Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aariz at 8 months

Aariz is now 8 months...he weights at 7.06kg and the length is ...lupa lah...anyway, Doctor Lee ..his paed showed me the graph..he is now has moved above the very bottom abnormal line of the growth chart...still considered as small size baby but already in the normal baby growth range.

I thought the growth was pretty slow..especially when I made comparison with other babies like Aina who is 2 weeks older but she can make a few steps now or Nash who is 3 months and weights at a whooping 8kg.....of course both of them are born at full term......our dearest Aariz is a special precious one.....Anyway, doc commented his progress is good and I am relieved!

Last 2 months back in June, Aariz had his final sight/eyes check and it was confirmed that he is free from that ROP thing..alhamdulillah...Next follow up will be June 2012.Then the hearing test....he passed the first test, but the second test which using a machine to draw certain graph showed abnormal shape of the drum and thus he is subjected to another appointment in Dec and need to undergo the whole process again phewww.... Other than those ...he smiles more often now...but only to people he knows...If you are new to him, got to strive hard for his smiles...memang mahal senyuman Aariz :)Most of the time he looks like a pretty serious baby boy...I dont have to annouce, he's taking after who, right?

Paling rajin jaga definitely Abang Chik/Mat Dib...and he even has a song for Aariz ...which he invented with his own melody and lyrics as below: "Abang Dib pandai, abang Dib bijak, abang Dib baik....adik tak pandai , adik tak bijak, adik tak reti"....and he repeats again and again....