Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mat dib's Best Friends

Mat Dib...he has 2 best friends is Qayyum and another is Arip. Everyday they will spend time together playing PS or boys-dolls -i called them dolls but the boys said they are action figures NEVER a doll!

This is Qayyum..he's 6 and going to be in standard 1 next year. Youngest in the family of 3 boys also....

the one sitting next to Qayyum is Arip...he's one year younger than Adib...youngest from a family of 3 boys and 1 girl...

They are not always as harmony as what you are seeing in the pictures...there were days that they fought and someone would end up crying for things like too much talking while watching a movie, or someone just choose to stop playing but the other party still very much energized!~

But the disagreement will only last a day and they become buddies again! Sweet huh!

Indoor Camping

Somehow kids always love camping...we used to fixed a tent in the boys' room when Afi and Angah were little ...the room is not that big with bed and others, the room became very the tent moved around from the room to under the stairs and when i just could not take it no further it was chucked aside ...where???? i cant even remember.....but we still have the rods for assembling the tent...pelik sungguh!

So one fine day I came home bit early and found my boys being as creative as they are, made their own tent. I actually have a rule that whatever mess they made during the day at home need to be cleared before mummy and abah arrived home from either them or bibik will ensure this to be carried out.

The tent suprised me....and i joined them inside their teritory...see, it is good that once in a while we dont simply buy what their heart desires and let them think out of the box and be a little creative..... i am always glad when they play something other than PS and computer games!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Along got 5As

Along got 5As in his upsr.. after going thru 2 mths of the longest worrying waiting ever -every single soul in the family except for Adib (but i did explain to him so that he's able to share the joyous spirit all of us is having at this moment).

It is not that we dont have our trust in Along but he is a real "bum"...major lazy bukan sikit sikit...i have written before about this one flaw of his character...he is one smart boy , we know that all along but his laziness is his major enemy and that what worries us...from early of the year, we always have this "what if" situation when talking about Afi and UPSR...

I am so worried that i cant bring myslef to write anything about UPSR until today....i was basically counting days and a lot of prayers went along with it.

My concern is actually more on Along is he going to react if he doesnt get that 5As, what he's going to feel about his own self...that's what playing in my mind ...serabut sgt..I told him a few times, whatever will be the result just come home....the media to certain extend affects my thinking...just cant help it!In other words I am trying to get him to undersatnd that upsr is not everything

Nevertheless, if only he doesnt get the 5As-- I also want him to know that it is not ok to be lazy--see how complicated the situation!

A few times, Afi told me and everybody ( tok mimah, aki and all) that we have to redha kalau tak de i told him, if you had really studied --we can apply that :"tak de rezeki situation" but in your case...being lazy is just unacceptable....still redha tapi tetap terkilan!

Alhamdulillah the turmoil is over.....and he got his 5As.Everyone is tremendously relieved..kah..kah..kah.... mummy, abah, afi himself, angah, adib and all..

It's not easy being the first child, and first grandson for both sides...huh...sian Along! The phone was like hotlines!

Here are the reactions from the floor:
Mummy---- i cried!

Angah----Angah went to school with Aki to see the result and his comment is the best of all "Mummy, Angah rasa nak pecah badan bila dengar nama Along was announced"...know what Angah told us that he prayed daily for Along's result...and he kept reminding Along "Along kalau tak dapat 5A, Angah tendang Along".

Abah---they hugged and Afi being Afi had tears in his eyes....

Adib---adib cakap "Adib tahu Along dapat 5A and 5A tu menang"

Over dinner today....Abah: engkau lain kali jgn malas Allah bagi peluang but there may not be another time.

Mummy: kalau Afi belajar - we will not be so worried and kite redha with whatever result you may get...

To our Dearest Along, congratulations and we are so proud of you! Yes I am one proud mum!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dinosaurs exhibition at Yayasan Pahang, Kuantan

Brought the boys to Dinosaurs exhibitions at Yayasan Pahang. Think this is the first time we have such exhibitions here in Kuantan. Many thanks to the organisor!

