Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Spender" --a.k.a seluar katok

The title is a bit alarming right? Seems like it doesnt suit a family blog but i just got to share this story. So one nite during dinner--the usual time for the boys to share their story of the day--their activities etc--Angah told us about some standard 2 children playing with a "spender" , throwing it around with a stick. After a while one of the children, asked another child to throw the spender to Angah. I feel like there's missing thread in the story emmmm...anyway, the silly little chap did threw the spender to Angah and that was a wrong choice obviously.
Being Angah, with a slightly extra dose of Javanese blood in him--as what abah likes to refer to define or explain "uncontrollable anger"--Angah actually scolded and slapped the unfortunate little boy.
I knew that he would get to that. I have taught him a few times, the easiest way to handle anger, if you are angry-standing, you should sit, if that doesnt work you should lie down...and had also reminded him that anger is evil. Of course, i scolded him and repeated again about anger is evil...told him, he should change and learn to handle his anger or he will one day lose all his friends...I told him, he should have just warned the boy... and of course, he defended himself telling me it was not a hard slap--(i really hope that was the actual thing)--just a mere touching on the kid's face with open hand...and that slap came after his warning not to fooling around with him.
Then suddenly while we were debating, our dear Dennis the Menace, interfered and said this,
" kalau Adib, Adib tak marah mummy! Adib amik spender tu letak atas kepala aje"...and how do you respond to that?
We all laughed out loud...betul betul LOL....there you go Adib with his out of the box response, which always full with some peculiar ideas again and again

Mak Usu and Afroza birthday bash

We were in KL last weekend to celebrate Mak Usu and Afroza's birthday. Everybody was there except for Uncle Bell. The party was held at Mc D and theme colour for the day was red.It was a great event...a successful was awesome to mingle around with families. There were games before the birthdays girls blew out the candles.

The kids enjoyed the games. Along and Inas being the only teenaged grandchildren of Tok Bibah were reluctant to join--at first, but mummy was there, that hesitation was easily handled! and they played along till the end.....good boy Along :) and Inas of course...see they even wore the head 17 years old, she's cheeky and very sporting so no problem with her...By the way, it's our first time seeing Noin with the tudung....manis Noin...personally i think it is too early for Noin but if she ikhlas then why not.

Tok Haji was there too....and it was Tok Haji's first meeting with our precious Aariz. He asked a few questions about Aariz and i was touched that he does have some details right about our little one, means he does care despite his other commitments...god bless~
I love family gathering...hope we are able to organize this kind of event more often...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Along and Adib's birthday

For the past 7 years we have been celebrating Adib and Along's birthday together....for obvious reason that their birthdays fall in the same month - oct- and in fact, Adib's birthday is just a day before Along's. Then for this year we happened to arrange Aariz's bercukur in Oct so we tot yeah why not throw the party on the same day...and we had the birthday bash...
Being a teenager, Along was not that keen with this birthday party thingy...but being a mom, it is just necessary for me...and thus, we used our parents' right and forced him to just stand there...and he did reluctantly...good boy!
Nothing much actually, adib blew the candles...then we distribute the goodies, shared the cake and that' about all.
At the end of the day, I asked Adib...if he's happy with the birthday bash...

Thank god...he said he did.."Adib happy tapi hadiah sikit tahun ni semua untuk Aariz aje"..oucchhhh

Then Angah menyampuk happily "yeah birthday Angah nanti Angah sorang"

So... I just got to remind him "Tahun ni yours will be with Aariz lah...Aariz kan december"
And Angah .."ah..ah...ya.."...he..he..tough luck :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Majlis Bercukur Aariz

After being postponed, one date after another finally we managed to organised majlis bercukur for Aariz last week. Aariz was almost 10 months. The delay was basically due to Aariz himself jugak...we just need to be 100% sure that he is ready for crowd and having people touching him freely without having to sanitize beforehand. Yes, for almost 6 months or so --during his quarantine (until hari raya)..we sanitized our hands before every single touch. Cant take things for granted~The marhaban group is a all-ladies..they recited the Yassin first and later the marhaban. I was pleased that the older brothers helped out or take part during the "bercukur". Their involvement makes the whole occassion to be extra special.
Being boys, they can be unpredictable at time-being too involved with computer games and all--thus when they willingly following the "acara" and helped along without showing any hesitation--blissful--
i hope my boys will grow up to be those who uphold and respect responsibilities..."anak yg soleh" insyallah.
We have been keeping Aariz's hair for more than 2 months I think...purposely for this
occassion...finally glad that we got to shave him again. for some reason , i cant stand boys with long serabut ajer....