Monday, September 19, 2011

Mischievous act from you know who!

Gosh...this blog has been idle for a takes effort and considerable time to blog and those are what i am lacking these days. Ok i want to write about Adib today...we had this one incident today and I have to write ASAP or another scene from Adib will slip away undocumented..he..he..
This has happened a few day it was headache, a severe one he would said and he would hold his head as if it will fall any seconds...then another day, sakit kaki and he could limp for a certain distance to prove his points and today, he called me crying dengan sedu sedan, telling me that he had arm pain..he was sobbing so hard that i can hardly hear what he tried to tell me but one thing for sure, i know he wanted me to tell him to stay home and skip school for the day. And I granted his wish.

When i reached home today, he quickly told me that he had the pain until 2.59pm--i really dont understand the time --why he chose the time--the 2.59pm--i dont know~anyway he said after 2.59pm , he didnt feel the pain and only then he started to play his psp again....very mischievous right~~one of its kind!

After checking with Bibik, I realised that he wanted to skip school because of "hantu bonceng". We subscribed the movie yesterday and i guess he wanted to maximise the 48 hours viewing....bibik said it was non stop from after "kafa" to dusk....the Zizan fever!

As mentioned earlier these things happened a few time already, there were days when he didnt get his way, and his acts ended with a scold from me...during those days, he would reluctantly go to school....crying sometimes, from the house until he reached the school gate....amazing how he could stop the tears once he step in the school...

We have never experienced this with the 2 older boys. I dont think we would entertain this kind of situation back then i.e. last 7 years, but for some reason with age, we are now a bit relax with Adib.Besides, the fact that Adib is such a charmer, makes it even difficult to put up a straight face! I just hope , janganlah mat dib mengarut sampai ke besar!