Not a big splendid kind of show though ---but informative and interesting enough to create oohhh and wowwww from the kids. The robotic dinosaurs look very much like those in Jurassic Park Movie---frankly i dont really bother about dinosaurs uintil i watched Jurassic certain extend that movie does raise interest in dinosaurs.

There were many interactive games which the kids are able to hands on.

They also organised games and Q&A sessions with the kids --Angah bagged a few tiny minny dinosaurs home!
Mummy actually helped this team running around the place to find answers to one of the written Q&A - mind me ---parents are allowed to help, ok! Berpelussssssss

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Indera Pintar 10th Concert Day

Last night was Adib's concert day which was held ,again, at Vistana Hotel. The event last night was the 7th such event organised by the Tadika that mummy attended...3 for Along , 3 for Angah ( as both Along and Angah started their kindergarten at 4 years old - thanks to Tcr La for granting the exception) and this one for Adib.
Theme for the night was BATIK...

Kids waiting for the quests of honour

My verdict-- the event succeeded to be extra grand and special as what planned by the Tadika to mark their 10th anniversary. There were more performances , the kids outfits are different from previous years --they seemed to be more colourful + "fresh and new" -- in the past i am seeing many repetition in both the performances and the outfits -- thank god there was no "sewang" this year. That "sewang" dance was like a must for couple of years :)))
We brought Bibik along...following the theme with batik...

Taking pictures was a real challenge as most parents basically stood right behind the VIP seatings with their "zoomable" with N73 and after cropped the pictures these are all i have.

Look for Mat Dib....

Hello Kitty Dance...

Malay Dance...

Tarian ulat bulu

Pak Arab dance...slah salah...Tarian Padang Pasir ..

Dikir barat...

In the spirit of 1 MALAYSIA....there was so called "1 Msia Dance"

Mat Dib sangat penat...sian adik baby kite

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tok Bibah, Chumad and the gang's in-the-house

Last weekend we have Tok Bibah, Chumad, No'ien, Inas and Mak Usu visiting us..And we had a whale of a time entertaining them from Pahang seafood...

to Teluk Chempedak

The cheeky Ms Noien--- bibik thought Noien has gone to Uni and she was amazed why is this grown up playing around with the kids...she actually asked Noien and terkezut when Noien told her" kite kecik lagi lah baru 15" ..yes she has just finished her PMR...Along helped her to create a blog and it was initially called " A Chronicles of Shawn" --somehow she likes "SHAWN" as a name and I commented that the title would better read as " A Chronicles of A Vacuum" --as she can just eat anything.....tak sangka pulak dia tukar...

Tok bibah enjoying her foot reflexology massage
and the newly opened Gambang Water Park...
The boys....
Find the hidden object...mat dodib...

Great time spending with the whole lot.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday card

This is my first year receiving a proper birthday card from the boys. They bought the card with their own cash last sunday during our normal outing to the mall. I initially thought like previous years , they will make me a card themselves and to my suprise on sunday they told me that they wanted to buy me card.

In the stationery department, they were making all sort of scenes--- Along was trying to make the card a suprise, undersatnding his attempt , I actually waited a distance away from them when Angah came running towards me waving a card. At that instance, Along shouted and scolded Angah for his blunt they had another round of choosing...

This is what they got for me:

I specifically told them , that I want them to write something on the card --not to just sign off the print message. When the card was handed to me, Along told me that "Mummy sorry kite tak tahu nak tulis apa-apa, lagi pun tak de tempat nak tulis kat card ni"...

Little dissapointed for the first 1 second..........but overly excited and overwhlemed with emotion once i flipped the card and saw scribbles....brief message but knowing that those words are genuinely theirs had really made my day extra special .

To the boys...i love the 3 of you with all my heart and soul. At Certain time......i complained for not having a girl --- and i know that when you guys said that you hope to get a little sister----it is all about me--but the truth is i dont really care......i am contented and blessed with us!