Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mr Froggy's question

This blog is more than dormant already...last postg was May  holy cow..ancient dah tu. Ok i am having all  this semangat to write tonite.. and had earlier posted one in my other blog. If there is any frequent visitor..i apologize for my absence.
I was at #slakeandbite just now with Adib..we dropped Along n Angah for their tuition and spent our time waiting at our cafe. Just wanted to share d conversation we had -A friend of Along who is also a neighbour actually joined us..i was asking him about school and so on...then we talked about gansterism and d friend mentioned abt some student "kena gantung" from school. Then at d cafe...adib asked..kawan Along tu kena gantung pakai tali ke mummy. Never occur to me that he actually didnt know and i explained what it is all about..and he later replied " la best la tak yah gi sekolah--adib ingat kena gantung tu kena hang berapa hari kat sekolah... sabor jelah.
Such a baby kan? Itu kita selalu marah d brothers for taking too hard on Adib when he is still a baby..

He..Adib kan macam macam idea dia..the elder brotehrs esp Angah always highlighted that Adib is my favourite - i dont know if he is my favourite but he was the youngest for quite sometime-- 7 years to be exact before our dearest Aariz. Despite of being pampered and prioritised according to the brothers lah..I think his tolerance on many things is higher compared to the brothers, he tend to give-in a lots and he would question me and defend the brothers when i scolded them...on 2nd thought maybe it is true lah he is pampered because he can question me...adoii..

Ok some of his achievements last year -- he was top for few subjects in school...making mummy and abah all so proud. Soemthing to go into mummy's brag book he..he..he..memacam kan mak mak zaman sekarang ni or is it only me...adoi god helps me..

I think i have also mentioned somewhere that he has been progressing positively with bowling and he placed himself no 2 for under 12 in the club's tournament. Another one to mummy's brag book - sabar eh...
Having said all that, even without those - we would love him the same way..all my boys- nothing more an dnothing less :) my mission is always to raise children with good hearts..always have good intention...good muslim insyallah. Lots of pressures raising 4 boys as they are born leaders at least to their own family later in life but i enjoy every moment of being the only different gender in the family or am i actually suffering ?^#~%~$@*^%~

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Aariz walks

I just have to stop here and make this posting. Aariz has walked again ...hoorahhh...alhamdulillah...yes on his very own without support. It was yesterday, hari hol in Kuantan...and we brought Aariz with us for the morning jog with Gading Bowling team. That was actually our 2nd time taking Aariz to Taman Bandar and letting him play at the playground. Basically he would hold on the equipments and walk around moving from one equipment to another.

 Then yesterday, I left him with Abah as I need to attend a conf call via my mobile (in the car). He was initially  moving  around holding on to Abah's finger like what he was doing with me...then abah tried to let him loose i.e. pulled his finger away and suddenly Aariz just walked. We have been waiting for that moment for far too long and we all feel so blessed and happy.

It was kind of hilarrious because he actually walking with his hand on his head or face.

You see this little boy of mine is for some reason is very diligent in his actions and movements. As an example if he wants to get down from a bed, he would look down...turn his back...push his leg, scream as loud as possible and slowly pull himself down...this is actually from as early as he learns how to was abah who taught him "kaki dulu kaki dulu" and he always make sure he look first and then the foot.

Then when he learned to move down and up the stairs...he slowly tried a few steps considering the gap between the steps and when he was confident after 2-3 attempts...then only he completed his mission. We always think he is a "gayat" (scared of heights) type thus that delay his attempt to walk (there is a chance to fall down) other than some minor stiffness of the legs.

When he walked yesterday, he was so conscious and scared ...his face looked worry and he had his hands on the head... looking all concern if he would fall down anytime.It was funny. He also screamed....ha..ha..ha..

