Thursday, December 27, 2012

PMR result is out

We were in KL the day before the result --cut short the trip and came back again to Kuantan to collect the result from the school. Along actually told us to just sms but I just felt it is not right to just sms such a thing as important as the pmr result..punya lah kan?

The result was scheduled to release at 10am and Along actually had sms earlier and a few minutes after 10am, there was an sms came into my phone and there was the result...he got 5As 3Bs. I think I wrote somewhere that we targeted for 6As and of course deep down I hope for straight As. My first reaction gettg the result I was like phewww...thank god there is no Cs..and 5As oklah. Then I went to the school hall and having listened to the school's result, I looked at Angah and told him, "Let us leave the hall"...

116 out of the 226 candidates got straight As doesnt sound difficult at all if almost half can get that excellent result..and thus I have all this "what if" and "if only" theories in my mind. Abah told me with his preparation for the PMR and the results that he got from form 1 to form 3--Along's PMR result is actually a good one....true enough but still I have the "if only" he worked a little harder and if only I sent him tuition starting from form 1..perhaps the result could be better.

Anyway the good thing is , the result is a wake up call for him. It did hit him to an extent...and he told me that he wants to start tuition right away starting January. It's god will anyway, perhaps if he got a good result...he will remain complacent...relax like nobody business!

Adib actually commented this "Along punya result ni patut amik UPSR--bagus lah tu 5As" can you not laugh to that...ha..ha..ha. I think we were walking out of the school hall when he told me that..then he continued " Tapi mummy tak payah lah marah Along..sebab C dan D semua dah hilang--oklah tu kesian Along"....Ha..ha..ha..and we didnt scold Along just bebel sikit...I just think he should be more responsible and he has to change for his own good.

Monday, December 3, 2012

All about Adib

I want to share about Adib here today...Adib is actually the only soul after me who able to find pleasure in reading. Frankly, for of my worries is when I stop reading for quite sometime...majalah pun jadi lah. I always encourage the boys to read tapi payah nya i said the only person yg show some interest is Adib...eventhough his reading tu mmg agak pening kepala to approve but as he is only a baby --always our baby besar , ok aje lah ..

His favourite of alltime is Lawak Kampus...i dont get the jokes with that book. I had an attempt or two but still cant get the jokes...I think the jokes is kind of they like to use pimples lah ..kahak lah...erghhh dasat betul...

Then he also loves Apo?..others magazines like something that i forced on him .
Books that he would buy from the school's book store is something like the below...i think he has a series of the buku silap mata...the book does come with some magic gadjets ..erggg
I just talked to Along asking him what he reads today...and he answered me "Muka Buku!"...adoiiiii

However most of the time , especially during holidays like now..he fills his time with PSP..that is his partner in crime, Arip ..our neighbour. We have been missing Arip for the whole cuti sekolah as he went "balik kampung"..lama betul.

Have I shared that he is selected to be a prefect for both KAFA and SKIM for next year's school session. He is over the moon with for being elected and I am so proud of him as well. Remember early this year I shared about the shortest tenure as ketua kelas....and thus I hope he could retain the title at least for one year..heee...risau jugak.
Last night he told me that he wants to go for night tuition..I told him there is no need for him to go to tuition at standard 3 (--I only sent tuitions for both the elder brothers at standard 6). He scolded me saying i want him to be smart but doesnt want to send him for tuition..."macamana nak pandai??" adoiii...I am not sure whether his intuition is because both elder brothers will be going for nite tuitions next year or it was out of his own interests.

Adib is also an early riser...he wakes up at about 6am everyday ...and will sit at the reclining chair watching all the early morning cartoons...Aariz has shared Adib's interest in Upin and Ipin, Boboiboy and also some cartoons in now they can watch together. Know how he manages to wake up on time most morning? He actually instructed Bibik to pass him his "morning susu" at 6am sharp...and for nite time it has to be at 9pm ..if bibik is late than the stipulated time he wont takes the susu at all and will scold bibik for one whole day..Bibik is like serba salah, because it is school holidays and 6am is way too early , but she chose not to be "bebel" by this Tuan Muda....sangat songel and sangat manja with bibik...

Today I am trying to enrol him to Shalin's Cup tournament mid this month. We have registered Along and Angah and tought we will only enrol Adib for any tournament mid next year. But he told us yesterday that he wanted to join..."kalau Adib kalah no last pun , Adib buat muka selamba aje" ..with that enthusiasm , got no choice lah but to enrol him ...but until this very moment , I am not getting a response yet from the organiser. I am looking forward for him participating in that event mesti kartun punya!

Aunty ann's engagement

Ok the wedding is just round the corner --about 3 weeks times but we just have to have this in this family's blog of ours.The engagement was arranged in less than a month I think but no doubt it was a beautiful kenduri. The ceremony marked as the official start of the new relationship between Aunty Ann and Uncle Sumali and for the family welcoming Uncle Sumali into the family. Like any other engagement we had in the family, we all hope for the best.

Along did not join the party as he was away in Langkawi and Cameron joining a school trip. Everybody was asking for him, and Along said he knew that all along...macam glam sangat lah dia tu! So our Angah was taking the limelight with the girls...finally huh? he..he..

We also didnt bring Aariz with we only made a short trip , just overnight thus tot it is better to spare Aariz from the exhaustion and the chaotic of organising kenduri at one's place.

Karaoke is a must thing in most of our kenduri..started of with the "otai" --

Mummy and Abah had a go as well...erghhhh...not "a" go but actually a few attempts...heeee...cant resist..hopefully people have pleasure listening...if not sorry lah!

Even the future bride and groom had their round of karaoke-ing. They are regular at Red box , i heard...dah practised lah tu :)..I think that is about all...we will meet again with the lot Dec 22nd for the big day!