Monday, January 24, 2011

Iana Sofea, Uncle Boy's fifth child

Iana Sofea is the latest addition to the boys' increasing list of cousins. She arrived on "schedule" but with a different fate...she supposed to be an older sister to Aariz but now Aariz is 1 month older than her...he..he..he..

We are yet to visit this little princess but we sure want to welcome her into the family.

Isnt she a cutie?.....with the adorable Iris or Miss Dora!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adib is now in Standard One

Adib has been waiting since forever to enrol himself into SKIM. He even initially told me that we dont have to send him to school as he can just find his way to his class by asking any one of the teachers. Therefore, we have no problem at all sending him to primary school, not that we face any difficulties with the other older brothers.

These pictures were taken before all of us accompanied Adib for his orientation. See how excited he was.

During recess, I requested bibik to check on him...just to look from a distance if he able to buy what he wanted. He has been doing very well for the past 3 days.

Today, he actually asked me to come instead of Bibik...and the conversation were as below:

Adib: Mummy nanti datang masa rehat ya
Mummy: Mummy pakai kain batik leceh lah nak salin
***I was actually wearing my jeans as I just came back from the hospital**
Adib: tu mummy pakai jeans kan
Mummy: Ni sebab nak gi hospital, terpaksa lah pakai jeans
Adib: Pergi sekolah pun boleh jugak terpaksa pakai jeans. Kat sekolah ada ramai mak mak datang masa rehat dan ada SORANG BIBIK.
Mummy: Bibik sapa?
Adib: Bibik kite lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

There you go.. our Mat Dib--
To Abang Chik, we wish you success......and BUAT HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The arrival of my youngest son, Ahmad Aariz

Finally our most awaited youngest son-Ahmad Aariz was safely delivered on Monday Dec13, 2010 at 2.52pm /6 muharam 1432. He is a premie, early by 9 weeks. All the boys' deliveries have their own special story/ Along was delivered by caesarian for slow progress, Angah was induced for being 2 weeks late, then Abang Chik with umblical cords twirled around his body and our precious little Aariz was borned prematurely via emergency caesarian at week 31 of pregnancy.

It all started on Sunday Dec12th when i experienced regular contractions for every hour from as early as 5am---however, only at 7pm, i called my gynae and he asked me to go to the hospital.
After dinner, we went to the hospital, i was immediately strapped on CTG to check on the contractions and the baby's heartbeat. CTG showed that the contractions are really "hard contractions" , however the graph on the baby's heartbeats was not showing a good pattern, they were rather low and it went downwards when there was a contraction. That was when the doctor decided that he may need to prepare me for early delivery, so that nite i was admitted-- they gave me pills to stop the contractions and a jab for baby's lungs .

That nite, I still felt the hourly contractions, and in the morning CTG still showed a failing heartbeat. It was about noon when Doctor Khaled examined me and found out that my cervix was 2.5cm dilated-that was the moment of truth---it was then decided that i need to be sent to the General Hospital for emergency premature delivery (subjected to the GH specialist's opinion of course) - KSH do not do premature delivery less than 36 weeks.

Upon arrival at HTAA I was given a thorough check from the cervix, blood check, CTG, scan etc and finaly the specialist made her decision that i have to undergo an emergency caesarian....
i was scared ...really really scared -- i was scared thinking about Aariz and of course the operations. Felt like a blink, i was then wheeled to the operations theatre and unlike in the UK's GH, here in Malaysia husband is not allowed in the operation theatre :(

I was put on local anaesthetic, thus widely awake during the whole process but my whole body was trembling for some reason. At 2.52pm, i could feel something was detached from me, and the anaes told me that Aariz was out..safely delivered and like Abang Cik, there was no cries and that put me in another traumatic situation...I repeatedly asked the Anaes if my baby was ok and why there was no cries---and after a few seconds, i heard Aariz's first cry and god knows, that was the most soothing and calming sound i ever heard in my whole life.

Aariz only weighted 1.12kg at birth. He is very very very small. At this very moment , he is still in the hospital...progressing well and insyallah in a stable situation. We visit him daily and Abang Chik has been asking endlessly " bila Aariz nak balik rumah".....

All of us are patiently waiting for the day to bring home our precious one....We pray to Allah hoping for the day to come very soon and of course for his well being...Amin.