Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Amani

We were in pekan last sunday for makan makan in regards to Amani's birthday. Amani is that girl in red..I think she is 3 years for this birthday. Such an adorable girl yg sangat tembam and couldn't be bothered with what birthday celebration is all about. Tak nak tiup lilin pun!

This girl is always very accomodating with her older brother Aqil and Ketik Na (that china doll girl beside Adib). By the way, Ketik Na or Nana --i just love calling her Ketik Na coz she was the first premature baby in the family...was so small back then and dark so called her Ketik. She was born like a botol kicap size but still actually slightly bigger and heavier than my petite baby Aariz...what a miracle they both are!

Abang long reluctantly joined the kids....ngada kunun dah besar..

Angah with Ain...she is 10mths now and already crawling like nobody business....
Elisha the one in orange polo...will be having her adik by November this year....the only addition to the family this year at year end...Congratulatiosn Ayah Da and Mok Da!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Aariz is bald again

Yes, he is bald I mentioned before this is routine for my boys until they reached primary school. However I just wanted to share that the shaving last saturday  was NOT as easy as it used to be. Aariz cried the moment the electric shaver was placed on his head...not his usual baby cries but a loud one. We did in the morning before he took his morning bath, and it was like 3 strokes of shaving and we decided to stop. I actually snapped some pictures but had deleted them by mistake....geram betul!
Anybody knows how to retrieve deleted items from BB folders? For some reasons they didnt go to the computer recycle bin eventhough I actually deleted them using the USB.

Anyway, by noon before we went out for lunch, and while Aariz was so absorbed with his baby tv , we had another go..using the scissors...he was a bit calm but still refusing...we managed to clear quite a bit with patches of hair here and there. Buruk sangat!

Then later that afternoon, at the mall after lunch, we brought him to the salon. Abah told me that the salon have a small shaver and I tot why not give it a try.Thank god, he only cried a little and the hairdresser was here we go, my botak licin baby!
In Islam, it is advisable to shave your kids during their tender ages but of course, it is not an easy exercise. Dont force it on the children, got to have patience and berhati hati.

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Aariz is now crawling

Hei...apa khabar semua? Ahmad Aariz is now crawling...after a long long wait...all his cousins who are about the same age with him out beat him...Afroza of course she is 2 mths earlier, then Aina who was 2 weeks later, then Ain and Nash who are much later...Finally last month my dearest little petitte sunshine started crawling at the age of 1 year 3 the way today, he is 1 year 4 months. Now he crawls everywhere...this new skill reduces his attention to the baby tv..which I think is good!

He is even more expressive ...he cries when seeing me or abah getting ready to work..Bibik said he makes certain noise to notify certain things, bibik spends more time with him and definitely knows better. Thanks Allah for bibik :) for all the bibiks. Bibik also mentioned that he follows his schedule strictly...masa jalan, makan , mandi and so on...masa jalan and padang tu could be to bibik's favour jugak tettttt...

He eats everything..and we have stopped buying the baby food for him except for the baby biscuits. We try to have variations in his daily bread and soup for breakfast, rice or noodles for lunch and so on..

Apart from all the new developments,  I think he still remains quiet for a baby...he hardly cries....and have that very serious face for a baby. That is very distinctive about Aariz...his seriousness and his petiteness, that makes him so special..and kelakar jugak...He definitely brings a lot of joy and happiness and kasih sayang to all of us... be it me, abah or even the brothers.

 We are going to get him shaved/bald again this weekend...dah panjang rambut dia.