Tuesday, December 23, 2008

mim di atas ma mim di bawah mi

Today as usual during school holidays when mummy reaches home, there will be only Adib at home to greet my salam...he usually very tight up with PS2 and will give mummy a short "waalaikumsalam and i love you"...However, today he jumped to mummy after the greeting and told me that he read ma-mi during his iqra session at aunty zue..and i said what???

He rushed downstairs took his Iqra and read the page ...ohh...there you go...mim diatas ma mim dibawah mi...ma-mi.....and he was so astonished with the finding having mami inside the Iqra...and he continued to show another phrase that reads sha-da something and he said this sounds like shut up....my goodness....and he laughed...funny little boy...

He is now reading the first page of Iqra3.

Just to add on, the picture is Adib with his armour outfit not really an outfit more like armour gears. He had actually been requesting for a halloween costume during the halloween season sometime in Nov or Oct. He got the idea from those kids' channels in astro of course, and I have explained that halloween is mat saleh things got nothing to do with us as muslim but he is too small to understand...so until I bought the armour then only he stopped asking for it.....but he actually expecting something horror..spooky...more like a dracula outfit
...but i managed to convince him that they are the same still apply to the halloween concept...he takes my words for now until the next halloween season comes into the picture ......(i believe..he..he..he..)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Angah's 8th Birthday

Last Idul Adha break we celebrated Angah's birthday- the event was actually 2 days earlier than the actual date i.e. Dec 9th. The initial plan was to celebrate it on raya itself but last minute we were told that Cha's birthday was about the same time and Mok De had planned a party for her.

So we sort of joining in more like tumpang lah Angah...but it's ok isnt it...after all "we are family"...and besides the agreement is not to have any party this year as we have added another 3 transformers to the earlier collection....Angah had his favourite Tiramisu combined with Chocolate Indulgence...yummy...Happy Birthday Angah........may all the good wishes come true.................

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have 4 Transformers and Along has 2 Transformers . My Transformer's name are Star scream , Tanker , Autobot Blaster and Silver Streak and Along's Transformer's name are Bumblebee and Snarl . My favourite Transformer is Tanker and Along's favourite is Bumblebee . We have 4 autobot group and 2 decepticon group if combine all of them we have 6 Transformers .

How do we get the Transformers ?

1-Autobot Blaster-From uncle Wan because I got no. 1.

2-Tanker-I bought using duit raya.

3-Starscream-mummy and abah bought for me because I got no.1.

4-Silver Streak-mummy bought for me because I got highest mark in science.

5-Snarl-Along got for his 11th birthday.

6-Bumblebee-Along bought using duit raya.

The end...........................................................

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my new transformers

This transformers name is Starscream. This transformers is an Decepticon group (evil group) . The robot can transform into F-22 raptor . In transformers has two groups one is decepticon another is autobot . The decepticon boss is Megatron and autobot is Optimus prime . His friend names is Onslaugh , Heavy load and Oilslig . Abah buy this transformer because my last exam I get no. 1 in PKSR 4. I am so happy because get a transformer. The end.............

Monday, October 20, 2008

Camping at Kem Desa Cempaka

My school held a camping program at Kem Desa Cempaka on the 17-19 October 2008. The Scouts, PBSM, TKRS, Tunas Puteri, Puteri Islam and Taekwondo took part in the camp. The scouts wins first place with two prizes that are marching(kawat kaki) and log book. We have many activities such as marching, making a log book, handcraft, morning exercise, building sandcastles, cooking, sports, cultural night, attending a talk about prayer and emergency aid. There were so many activities that we only slept for 5-6 hours.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Three brothers and Abah

The 3 brothers with Abah...nice pic giving allowance for Angah's songkok which was not placed properly. The songkok for the past few years were handed down from one to another among the boys. Since Along's was bought last year and still fits well on him, mummy thought we got to get Angah a new one, then Angah's can be passed down to Adib.
But to my suprise, Angah can still fits his and we cannot fix it to Adib's head. Therefore we ended up buying a new songkok for Adib instead of Angah. Now, it is either Adib's head is truely big or our Angah is "kecik cangat"..........

