Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Scene 1: This was yesterday morning.....
Adib told me there's something need to be signed in the kinder communication--so i took the book and saw the notice telling parents that on that particular day , the kinder will be having amali on preparing own breakfast...everything will be prepared by the school.
So I told Adib , "wah....hari ni adib belajar masak lah buat breakfast"

Adib has this blank look and later sat on the sofa waiting for me...with a very sour face and some tears in his eyes...

Mummy: ni kenapa yg kau sedih sangat
Adib cried ..... i was all confused...

Mummy: kenapa ni?
Adib: Adib mana tahu masak?
Mummy: lah buat sandwich ajer, sapu butter atas roti....apa yg susah nya..kan adib biasa buat?
Adib: La......Adib ingat kena goreng ikan.....(terus hilang airmata yg begitu songgel)

I think it was my mistake, right?.....for using a wrong word "masak" ...what was i thinking????

When Mummy became "Mummy Monster"

It is on purpose that i have never made any posting that captured the moment i become "mummy monster" ---that's is what the older boys called me, whenever i became one!
It doesnt happen that often...i think..... but occasionally when the boys were overboard!

One of the reason why i dont make any posting on my "transformation" is because i am actually writing this blogsite as a journal to my kids, and as far as possible i want them to carry only good memories...but on second thought, the scolding and all is part of growing and parenting as i share some of those bittersweet memories jugak lah!

My boys , i would categorised them as well mannered kids...they are ok, can easily reason with them and make them undersatnd why they can do certain things why they cant on others. They always have open mind, i think most kids have long as we are consistent and do a lot of explaining, we'll be doing just fine!

Being boys and kids in general ...they procastinate on homeworks, playing is their main daily agenda , they throw things, they fight, all sort of tantrums taht you can think of...And me, being an adorable mummy---(batting my eyelashes)..., i am not taht soft spoken type ...i shout, i pinch, i nag, have them grounded...etc..etc....and that is when i became "mummy monster"--just like incredible hulk, there has to be something that triggers the transformation..

And another transformation happened last nite....since the world cup started every evening the boys play football and it has been a week or more they came back just a few minutes before maghrib or on the dot for azan.

so i watched them yesterday from my room....., they came back from the field at 7pm and continued playing at our lawn until azan and not stopping. I told bibik not to let them they stayed outside until 8pm. After maghrib , i gave them one long lecture outside the house and i think the whole taman may have heard me ...

I had dinner with Adib rightafter...he silently eating besides me....then i asked him, "Adib, nak biar along angah tidur luar ke nak panggil dia orang masuk"

Adib : "masuk lah mummy..." --------with his eyes like puss in boots....
so i told him to get them in right after dinner, he immediately jumped off his chair, asked bibik to accompany him , ran outside screaming "along angah, mummy bagi masuk"...

i think this is like 3rd or 4th time , i locked the boys outside. The 1st and 2nd was long time 1-2 or 3 years back.....I warned them if this thing is to happen again, i want them to play football in the dark at our lorong....just the two of them :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


The boys...when they are tired with computer games....and the nerf guns..and their "anak patung @ action figures".....especially during long holidays.......they will start playing indoor camping and the most recent invention is "paradise".

It is normal practice whenever abah is away, they will join me sleeping in my room --one with me on my bed ( they usually take turn but most of the time-the older brothers let Adib had his way) and the other two on the toto. However, i think it was last month, i heard Angah asked Adib to sleeep with him as he wanted to make a "paradise". What he did was arrangging toto as the first layer, then 2 baby's cot matresses on top, next were those big pillows and finally, covered them with comforter....if you guys remember "princess and pea"~~~it was the smaller version of the bed that the princess has to lie on.

Then recently--early this week, they asked me to join them sleeping in their room instead...i was reluctant at first as their beds are super single--where can i fit in that tiny miny room kan? They were selling me their "paradise" concept again and spare Adib's bed for me....not to let them down, i just played along and spent two nites in their so called "paradise"....

I posted them this question , "why paradise"....
Angah : paradise tu tidur sempit sempit.....(i.e. paradise=sleeping close to each other)

They pushed the beds closed to each other leaving a space at a corner to allocate the cot mattresses.........somehow, they love doing this so much...there were days when they chose to squeeze with each other sleeping in a small space, they actually confined the area to make it small like a sardine tin!

