Monday, May 30, 2011

Public Speaking and S.I.R

Angah has been very busy since the school started ...his activities include football, bowling, public speaking, Scouts, and even a study group....He's only standard five, but being as anxious as he is --about UPSR perhaps--- he just need to form a study group this year.

One of the highlights this year, was when he was chosen to represent his school for public speaking in a competition between schools in Kuantan.He told me, i think the day before the competition and I was like, "betul ke ni?"--with that question, i offered him a few bucks if he placed himself first to third place. To my surprise, he got 2nd place and that entitled him to the next round. He failed to pursue the next level , but I think that is remarkable for a first timer and given the lack of practice.

Then last month, he representing the school in Spell It Right. There were about 8-10 students in each group in the initial round of the competition. The initial round went on until they can announce a single winner. For his group finally, there were Angah and another boy competing with each other and it was like an endless sport. At the end, unfortunately Angah lost to the boy. It is comforting to say that the other contestant got a few easy words to spell, but personally I think Angah was not ready for the competition. So I told him, he should equip himself for next year. Angah is someone with very high winning spirit in him, he plays to win..I think even the judges including Wan Zaleha herself realised taht and she even mentioned hoping to see him again next year! Knowing his faith was ended there in the first round, he did shed some tears and I did too!

Nur Nashrullah

Aunty Darling's first son is on board now...He was delivered 3.4kg via C-section on May 23rd.
After a week , he's now 3.8kg...I wonder if he able to catch with our little Aariz.

It was a long labour but alhamdulillah everything turned up to the Daz'ling couple...congratulations for the little bundle of joy and welcome to enjoy every moment!!

Sekilas pandang...there is resemblance to our baby "Emot"..., right?

Such a productive period for the family huh...actually for sides...we have had Afroza in Oct 2010, Then our precious Aariz in Dec, next there is Iana Sofea in Nash in May...Mak Ndak will deliver sometime late June and the year will be closed with Cik Tie's in Dec....and we should also include Tasha sometime in July, right? wow....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lung Infection

Aariz was recently hospitalised for 6 days. It all started with some mild cough then it became quite severe. He may be get the infection from Angah but the dry and humid weather is not helping as well. We visited the clinic twice but there was no improvement at all. After 4 days we decided to bring him to the hospital and were admitted straight away. It was kind of expected actually, because we could see he had difficulty breathing.

So we checked in for 6 days in Kuantan Specialist Hospital--moved 3 rooms..that was for my convenience :) , got nothing to do with Aariz...he just happy having a matress underneath and a pillow...but mummy got to find a single room with window. Those are the moments that i appreciate the sun so much!
Aariz was down with acute lung infection...first was the cough then came the pleghm which blocked the airways....and that disturbed his respiration. He was put on antibiotic for the 6 days and also had to do physiotheraphy to suck the pleghm . This is my first experience, the older boys never had this. The nebuliser is common for all the 3 older boys but not that physiotheraphy. He cried his heart out ...definitely it was very uncomfortable to have something stuck in your nose and throat....ngilu kan? He had that physio thing 2 times a day....sian sangat!
The procedure was first to wrap him with a blanket then the therapist will pat his back , but i can tell it was not like a gentle pat --they were quite hard--taht was actually to release phlegm which has gone inside the lung...once the pleghm is out from the lung, the therapist will start sucking it out through the nose and mouth. So it is good to pat your baby's back whenever your baby had a cough. It will ease breathing.

Now his treatment is to use the inhaler twice a day...

On the 7th day , we were discharged and for some reasons, he cried a lot once reached home...I think he must have gained some energy with all the medicine and antibiotics.....He even cried when we bathed him which had never happened before (he was hospitalised). Thank god he's getting better to talk to him endlessly during bathing.

Another new skill ( apart from the tantrum ) that he collected from the hospital was watching television. He can now really sit on his rocker and watch and making if talking back or singing along with the television...Know what Astro has "Baby TV"....awesome right ??? So that has become the most watched channel in the house currently--means we have to subscribe after this free viewing ...phewwww...

So hopefully no more hospital.....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The sleeping Aariz

Yes, i take his pictures while he is sleeping almost daily.He can make all sort of face expressions while sleeping and i think it is just simply adorable...Told you , i am just crazy about this baby of ours.

Whenever he smiles in his sleep, i like to think that he has his trip back to's only 5 months he is departed from heaven and entrusted to us...Thanks Allah!