Hari Raya 2008

This is on second day of raya in Singapore when those kids from Malaysia were all so looking forward collecting Sing Dollars..Pandai ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were Angah, Along , Hadi, Farahin, Inas, Baby, Iman and our baby, Mat Adib.
With Kakak, Cha and Alisha at Tok Mimah's before the raya prayer.
For some reasons, Adib was being grumpy in a few occasion whenever he was asked to pose for pictures. He would make faces to show his tantrum as we forced him to join the crowd.

And this is another example..........Mummy and Abah from time to time got to scream our heart out to get Adib staying put for those pictures

Adib's 4th and Along's 11th Birthday

Adib and Along's birthday for this year (2008) fell on the 3rd and 4th day of Hari Raya, so we celebrated it at Tok Ana's place in JB. Due to the hectic schedule of visiting relatives and all, the party started at about half past ten at night. It was a simple one with chocolate indulgence and KFC ( special request from our mak buyung for the year i.e. aunty ann).

Somehow, Adib was pretty amazed when people sang him the birthday song...He was clapping all the way with his big eyes popping out. His reaction is always unpredictable....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Once upon a night with very heavy rains

Tonight I brought the boys out to break fast at Secret Recipe restaurant nearby. Abah did not join us as he was out with some friends. The dinner was a normal one nothing fancy...The moment we were about to leave the retaurant it was raining terribly heavy with lightning and thunder. So mummy went to Tok Ma's restaurant...(Tok Ma is our neighbour) to borrow an umbrella....then I first brought Aimran to the car, followed by Adib and the last one was Along (afi actually suggested this sequence and I agreed). Upon returning the umbrella to Tok Ma, mummy ran in the rain to the car. I really soaked myself.....and the conversation began:

Along : Afi takut betul tadi

Mummy: nape?

Along: Kan tadi belakang kite ramai mat mat bangladesh diri tengok je kite

Mummy: ah....tak de apa apa lah kan ade banyak kedai kat situ..

Along: Mula bila mummy hantar aimran....Afi takut dia orang larikan adib..sebab tu Afi diri betul2 hujung.....pas tu bila Mummy dah hantar Adib, Afi lega sikit.....tapi bila mummy dah hantar Afi.....Afi tengok mummy pergi semula nak hantar payung tu....Afi takut balik..

Mummy: Nak takut ape nya...

Along: Afi takut dia org ragut mummy ke ape...macam mana? Afi rasa mummy kena hantar Afi belajar silat or tae kwando lah..atau dua dua sekali Afi nak belajar....

Angah: Nak nak nak..nak belajar semua sekali ninja kungfu semua sekali

I am so touched.........

Friday, September 19, 2008

Khatam Al-Quran

I(afi)have already khatam my Al-Quran this month. I was very happy because I have khatam my Quran. There are two people who have finished the Quran who were me and my mother. Now we will take a rest for a short time but we will read it again. There are 4-6 students have completed the Quran in my class.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Farhani's 6th Birthday (2007)

We celebrated Kakak's 6th birthday last year at Tok mimah's in Pekan...We had cake of course and all sort of food...Actually, mummy thinks food and Pekan come hand in hand...we are always served with full table everytime in Pekan without fail....be it a normal visiting routine or on any special occasion...food is like free flow...don't you boys agree with me? Tok mimah will always take all the trouble preparing this for Along, that for Aimran ...and so on...must remember that ok!

