Tuesday, July 31, 2012

POt Luck in Pekan for Iftar

We had pot luck in Pekan for Iftar last saturday...everybody was tehre except for Ayah Jo. All were required to bring one main and one dessert...ours was homemade fettucini and pasta and for dessert , we bought Talam Ubi. I think having pot luck at home like this is much better than to go for Hotel's Iftar.
At home you can have the food all nite long and can even tapau...

 For more details on the food spread, can refer http://30-somethinglifeonthefastlane.blogspot.com/2012/07/pot-luck-in-pekan.html
 Abah assisting Adib with his food...need to ensure that he took some main dish in his plate or he would end up with only dessert or murtabak..
After filling up with yummylicious food, we jemaah for Maghrib...Adib did the azan but his voice was so slow...too many people made him anxious. The good thing is he didnt hesitate, he just did it at the first instruction.
 Arent these three little sweeties look adorable in the telekung??...Amani...Le-Cha and Nana
 After the prayer...the kids took over the space..It was extremely noisy...imagine having a telematch on a wooden platform and worse with the shouting and all. But it is heartwarming and joyful seeing the kids enjoying theselves...cheering and laughing ....and crying also...

Even Aariz joined the crowd....

 The kids.......the oldest here are Angah and Nikriz (the one sitting beside Angah) ...both of them will sit for UPSR this year. I love  when Angah joined other kids to play around like this...the boys are just growing up too fast...and without we realise --one day they will leave the nest...ohh how sad is that gonna be...but that is the life cycle...

Along and Mukriz--these two will sit for their PMR this year --of course not joining the crowd....dalam hati mungkin nak jugak ha..ha..

Angah actually always like to remind me..."Mummy jangan rosak kan reputasi Along, by post on his wall or tweet him--Along sayang manja dah belajar or whatever--habis lari nanti semua aweksss--baik baik ada 1000 followers end up satu aje".....

Isnt that outrageous.. .ha...ha..ha...ha..ha..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Current favourite spot

Ah as i told earlier Aariz is developing interest on the computer and this is  his favourite spot. He will crawl his way there and start smashing the mouse and the keyboard and throwing away any cds he found on the table. We will carry him outside everytime...throw his toys infront of him and he will just turn away and move into the room again.

I ahve actually recorded a video of him laughing out loud to Along but am having problem to upload the video...the system just keeps uploading endlessly and I chose to give up! So here are some of teh pictures of him that day. Among the elder brotehrs , I think he likes to play with Along more. Along will usually dukung him and do funny faces or noises and he likes that.

Adib was his buddy at earlier stage but Adib like to shout at him these days --main main of course--or rather shout talking to Aariz and let him cries...It is funny seeing his face expreession crying but the cry is real not main main...

There was this few nites Aariz actually cried in his sleep mcm mengigau...so I warned the boys Adib and Angah to stop scolding him and he is ok now. Angah is another sole who likes seeing Aariz cries...and when these two team- up lagi masalah negara
Know what yesterday, or so, Adib came back from school and sat at teh dining table, abang told him to take off his tie...he did and just threw it on the floor.
Then Abah asked "macam tu aje"...
and he replied, "kenapa?"...so i told him to put it in Bibik's room...
and he told me " bukan salah Adib, Bibik yang ajar, Bibik kata enggak apa apa ".
Then bibik came to scene, "mengapa?"...
Adib cite to Bibik and Bibik giggling "Oh ya enggak apa apa".
You all should know that this bibik Yani...cakap sikit ketawa lebih..he..he...she giggles a lot...the boys adore her!
Cam ne tu...we thought certain values but kids will pick up what is easy, right? ...*sigh**

Monday, July 23, 2012

Aariz at 1 year 7 months

Aariz is now 1 year 7 months ++...still walking around  holding onto something ...melayu cakap "memapah"...english...??? i have no idea..Oh My English ..ha..ha..
He despises the walker...would scream if anybody try to put him in the walker-- thus his routine now is to crawl into the boys' room...walked his way to the abangs computer and love to smash the mouse or the keyboards. Along commented that Aariz will be Afi Junior due to his interest on the computer.

The pictures above if he didnt look at me ...he actually looking at the television...very obssessed right? I told here before that we are going to have a tough time getting him to read or study just like Along. Along was before very much like Aariz who would station himself 24-7 in front of the television watching disney's movies. Movie like Lion King especially will definitely bring back the old good time raising Along--the budak cenggeng! My simba is a teenager now!
A new skill developed last month...he now can feed himself on his own.

He can hold on the bottle and throw the bottle away when he is done. He hardly use his rocker these days
 and would prefer to feed himself by laying on our movie reclining chairs...mcm boss huh!
I love having him laying on top on me or at my side on the reclining chair watching his baby tv...never failed to do this every weekend..

