Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Scrabble is my favourite board game since, I dont know...kid maybe.I just love word games. Pass down this interest of mine to the boys and scrabble has long became our favourite pastime.

This is actually our second set, we lost a a few letter cubes for the first one and our dear adib is the one to be blamed....Only recently we are able to play again as it was hidden for quite sometime which made us totally forgotten about it.....Unfortunately, the boys only remember board games on those days when playstation is forbidden .

I'm Yours - Angah and Mat Dib version

...maka menangis lah Jason Mraz.....

Jason Mraz album is the latest cd that we bought and the only songs on air in our mpv currently particularly I'm Yours and Lucky...since the boys have been singing along with various lyrics based on own hearing, I printed them the enjoy the video....Along's one, he asked me to re do the video, so tunggu!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taman Bandar, Kuantan

From time to time we try our best to adopt a healthy riadah, and after a long long time since the gardening , we went to Taman Bandar last weekend. Abah and Angah jogged around the lake, ALong did not follow as he was feverish and mummy took the chance to accompany Adib playing at the playground and skipped jogging...:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Angah won again

2 gold medals for 2009..for 60 metres and 8X50 metres...Congratulation angah., for the gold medals and being the Red group captain.
While having dinner that night , angah told us what has happened at school...after finished his 2 runs, I am not sure why but he left the field and went to the pre school playground. I think he must be doing his normal round check around the school building. Being a prefect is like a policeman job for him and he loves it so much. So back to the playground, he saw a year one student playing there and he told the boy to move out as that place is only for preschool pupils. The boy declined to follow and keep on playing, so happened there was a preschool kid nearby and while Angah was scolding to the year one boy, shouting and what not, suddenly this small kid slapped the year one boy...and the boy cried aloud..panicking, angah consoled the boy and asked him to continue playing....

While listening to the story we were like giggling a little bit..but we tried hard to compose ourselves, because with angah you cant laugh straight away if it is not meant to be funny , he will get angry and just end the story.....

The story he watched the year one boy playing the swing..then a friend of his shouted his name.."aimran, aimran ade budak kena baling batu"...being a responsible policeman..he ran to the scene...and there was a boy with his head bleeding, many students gather around him.... angah squeezed himself among the crowd and upon seeing the boy crying with blood all over his head...angah joined the scene and cried with him...and ironically, angah was the only one crying watching the boy.....and he told us that he was really really crying bersungguh sungguh....At this point of the story, we all burst into laugther.

Right after, was the prize giving ceremony, he shed his tears and asked around if he looked like crying, his friends commented "tak ..tak..ok" he went to take his prizes...he was so happy with the winning that he forgotten about the boy at all.
As he was telling us the story and remembering the poor boy who injured his head, tears came to his eyes....and we laughed even louder............

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The death of our oldest fish

Today marked as the day of the death of our oldest fish. Apparently, i do not have a picture of this fish. It was a kaloi, we think...bought when he was still tiny tot about 3-4 years back..he has the longest life spam among others of his batch. Today as usual Bibik cleaned the aquarium and so happened the anti chlorine was almost finished thus it was far to little for the size of the tank.....that is the cause of the death.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A visit to Dr Ang

Last week Angah and Adib were sick thus we pay a visit to Dr Ang ..our favourite pediatrician. went there about 8 and finished around 10pm...there was a crowd, it's like the whole kuantan's kids were sick at the same time.Adib was actually heavily coughing and feverish, but Adib is the type whom you cannot differentiate if he is ill or not, most of the time he is cheerful and has his smiley face.

As for Angah, he has acute asthma as usual Dr Ang's advice will be no fruits , no sweet food/drinks, no chocolate/anything related to cocoa and no ice. Thank Allah , Angah is ok now as the sport day is tomorrow, he is so looking forward to that one event since school started.