Mat dib broke his arm

Remember Afi's posting on Mr-Two-Face...this is another accident involving Mat Dib..This happened sometime early this year in March08 if I am not wrong, Adib felt down at Pantai Gelora mini Zoo here in Kuantan during one of our routine weekend outings. Again Adib being Adib..he cried a little and then played PS2 once we reached home..So all of us thought it was nothing much, but the next morning he cried non stop telling mummy his hand was in great pain so i brought him to KSH. He was x-rayed and his elbow was fractured....my goodness, how can he actually played PS2 the night before.........our si kecik is really amazing and never failed to amuse us...

Tok Bibah's 53rd Birthday

Tok Bibah with all the 7 grandchildren...(From eldest to youngest) Afi, Inas, Aimran,Adli, Adib,Iris and Warits..Fazril was still not in the picture yet. The occassion was Tok Bibah's 53rd birthday...Picture was taken before all of us (except for Bell and Baba) off to Chiang mai's restaurant for dinner.
The Golden Girls....as vogue as ever...

Family gathering is always an interesting occassion...We tend to forget all the differences between us....well there are so many heads which come with various colours .....and these moments of togetherness are always being cherished....To our dear Tok bibah and my Mama, we love you so much and wish you well, good health and may Allah bless.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a trip to KL for merdeka

We went to Kuala Lumpur on the 29th of August. me(aimran),Anissa,misha,imran,irfan,arissa and my brothers (afi and adib) . We have so much fun at Restoran Bora Ombak.A song is dedicated to me(aimran) which is KETAHUAN. We really enjoy the singging and the dancing. My favourite song is hujan. I ate chicken chop and drank vanilla milk shake. We go back home at 10:30pm. Anissa was very happy because uncle fendi said "anissa do you want to sleep at misha house'' and anissa said ''yes I want to sleep at misha house'' and then they all sletp at misha house except us. We all really happy and fun at Restoran Bora Ombak.the end..........................

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sentosa Island, Singapore

....hati rasa sungguh gembira baru pulang dari singapura....remember that jingle in one of the advertisement to promote Spore. But our trip to Sentosa Island was not that "baru", we went there in 2007 during the year end school holiday. It was a day trip...we spent more time in Orchard Road and ViVO shopping mall...as the boys always complaining, they dont get to see around enough as mummy and abah are so addicted to shopping...Actually, they always remind us about Tugu Negara, National Museum and all sort of local attractions...but we always end up with KLCC (but we visited the Aquaria so not so bad lah kan boys?), One Utama and adding on another must-visit , Pavillion....we change plan next time ok! but food is always awesome in those places so that is compensation...he..he..he...
Ok about Sentosa, we missed the Voice of the Sea...we lost each other...mummy and adib did not take the lurge down the hill so Abah, Along and Angah drove down to a different place and Adib and me walked to another end...and worse still mummy's handphone was out of battery....thus, me and adib waited at the Merlion...
As mentioned above , the visit to sentosa Island was a short one... Abah said we have another go this raya....so let us counting on that....

Life is fragile..............

There are so many things have been happening for the past 2 weeks...mummy had reunion with aunt Ita and Uncle Fendi, mummy - lost and found some bunch of friends during high school, abah has been fully occupied with the chicken farm - the first 50,000 chickens are now in... and one bad news about my best friend's son. I feel bad for not calling her (Aunt Kay) for quite sometime and worse when I did last week, she told me that she has been very quiet as her first son was diagnosised with leukemia...we can never imagine that such a thing could happened to any one of us.....i mean we read aboutt in the magazines in the news but not even once does it come across my mind that it could actually really happen and it can hit us as well...anytime...The news brought tears to my eyes, I am sad for Kay...I hope she are given the strengh to face all this...For once, I am brought back to my senses..that life is precious and fragile of course..we got to be appreciative for what we have...we got to continue to love each other and be blessed for the love that we have among us, the health, ........having one another to be called family....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My third son - Ahmad Adib

