat dib, nanti adib darjah satu adib faham lah..."

Penyudah nya....LOL

This picture was taken this morning...

Adib commented: "Warits tangkap gambar dgn baby...adib tangkap gambar dgn ikan aje...".. ( he just saw a picture of Warits with his new sister and his mom-aunty ann)

Nazarah Afroza

Latest addition to the Ngasri's....and to the LONGGGGGGG ever growing cousins' list for the boys...The little Miss Nazarah Afroza...very unique name....especially the AFRO part...sorry cik Ann....:)

Alhamdulillah , she was born at 2.8kg yesterday 21.10.2010...normal birth -- a pretty easy delivery i would say as even at 8cm, aunty ann was not experiencing much pain.....rezeki dia...!

To Nazarah....welcome to this fancy world and congratulations to the mama...Ann, now you have someone to hand down your song "i am a big big girl in this big big world"....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Adib and Along's birthday

It has been ages since my last posting in this blog...we have passed Ramadan, Hari Raya, my pregnancy is now at 21 weeks - has gotten over the hump with 19 weeks to go before arrival of the most awaited "bundle of joy'.

Last saturday , we organised a party to celebrate Along's 13th and Adib's 6th birthday at home. Adib has been looking forward, as for Along being a teenage boy-- he was not so keen but still invited some friends. We had kids from the Lorong itself, Angah's friends, some friends of Along and Pekan's team. Unfortunately, not a single friend of Adib turn up except for Arif because according to Adib " dia orang tak tahu mana Adib duduk - Adib dah bagi direction tapi tetap tak tahu". They are not staying in the same lane actually!

Being concern he brought some goodies bags the next day to padang for his closed friends...sangat prihatin, right!

At the very last minute, we decided to have the party outside...i guess it's about time for us to undergo a house renovation :)

The ever cheeky Mat Dib.......opening the birthday presents.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Injit Injit Semut

Just a few pictures from our trip to HK...The boys ...they are actually catching up well with mummy's and abah's hobby i.e. shopping..when they get themselves in the boys' section, they would happily just pick up their stuff and did their own fittings....

However boys being boys , most of the time of course they play and as running around is forbidden in most places....they find other games....this is new actually, my first time seeing them playing "Injit injit semut"..
i was like gosh even girls dont play that...
******macam sama besar ajer 2 orang ni kan?*****
but their version of Injit injit semut rhytm is not the conventional song we had when we were young, their's is the newer version which lyrics includes " you have Britney we have Siti" -- you can get it in you-tube...interesting lyrics!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mickey's Waterworks Parade

This is a must see event in Disneyland...I believe the theme of the parade is accordance to the season . As we went there in summer, we were presented with Mickey's Waterworks Parade.

The Toys' story

Poo and the gang

..Mickey Mouse

..Donald Duck
..snow white + cinderella
Minnie and Daisy...


...Alice from the Wonderland...+ the team

The Chipmunks ride..

Pokok entah apa

Buzz spaceship...

Have no idea...what are these characters in Disney...Mr Piggy lah kot.