Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aariz and his walker

We just bought Aariz his walker...dearest Aariz owns his walker later compared to Nash and Tasha who were born months after him :)

Actually we just waited for Aariz's legs are really strong enough to stand...we once watched this one programme on tv, talking about walker. The pros and cons...and that how our delay came about. By right, human dont need wlaker to learn to walk...just like birds dont need artificial wings to learn to fly....we are bound to move from one phase to another, from rolling on our stomach to running and jumping ....But I think it is nice to have walker to enable babies to play around...another alternative to get through their day..and helping mummy, abah and bibik to lepak sikit lah...he..he...All the brothers owned one as well....
Bibik said Aariz is not into his walker that much..he prefers rolling on his stomach..boleh aje lah..he's the boss!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Shaolin

We shaved Aariz's hair yesterday morning before his morning bath...these are picures taken this very morning...very much like Shaolin temple babies kan?
Just like d abang abang....this will continue until he enrols into school....i just cant stand lah boys with long hair....mcm semak aje kepala he..he...even now d only abang yg i think looks nice with slightly longer hair is angah....along n adib cam tak sesuai aje...semak muka...ha..ha..

oklah that is all for this morning...want to bring my baby downstairs to inhale d fresh air...weather is still very cooling in kuantan....ala ala london jugak uncle fend :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Golekking with Aariz

It has been raining continously for d past few days..monsoon is not over yet in Kuantan...weather sekrang kan very unpredictable. i am actually at this very moment enjoying my time with my youngest baby....all my boys remain babies to me...baby gajah, baby kurush, abang baby n of course aariz ...the adik baby. love all of themwith all my heart. ..sometimes i cant believe myself that tehre is so much love in me...
ok back this little boy...he is my alarm...wakes me up every morning at 5.30 -6am...and i love it...he wont cry...he just making sounds urrggg arggghhhh like mummy please wake up lah ..i want baby tv....oh ya...you all should know that aariz hardly cries....susah sangat nak tengok air mata...baru sekarang mcm pandai sikit nangis....it worries me quite a bit jugak..but he did cry during his tenure in d hospital...maybe we attend to him like every seconds thus there is no reason for him to cry ...i dont know tapi risau jugak initially....but now daah besar ni suara kuat...n perhaps learning to be more demanding...baru ada nangis ....but still in a very rare occassion.....he is not grumpy at all...sangat cool....n serious jugak.
he is sitting more stable now...and learning to raise his butt. i think in a month or so, he will start crawling. by the way he is 1year 1 month today....along walks at 1yr3mths....angah exactly 1year...i cant remember abg adib...but more that 1year i would think.....no worries aariz...there is no rush...

abg adib kata...aariz sekarang dah pandai marah orang...as i said..he is now learng to be more demanding....making sounds pun dah banyak.
gosh i love baby's smell...tbere is no perfume in this world can beat it...especially smell of your own flesh n blood....sweetttt n refreshing.....
by the way today is saturday....love the weekend...it doesnt matter that we just hibernating in our own nest...the feel of having the loved ones around makes me feel complete and very much happy with this life i have.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adib and school 2012

Another posting on adib dan cerita-cerita nya...this is his story on day 2 of 2012 school session. On day 1 he told me during dinner that the cikgu told his class taht there will be a selection for ketua darjah , the next day. I told him to tell cikgu that he wants to become one.

On day 2 he updated me..." mummy adib bagitahu cikgu yang adib nak jadi ketua darjah"
Then cikgu cakap, "ok boleh kita tengok votes"
and cikgu asked the class to raise their hands if they vote for adib....and i guessed the cikgu will announce something like this .."sapa sokong adib jadi ketua darjah--angkat tangan"

Adib said he looked around and nobody raise their hand or raise anything at all....and i burst into laughter.
And he also continued his story and commented " padahal mummy, adib dah jadi baik dah naik tahun 2 ni...semua cikgu adib panggil puan"....

abang-abang and my self laughed even louder!
I really dont get it about calling the teachers "puan"......Adib is just hillarious!

Adib and Kafa 2012

And the school session starts again...basically we have done our preparation for school quite early--new clothes for all the 3, new stationeries, new shoes and new bag for Along only. Angah and Adib--theirs are only one year old, so i asked them to use for another year....Adib dah tension..he commented "mummy ni kedekut lah, tadi keluar cash banyak". He saw me took out some cash from the atm...not knowing that they are for bibik :)

That shopping part was done but I missed Adib's registration for Kafa. Kept calling the school but they dont seem to answer phone calls or perhaps even the office was closed for school holiday--i dont know. I even applied for one day leave (on the last friday of 2011)to check the Kafa's office but we was greeted with closed doors..and there was a notice stated that the registration was 2 days before. Gosh! and I actually called daily during the week....sabar je lah.

I was so worried...so just in case i looked banners for other sekolah agama and this conversation came up:

Adib: kalau tak dpt masuk kafa, mummy aje lah ajar adib

Mummy: mummy tak de masa lah adib

Adib: mummy tu kerja tengok movies aje

Mummy: mummy tengok movie sebab mummy nak rehat ( mummy tak nak ngaku kalah :)

Adib: kalau mummy ajar adib ngaji, mummy bukan buat apa...dengar aje..bukan penat pun...

Tak ke terpanah hati mummy dengar tu ???

Apa nak cakap...action speaks louder than words right? .....the kids are watching....

By the way, I sent Adib on his first day of kafa and realised that the registration for existing student is automatic...thank god!