Adib was born on Oct 3rd 2004 Sunday (18 Syaaban1425) in the same private hospital Angah was delivered. I think it is a fact that the more often you bring new soul into this world, the faster the delivery will be...for some reason lah. So Adib was the fastest among the 3..My first contraction started about 7-8 in the morning and we had Adib at 11.13am. I had epidural deliverying Adib, the whole labour was as I said fast but not without its own suspense element to it. For the third time, there were me and abah, but this round perhaps with 2 past experience, abah was a little bit relax and at times he was acting more than the doctor...he made comments like the 'push' was wrong, got to re do, take a deep breath and NOW...like a personal trainer...Adib came out alright but there was no sound..yes, he did not cry like the other two screaming their heart out....so the joy become horror...the moment Adib was out the doctor rushed him to the other room...abah was like pushed back to the chair , then went to see what went wrong...the whole event was very fast then we heard the waaaaaaaa...and I praised to Allah....Adib had the cord twirled around his body, and about to become stressed inside me...so i was told it is a normal procedure for doctor to shut the baby from crying until they clean the mouth or something to ensure the baby not taking in his own poo????? something like that...There we have Adib, our little baby(not so little he is now)...a boy with big eyes, big head and very colourful character.....Love dearly and being pampered as dearly by each of us, mummy, abah, along and angah...

My second son- Ahmad Aimran

Aimran was born on the 9th of Dec 2000 Saturday 7.43am(12 Ramadan 1421) in a private hospital. I would described his labour as pretty smooth, he was 2 weeks late thus i was hospitalised for one day and induced. People tend to say induced is more painful than the normal natural contraction but somehow i feel pain is still pain , to describe if one is more than another...emmmm ..i am not sure but we got the privilege to be expecting for it....so i think it was ok...Another thing that I am afraid of is another caesarian and thank Allah, I had normal labour for Aimran but he was vacuumed. Again me and Abah went through the labour together .."Along" was with Atok. The moment , you were out from me, Dr Khalid put you ( with the cord attached) onto my tummy and abah 'Azan' there and then. That was pretty cool and special. Another thing to note is that Aimran was born in the year 2000 and it was the Golden Dragon year in the Chinese Calendar, so they say there will be a lot of 'ONG' to have a golden dragon boy.....Dragon or tiger golden or silver..in Islam, anak ade rezekinya and anak itu amanah...Frankly, before Aimran was borned I always wonder how would I treat another baby after Along...do i have enough love in me .......but the moment I saw Aimran, I knew and I learned that a mother's love is undivided, unconditional and tremendous...and beyond description....................

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My first son - Ahmad Afi

Afi was born on Oct 4th 1997 (1 jamidilakhir 1418), saturday subuh about 5am in North Middlesex hospital in London. His labour was the longest - it was almost 24 hours. I started of with 10-20 minutes break of pain and being anxious and afraid of course, we went straight to the hospital..i was like 2cm opened..the waiting was like forever with me in lots of pain..we are so blessed having abah who was not even a second, away from my side...i still cannot recall if abah actually ate anything the whole day (from the morning of 3rd until the moment afi was born)..so we walked around the labour ward (mummy & abah) to help the "opening".....with 5 minutes pain, i had gas then epidural ...and somehow the opening reached 6cm and stopped...after a long breathtaking struggling...caesarian is the answer...so afi was born through the "tingkap" as the malay calls it......i was put in half anaes so i could actually see the whole procedure from reflection on the lamp cover on top of me...but i did not ..the only hope at that time is to get you out and to hold you and hoping for health...
i praised to Allah the moment i heard your first cries...afi weigthed at 3.88kg, ..the biggest among the 3...do remember the first person who changed your diaper was abah, with the sticky black poo ..messy!!! Afi was 1 month old in the picture

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kenduri sunat Afi dan Mukhriz

When I was in year 3 my family did this ceremony in Pekan. The middle one and who sits below did not circumcise.This ceremony is for me (afi) and mukhriz circumsition. This is a religious ritual for all muslim male. The middle boy is Aimran. He will be circumcised when my uncle(ayah jo) get married. We will only wait until 2009.If ayah jo is not married by then we will circumcise him at home. I'm just joking. Ok ayah jo please get married in December 2009.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our latest cousin