Aariz also has been shouting quite a lot these days...but still very much at ahhh..ah....and ishhh...ishh. He is quite attached to Bibik Yani...to the extend that bibik cant just pass by without picking him up.Am glad to see the connection...the worries will always be there when you leave your loved ones under supervision of another person. I always try my best to build good relationship with all the bibiks just to ensure that they live in our house not feeling like a stranger and they can extend their love to our little ones as a return for our good deeds. I am not asking for more.

Being a premature baby..it is quite difficult for us to tell or predict his next development and the timing. We just thank Allah for his good health and his progress......till the next update.

Girlfriend ??

I cant remember the last time i shared here our little-talk session...many stories have been left untold...rugi sgt....the thing is i dont think we can rely on my memory..i cant remember much these days..for some reasonlah...mudo sgt..he..he..and that's the reason why i try my best to update this journal to keep the memories ....but for those which left untold...i hope we will keep it warm in our hearts..

This was last week during dinner....adib started off with 'kat sekolah adib ramai sgt yg suka angah'...
Angah of courselah overly excited..laughing and asking for names...Adib said some are from std 3 but some are his own classmates.
Then he continued "Tahu tak girlfriend kedua Adib   tanya Adib --awak tahu tak saya suka sapa?"
Adib replied " tak tahu"
And the GF continued " abang awak"

and all of us laughed mcm nak mati...ha..ha..ha...Along dgn Angah kutuk macam macam ha..ha..ha..but Adib actually was not even smiling ha..ha..ha..sungguh sungguh frust anak mummy!
We tried to find out the name of the girlfriend but Adib is not giving us the slightest clue even to this very moment...
Best part was at the very end of the conversation, Adib annouced that he has got himself a third girl friend so tak kisah lah that girl nak suka kat Angah...ha..ha..
But still he doesnt want to share who is the gf...geram betul
So i told him...I dont really care if you have girlfriends but dont ever touch a girl and study have to come first..

 These pictures are taken during the recent visit for the kids performance review..do spot the wall...no wonder there are always black patches on Adib's shirts...one definitely cant lean to such a wall!! Teruk kan?
He suddenly turned away from his plate and looked at me straight in my eyes and said " Mummy, walau pun adib gangsta kat sekolah tapi adib gangsta yg baik"...
ok now "gangster yg baik" pulak ??!@@#>!^#%!$#* ...confius mummy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Akil's birthday

Anotehr trip to Pekan last saturday for Akil's birthday ...and so another round of makan makan...Akil is 5 years.There are 5 kids living together there in Pekan...so everytime when there is a birthday celebration, huru hara sekali masa buka hadiah...I should have captured the moment but was so busy laughing...and Abah made suggestion next time just do 1 birthday celebration so that all of them get a present at the same time..

 We had laksa pahang and nasi tomato... and 3 types of cakes...punya lah ha..ha..ha..

Aariz as usual didnt really care with his surrounding but busy himself with the balloons and he also had a nice quality session with Aki..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Makan makan in Pekan

There were already a few occassions...Birthday Amani--this one posted already...then birthday Tok...celebrated twice...first just like tea...but Tok kan...mana boleh bagi makan sikit sikit macam tu...we were called back again for a proper meal...but unfortunately no pictures...
That is Murtabak Pekan...markasar ???...terbaik dari ladang ...quoted dr uncle fendi..
May Allah bless Atok with good health and love!
Then last month (june)...we went back again for Ain and Ketik Na's birthday. All were there...except for Ayah Joe who got stuck in Perlis...have not seen Ayah Joe for quite a while right....cant remember when was the last time we met him...and ...Angah also didnt join this because he attended his scout camping programme some where near Pantai Sepat.
The birrthday girls...Ain and Ketik Na or Nana...
Cik Ti's family...they are playing along with Akil....this boy , all birthday celebs are considered his for him...until he got to stand by the cake  or blow the candle, then only he will happily move somewhere...if not he will scream his way to the center of the table...
My dear Aariz with Ain...Aariz is about 6 -7 months older ...but tehy are the same size...sayang anak mummy!
So many babies all around kan? be it in KL or here in Pekan..he..he..all are superly productive...That is dearest Amanda...she is like a few months...but rather long or tall for a baby...like the mother obviously.
And the food...I love the nasi tomato...sedap...there are desserts but was busy eating taht I forgot about teh dessert...tehre will be another round this weekend, now celebrating Mat Kokil's birthday....Cik Ti actually asked what I would like to have...ohhh..that is so nice of her...and i said "laksa pahang but apa apa pun tak pe"....gitu.....
And the cake...anak perempuan kan nak jugak buat dgn doll bagai..ha..ha..not even started dah melt...