Oh I am one happy mother..we all was a huge huge relief.
Now we just concentrate on the speech therapy....and hopefully this round, he will continue walking without any reservation anymore...thus,  officially Aariz walks at 2 years and 5 months....phewwwww....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aariz's development at 2 years 4 months

Like mentioned in previous posting which was like 2 months ago teruk lah..we had started sending Aariz for therapy at UIA.. so blessed that UIA is very near to our place.

We should have finalised the hearing therapy but one of the machine is out of service thus we need to come back again whenever the machine is function again..erghhhh..anyway, the therapist said she can only confirm that 80% Aariz is not having any hearing problem ...but to really confirm 100% we need that magic machine's verdict. Jadi tunggu lagi..

Then  the speech therapy.. for this round Aariz was required to have one to one session with the therapist and he did just that so well.We actually had the speech therapy after the hearing and he was actually all moody and showing tantrum back in the hearing for him to be so calm during the speech session was a bonus. For speech, we still need to do some facial massaging even inside his mouth to stimulate the nerve and muscle--on the face is ok..quite easy but inside the mouth area is very challenging--there is a chance that you may lose a finger ha..ha..kesian bibik :). Speech delay is also associated with ability to pay attention therefore we need to play with Aariz and get him to concentrate and pay attention for few seconds or minutes.

Then the physio therapy...this is when the therapist need to touch him and do some brief massaging to check on stiffness of the legs  and those are what Aariz hates the most especially when they try to have him lied down.

The session is always filled with shouting, crying, tantrums ...we need to move from one place to another just to calm him ,  and to get his attention again...

Basically from the therapist observation, his is a delay problem--the stiffness at the joint is not as hard as before i.e. during the first and second they think with continuous exercise, he may be able to walk on his own.  There is also some balancing problem due to his feet which are pointing outward and they are making him a special shoes for that.

Except for the hearing (which we have to wait for the magic machine), the speech and physio therapies is now a monthly affair for us. We hope for the best....currently

Aariz is still walking around with support--he still needs to hold on something...
he has been shouting a lot these days....I believe he needs us to pay more attention to him more ....he will shout for attention and all we need to do is to just sit with him or paly with him..

he understands well if we scold him...Adib likes to do this..just love seeing him crying..but I have told Adib he got to stop because Aariz is not able to distinguish that we are actually just playing, he may think that the scolding is a real thing...
He adores Along so much...he is very much at ease with Along..whenever he is not happy with something you can either call Along or of course his favourite bibik..
Overall he is progressing ...he is late yes, but we are seeing the so much progress...we will never force him...taking a step at a time..especially if we recall the day when he was just 1.1kg...or when we brought him home at 1.8kg....we are so thankful for having him so dearest baby boy!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tok Mimah's birthday gathering

This was last february...during the cny break, gosh..this posting is almost 2 months overdue. In the past years, we normally celebrated Tok's birthday at home in Pekan with table covered with foodie end to is a normal scene for any birthday celeb in Pekan. However this year, it was even better he..he..Atok actually annouced that she wanted to treat the whole family at Zenith hotel..
So there we were to celebrate the special occassion together in red--in conjunction with cny--melebih dari cina :)

To Atok, wishing you much love, good heatlh and blessing life..always and forever.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Theraphy check on Aariz

Hi there...for some reason Aariz just stopped walking after the week that he walked few steps on his own i.e. the week which i refered to in the posting before this one. For a few days in that week, he actually really walked a few steps then dropped then raised his butt again and walked another few steps.But that week was the only time he did that and after that week...he just refused to walk on his own...he still walk around but he needs support. He would either walk while holding onto something like a furniture, or he will push around the baby-gym toy.