Right after, we went for dinner, very late dinner...

while writing this post, the boys are playing monster-victim, Along is the monster who like to eat children , and Angah & Adib are under the comforter hiding. Then Angah became the Ultraman Tiga...after shoutings and laughter..suddenly Along stopped and lied down. Now Adib is the monster..and shouted "mana dia?' ..Angah said it'was wrong should make the sounds first before saying they swapped role, now Angah is the hantu making certain noise...then Along wanted to become hantu, playing with the torchlight..angah&adib under the comforter...shouted bismillah...then i slowly put my hand on Along's shoulder..and he screamed and the other 2 screamed even louder shouting "hantu takut"...last scene, i turned to them with big eyes...all screamed!!!!!! dah tidur ....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Manicure & pedicure

After i had my pedicure and manicure recently, the boys made noise to my ears couple of time that they wanted to give it a i promised them that i would do it myself for them in the next nail-clipping session and i did last let the pictures tell the story ..
the before...horror huh!!!!!Guess who is the owner?

the after...with buffing and shining....

another before....... if you look real hard -mind the camera phone clarity...he..he.., you can see the yellowish nail..with dirt, soil and god knows..

and after....... extraordinarily CLEAN

So last weekend, the 2 older boys had their manicure and pedicure session at Mummy Spa

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another makeover

Last week I changed the colour of my bedroom from peach to beige gray - Along helped me to choose the colour, and made little changes here and there.
As usual when I did something for myself, the boys will start asking the same for themselves. Hence, they requested for a new paint for their room which was just re painted early this year...of course i dont entertained such a demand but not to dissapoint them , i made a small makeover i.e. re position the beds...they always wanted a double i made their dreams come true ........enabling them to wrestle in a bigger space...

New cousin from Cik Ti

Yes...another i said the list is growing fast..this latest cousin is Cik Ti's second child, a girl and she is yet to be named. Again, I wonder why 9 months is not enough to think of a name, but I think they have a list and just unable to decide which to choose. So as I am writing this, the girl has no name yet...

Due to the position of the placenta, this baby girl was borned via caesarian. The same way as Along was borned to this world...the malay say "ikut tingkap".Cik Lah told me that after the operation, Cik tie said that she would opt for operation the next time. And that makes me thinking, what a good option.....emmmmm still thinking......

Friday, April 3, 2009

night activities

One of our favourite activities is making video movie. Here is a video we making shuffle. It is fun making the video especially looking my brother do the shuffle. I am the master of shuffle in this family. I learn this things from my friends (Amir Aliff and Hadi Syafiq).

I am doing a solo shuffle. It is fun but I have done something wrong when I shuffling I was so sleepy then I finished the shuffle I want to sleep but I was wrong I am happy then I shuffle & shuffle & shuffle until...... I was tired. Then I wrote this posting.

Earth Hour 2009

For the firt time , we gave our support to the Earth Hour campaign. The truth is , only this year we got to know about 60 Earth Hour, a campaign against global warming ...for one hour we are encouraged to show our support by switching off our lights and other electrical appliances. And that was what we did last 2 weeks ....except for the television and.....the aircond was really warm taht night...the boys were having lots of fun with the torchlight........

A Crystal Bracelet

Last week for few days Adib wore a crystal bracelet. He made it himself during art at the kindergarten. Told him that it is girl's stuff but adib being adib he just didnt bother..I took it out when he was asleep and waking up that was the first thing he looked for ...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New addition to the Ngasri's clan

Latest addition to the Ngasri's clan...and to the boys' continuous strecthing list of cousins, Uncle Boy's latest daughter Irin Idlina...I got the first mms at about 4am..was in a deep the sms then continued my sleep.....suddenly i was in a hospital, looking for uncle boy and aunty dzu, met them and uncle boy handed the baby girl to me...i was so overwhelmed that i have a girl now..and without goling through the labour.....then there was a noise nearby...gosh my alarm...what a dream....Within the 3-4 days after the birth, uncle boy kept updating me with his proposed names....after 9 months, he was still undecided, i just dont understand...
Tok Bibah suggested Intan...Uncle boy's very first name was "iza idrina", then by noon it was "dynaz" - well after who? the whole of malaysia have the answer right!, then the very next day "iza dinaz"...still maintaining the you-know-who name...but not to be so obvious.....then that very stops....and the winner is.....Irin Idlina....then I asked if Irin is after Irene Santiago...a well known model of our time...then uncle boy answered "lebih kurang lah tu" and predictable....youngest in the Ngasri's clan