What an imagination......all the while I thought "paradise" supposed to be spacious , having your own unimaginable space....but the boys have shown me an even better concept of "paradise" ~~~staying close to your loved ones!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farhani birthday party

We attended Farhani's or Nini's or Kakak's birthday party last week sunday on June6th. She shares the same birthdate June 6th with Chumad actually! Just to make a note, that was also the day i did the home pregnancy test for "adik":)

Everybody was there...all the Pekan's clan....
Che Putih @ Amani with the mother..Cik Tie

Ketik Na @Na na~~garang sangat

The ladies.....

food was overflowing...banyak sangat that we were forced to "tapau"....:)

Adib took the opportunity to play with a doll---the girls have all sort of anak patung, and Adib ensure that he didnt missed the cahnce to put his hands on them...made the baby cries and so on...the anak patung is kind of scary actually coz it able to cry like real baby, moves and giggles and has its own diapers...she can even poo......gosh!

Adib asked me this question a while ago...i think during our visit to Toys r us

Adib: Mummy, kenapa tak boleh main/beli anak patung?
Angah: Bukan tak boleh....boleh... tapi kite lelaki , TAK NAK bukan Tak Boleh!
Adib: sape kata Tak Nak...Adib nak aje....
That's Mat Dib....macam macam!


Finally, Adib is now Abang E-cik (it's actually Abang Kecik or Younger Brother). Alhamdulillah, after a long wait to each and everyone of us...from us the parents down to the Three is confirmed that we are now expecting our youngest "adik"( yes- youngest of the soon to be 4 siblings).
Adib is obviously the happiest among the three --he has been asking for an "adik" for ages as he is very fond of small kids and babies....even the olders boys are fond of babies....that is something special as i see it , it has to be inherited from Abah as i dont have that interest in me growing up !!

The boys like us , are hoping for a girl...arent they great kids??? I dont think it really matters to them if our baby is a girl or a boy but they know i am hoping and wishing for a girl and they just have that in their prayer! Doa sahaja....We talked about this before and have agreed long time ago, perhaps we are incapable to raise a girl~~tidak layak ~~thus we have to redha or accepting to Allah's will!

So then in 9 months time insyallah....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to Pulau Pinang

I attended my high school reunion last week and took that opportunity to have a weekend break in Penang. It was the boys' first trip to Penang, Along has been looking forward for nasi kandar and papadom...partly an influence from the movie Papadom which we recently watched in ABO and my free of charge promotion on food in Penang.

We took the Penang Bridge and the boys were excited knowing that it is one of the longest bridge in Asia...but someone did mention kena baca doa , not sure who and only Angah was brave enough to come out of the car and took a picture.
After checked in into Eastin,
we went for nasi kandar at Gurney drive and dropped at Fort Cornwallis right after

with Mr Francis Light-the first white man who found Penang??

Capsule fort...

Nothing much but it looks like fun to the boys as they were running around enjoying themselves. Along actually requested me to take a picture in a prison, but i refused him, saying that someone might had been hang in that same prison...and they screamed!!!! kah..kah..kah....the truth i was scared myself if that imagination of mine is true! Kang kena badi...wahahahahahaha...
We also took this opportunity to visit my "playground" - those places where i was being raised

My standard one was in SRK Bangsar KL, and i was 7 years old when Tok Bibah, Tok Haji and the whole lot moved to Penang...our first house was in Bayan Lepas but with development and all i cant figure out which part of Bayan Lepas is the kampung now....
then when i was in standard 2-5 we moved to Sg Glugor our house was the 4th or 5th from that row of houses....

We moved again when i was in std 6 to a government quarters in Jalan Imigresen off jalan Burma...

Suprisingly now the whole strecth was converted nicely to a hotel named as 1926 Heritage Hotel Penang
This is Uncle's Boy primary school just next door to Imigresen Road...I think it was called Westland school , not anymore now.
We also came across this Dewan Sri Pinang, there is a library here where Tok Haji would drop myself and uncle boy and later fetched us after work.... He would give us some cash for our pasembor,rojak or mee mamak..

Last but not least a must to any vacation that we had i.e. shopping....another shopping spree at Gurney Plaza...Adib got a toy, a small transformed Ben 10 and Angah got nothing at first. Being overwhelmed with his new toy, Adib bragged to Aimran, saying things like how pity he was to Angah for not getting anything.
This made Angah turned sulky that later Abah agreed to buy him the control car he has been wanting....Now it's Adib turned to be very dissapointed that he didnt even want to touch his new toy and commented " tadi cakap kat adib tak leh beli mainan besar tapi angah boleh pulak "...there you go.....thank god it is not difficult to reason with Adib (even easier actually than to talk to Angah) and he was ok again the next minute phewwwwwwwwwww....

Overall i think we had good time in Penang...vacation is always great.. being away from the routine and seeing new places....