Thursday, August 9, 2012


This is the situation when the boys berkubang...they love to do this from time to time and most of the time I wont stop them playing in such a a matter of fact I love seeing them playing around like this rather than stuck endlessly with the computer, phone games and psp....Kids enhance their creativity playing right? so I dont mind they making such a mess in their room but of course within their four walls only and within specified night cukup lah...more than that I have migraine!
I just cant tolerate untidiness...messy room, unmade beds, is in my blood...inherits from my atok, down to my mom and me....But i think I am not as particular as my mom lah..ha..ha..satu tahap rendah kot!

I talked before about "berkhemah" and this is how they made it..
Then later at nite they would sleep inside the tent, and if I realised it when they already asleep, I would take off the comforter and wrap it around their body...I am just afraid it would fall on them at nite and they would get suffocated...bahaya kan?

On another day, they would bring down the mattresses and make another platform extended from the beds...PAs tu lompat lompat much about being creative kan ...ha..ha..

 As for Aariz...his interest now is on the computer...the older boys cant play in peace these days...He would press this and that...pull the mouse....and worse for the older boys, the fact that they cant scold him...because he is still a baby..

 Adib will get very frustrated...and just gave up...and cried...
I wonder what happened behind my back ....whether he can be just as patient with his little far no complaint from bibik...except Adib likes to scream at Aariz...nothing physical!

 And this little angel...not undersatnding anything...would just smiling away...and my heart melts...