Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aariz and punching toys

Aariz got a new toy today...i dont know what is called but the older brothers call it punching bag...i think punching toy would be more appropriate...Aariz's is that little was bought not at toy r us but at the pasar tani...he..he...abang adib saw it and he always wants one but mummy always managed to find a right excuse not buying. Not sure if abah heard Adib's request but he suddenly said which to buy a frog or a penguin...then the baby penguin was bought....and abah said that is for aariz.
Bising lah abang dib....then we went to Giant and there, they also sell the punching toy ...a bigger one...and adib came to mummy with his "please mummy"...and who can say no to that innocent beg...entah innocent or he just understand mummy to well...emmm...and he got his elephant.
Aariz suka sangat...langgar those two toys with his walker....ketawa berdekah dekah entah apa yg funny nya...but it is great seeing him laughing out loud..
By the way...he used to have regular short naps during the day but they are reduced to one or two naps a day...abah said he's coming out from the premature zone ...from his reading, premature tend to have regular naps until they are becoming more full term babies.

tomorrow is maulidur rasul...the Prophet Muhammad's pbuh birthday...i pray to Allah, to help me instill the Prophet's values in my boys...there is no better idol that we should follow than our beloved Prophet..