This is the situation until this very moment.
Last week we decided to bring Aariz for pysiotheraphy check and the paed also advised us to do the hearing test because for a 2 year old toddler, Aariz to certain extent is indicating some delay in speech....he is still very much at abai...abab..mamam. We first went to the pyhsiotheraphy center in Kuantan Specialist Hospital
 and unfortunately they do not have a paed physiotherapist thus suggesting us to go to the International Islamic Uni physio which fortunately is just around the corner from our convenient!
Aariz actually is ok with outsiders, he wont cry if a stranger try to hold him. However, for some reason he just can sense if the stranger is a doctor or some therapist who intended to jab him or do some massaging on him.The moment the therapist tried to lie him down...he just cried his heart out...really crying and shouting which is not his normal behaviour.
The theraphist said that the tendon on his right leg is stiff and we need to do regular massaging to soften it. That is why his walk is a bit odd, as he tends to drag the bad right leg. The therapist also informed that it actually hurts him when we massage the bad leg but we still need to continue doing it to help him walking again.
On the hearing we are subjected to a second test for the specialist to provide a more constructive opinion and advice if certain treatment is necessary. For now, after the first test, it looks like Aariz may have some problem with high frequncy sounds Means he is not able to hear the high frequency sounds like the sound of ph, shh and some other consonants. I know.. it is a suprise to me also..i thought for hearing , there are only 2 options...can hear or cant hear --but suprisingly it is not like that..there is possibility that we can hear certain sounds and not hearing some other sounds. This discrepancy subsequently will lead to some delay in speech.

Our speech appointment will be in 2 weeks time and we are due for another pysiotheraphy session on the same day

I really d not know what to expect but as long as it is something that we as parents can assist and there is solution to it, i am insyallah we are taking a step at a time!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Walking around

Hooray to my dearest he can really move around. The doctor has it right all along that he could have some problem walking  but it wouldnt be a major huh...amazing !Alhamdulillah, I think I can say that he is now walking at about 2 years and 1 month...but he is still a bit malas to raise his butt and walk around...we got to urge him..let him stands, cheers him up then only he will happily walking...

2 days ago he only walked if there is someone waiting right in front of him but yesterday he just moved around everywhere....see how happy Mr sepet was-- So glad with this new accomplishment and definitely a great start for 2013 for all of us.!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shalin's Cup 2012

The boys joined the Shalin's cup this year...all the 3 of them. We had no plan for Adib to participate initially but he told us that he was interested. So we enrolled him along with teh older brothers...his comment was like this "jangan risau Adib tak akan dapat last position...sekurang kurangnya Adib duduk kat 2nd last". The abah told him if anything happened just buat muka selamba and he replied " Ya, Adib buat selamba aje".

We managed to practiced at the alley , the day before the tournament..

And the day came, Angah and Adib played for Under 12 Boys in the afternoon.  Angah has entered quite a few tournaments so this was like another game for him....but suprisingly, Adib was rather calm also--he is always the Mr Cool actually. He was alright until the first 3-4 throws when every throws ended in the "longkang".. Along and myself were watching him ...and I was so worried,tuhan aje yg tahu... not knowing what to tell.... Abah at that time was supervising Angah who was 2 -3 lanes away than Adib's...we called for Abah and abah told him to change something and he did...and he was ok after that and in one of the 6 games he played, he scored 151 which is a record on its own for him.

People actually tot Adib is like 11 or 12years old and it did suprise them knowing that he is only 8 going to be 9 next year. He actually got the right skill and a few coaches have commented we have high hope on our Mr Cool!
For a first timer we think he has played so well..tak banyak drama macam Along...ha..ha..ha.. and he placed himself not at 2nd last position but 41 or 51 out of the 70-80 participants...oklah..
After the game , I asked what did he feel having the first 4 throws inside the longkang, he said "malulah mummy"...but it didnt really show...nampak lah pipi merah sikit he..he..he..

Then Angah....this boy.. he was so near to be selected to the 2nd block but "pancit" at 5th and 6th that drop him to 14th or 15th place and selection is up to 12th near yet to far away kan? Tak de rezeki lah!

Along ...he still has some problems with his walking-approaching the lane- and his push...but he improved a lot during this tournament. and I am quite happy with him. We plan to concentrate more on bowling this year --really put our heart and soul into this games and give our full support to the boys...kalau tak menang jugak next tournament memang nak kena piat telinga sorang sorang ha..ha..ha..