This is our latest cousin.Her name is Aireen Qistina.She was born premature last month. She is so tiny and weighted 1.5kg at birth. She is the first daughter of Azlina Haryani[mandak] and Mohd Imran[ayah im]. She was hospitalized for one month. During that time,Mandak, Aki and Tok stayed at our house. Aki slept in our room. Every morning,Aki would say "kukereku" to wake us up.Thats all I can write in my blog.
To Qistina welcome to our fascinating world

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Tahu tak pe"

Hi boys...this is mummy..i just want to make a note that today when i reached home, adib took my handphone and snapped pictures of our evasion and the picture looks nice so i praised him and know what he replied me.."Tahu tak pe"....my god this is his first time saying that phrase. He said it and look at me like..wah i am a big boy now.....that is our dearest big baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The two face

This is the two face. He is Adib. Adib has been stung by a bee. It happened at Pekan ( at aki's place ) the night before Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2007. The incident happen when we all was watching television.Suddenly there was a bee on my brother [adib] face.He is so brave that he just cried a little.Everybody thought that he was okay.The next morning,we saw that his eyes are swollen,so we quickly took him to the hospital.Thats why we call him two face for the whole hari raya.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our favourite cousin

Our favourite cousin is wearing a blue T-shirt. He has many toys at his house like Transformers and B-damans. He is a good cousin but his sister is a bit naughty. His name is Adli. I always play water gun with him, Along<> and Adib. I always sleep with him and bath with him when we met him. Sometimes I dream about him because I want to see him. This picture was taken during dinner to celebrate my grandmother<> Birthday at Chiangmai restaurant. The End....................................................

kid's lab program

On the 25/7/2008 I went to the kid's lab program sponsored by the BASF Petronas Chemical. That is me in the picture[afi] wearing an apron after the program. At the program,I've done three experiment.The experiment are making slime as toy, super absorber and transform waste water magically.In this program, I learn how to make a slime.It was fun there.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The big boy

My name is Afi. I am 11 years old. I was born in london,united kingdom on the fourth of october 1997. My favourite food is chicken chop. My hobby is playing computer games. I am the eldest son in my family. I like to drink milo. I will take the UPSR next year. I'm scared. My mother promised she will buy me a handphone if I get 5A. In the picture,I was a normal student but now I'm a librarian. I'm happy because I have a happy and loving family.


This is nasfazril. He is my cousin. He is a cute baby. He is 4 month. His father is Uncle Bell and his mum is Aunt Shasha. The End.................

The naughty boy

This is my brother,Adib.He is a naughty boy.He likes to beat us.He likes to play toys especially his Bob the builder set.He does not like to go to school just like his brother.My dad always send my brothers to Al-Hafizin.They learn Quran there.His favourite food is sausage.He has two girlfriend.He is afraid of ghost.

the big brain

My name is Aimran. I am 8 years old. I am a good person. I am a smart boy but in recent exam I got number 22 but in pksr 1 and when I was 7 years old I got number 1. I like a hellicopter toy and PS 2 game and my hobby is swimming at Wisma Belia. My good friends are Firdaus, Hadi, Aliff, Amirul, Hazim, Along S., Haniff and Kamil. My best teachers are Puan Rozita,Puan Rosnah and Sir Zaiful. My favourite subjects are Music, Science and P.J.K. The End.................

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


hi....this is me with brothers...i am wearing sleeveless, my brother aimran in the middle and the youngest is adib ...yes the one with biggest head and eyes..
i am 11, aimran 8 and adib is 4...we are malaysians..i live in pahang..i am schooling in primary school..i was born in london ,united kingdom..so does it make me British?i lived there for only two months.
i was born on the fourth of october in 1997..my mum said i was 3.88kg during birth.ok thats all for now.