Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 Raya celeb in KL

The finale of 2012 raya celeb was in KL in conjunction with Satu Malaysia Day. we had makan makan at uncle Fend and also Aunty Darling's.
Uncle Fend is covered here Teratak Uncle Fendi

Our first time to Aunty Darling's as she just recently moved out from Tok Bibah's.everybody was there and we were served with nasi briyani.

Best part about a condo is always the swimming pool and the fact that the condo is new, giving all the good reasons for the boys to dip themselves.

 These 4 kiddos are all one year different from one another...desending from the right...they are the first 4 grandchildren of Tok Bibah and Tok Haji

Luckily Uncle Boy being the forever "boy" in the family wanted to join the got an adult to put an eye on the kids. Mummy malas lah...borak tak siap lagi...mengumpat sana sini ha..ha..ha..sabar je lah.
The little sweeties...Afroza...Ratu..Tok Haji cakap Ratu Nyi Blorong...jahat sungguh...and Aina...I think she looks like Tok Bibah...
That nite we stayed  at Tok Bibah's...Inas and Add also joined the boys..sekali sekala...

 They played Saidina that nite...with Tok Bibah being the referee. Saidina also needs referee meh???

Finally Afroza comes to term with Abah...if not Abah cant even look at her or she would cry..must be the misai that scares her...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Angah and UPSR

Oh i left this blog way too long...many things happened between now and then..I am forcing myself (despite my tight schedule but hei today is friday) to make this posting...i must write about UPSR before it slips out of my memory...Yes UPSR is over early this month......I tot I will face 2012 UPSR easily goosebumps... no stomach ache etc..for Angah has been very consistent in his results and study. I was in turmoil when Along sat for the exam as not even once through out his 6th year that he got 5As other than the UPSR itself. The best I remembered would be 4As and he can never go better than B for BM.

Angah on the other hand, very consistent ...he even arranged a group study especially towards the final 3 months before the exam..Of course they studied like 1 hour and played the Nerf for another hour but at least we can see the detemination. So me and Abah was very relax until the day he brought home his trial exam result...oh gosh he got B for his Pemahaman...He said he was all shacky doing the exam...oh gosh...that is not good at all when UPSR was like a month away. And my headache ..stomach ache and all came back into my body..I was extremely worried...worry that he cant take up the stress and panicking in the exam hall...but deep down I know Angah is not like that...but I was still worry!
Along being as cool as he is...commented one nite during dinner..." ko relax aje jangan stress stress, cool aje--ko pun dah belajar"...adoi lah Abang Long! But I agree after all Angah has done his part i.e to study!
Being anxious as he is...Angah prepared 2 sets of stationeries for the exam and each set has like 6 pencils, 2 erasers and a ruler....and he wanted all new...punya lah kan...and know what Along said when I asked him if he needs to buy anything for his PMR.." boleh pakai Angah punya, pen pun banyak lagi" ...ha..ha..ha..ha..adoi...turmoil ke tak tu?????

And so happened UPSR started with Pemahaman...Angah was all worried adoiii....I told him to relax and said it is ok, if tak de rezeki for him to get A...because I know how much he has prepared himself...But inside me tuhan aje yg tahu..Thru out the3 days of  UPSR , me and Abah , we joined him for breakfast and kissed him good luck..

On that first day,  i decided to wait and met him after the first paper finished. So about 9am i went to the school....the teachers were all at the canteen waited and tehy had no access to the paper so not able to comment if the paper is ok or not...adoiii...


Then time's up for PEmahaman...some group has came out from the classes...the teachers took the paper from the students and start running throught the being as busy body as i am..I asked the them "susah tak??"..and the teacher replied " emm...susah ni  tricky soalan nya" ..
Ya that instance, air mata dah mengenang dah...tragis kan????? I was so tragis lah...and Angah was still in the exam fcat his group was the last to come out...from afar i saw him , i was like a second away to cry but he was smiling away...he came to me , i asked him how was it..he said ok...Allah ..I was like phewwwwwwwwww.....the teacher checked his paper and he had 3 mistakes...insyallah an A!

Second day i went again to the school after the first paper ended and the gate was locked ha..ha..ha..I got the message cikguS!!!!!!!!!

Alhandulillah the UPSR is tawakal aje..ada rezeki ada lah...kalau tak de yg terbaik jugak dari Nya!
Angah is on Fb now ..he been telling me that right after UPSR ..he will be everywhere FB, Twitter, name it...nak build up reputation again and get new girlfriends...adoiiii....

PMR is one week away...wahahahhahahahhaha...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who looks like Mummy?

Many commented that Adib is like my on our way back home from JB, I asked the boys to try my tudung and let me captured them with my Note -- to enable me to decide who actually look the most like mummy..And I think to certain extend people are right about Adib but the teeth not mummy lah.
Know what if the brothers caught him revealing any top secrets of theirs to me, Adib will tell them "gigi adib jarangkan?"..that is the indication that he cant keep any secrets!
Some says that you may know the gender of your next baby by looking at the one before the newly conceived...and I guess Aariz is meant to be a boy because none of them has the slightest girly look. Semua muka jantan sangat kan?
And assuming that the common belief mentioned above is true, what would be the gender of the one after Aariz ( if only we want to try again lah) ---- it is so obvious right? No chances at all????
Ha..ha..Thank Allah for my boys...

Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 HAri Raya

We celebrated our hari raya in purple this year...glad taht the boys love the colour..bought the kain, and tehy commented ..."cantik mummy!"...

On second day of Raya we ambushed JPO...not the right way to berhari raya actually but Tok Bibah 2nd day raya agenda was Singapore and Aariz has not owned a passport yet...ceh alasan kan? he..he..and we really had a blast shopping...Gosh , I dont realise when did I turn you boys to become shopaholics item after another..first let get 3 to get the additional 10% ...then add another 2 and we are entitled for 30%..and finally ended up with 9 otems on Day 1.

Then last day in JB we ahd another go -- because Along need to have his RLX and kita pulak kesian ... and once again we tried our best to get 5 items and did just that succesfully!
What an achievement...Oh god helps us!

For some reason, Along has become so HOT this year...(Angah told me this) and commented that all the girls want to talk to Along only and dont bother to talk to Angah. I told Angah , you will get there another year...hopefully he grows next year ha..ha..ha..Angah was actually hoping he will become taller after "bersunat" but to date that philosophy is not materialised yet! Ha..ha..ha..

Best thing about hari raya for the kids is duit raya, and they managed to collect quite a bit...Along left only a little after spending all on clothing or did Abah actually got to top up somemore...Angah a good combination of clothing and a NERF gun set....wait ..I dont recall Angah paying back for the Nerf gun...need to check with him later...and Adib, spent on a Nerf gun and was forced by Angah to buy some top because he wants to share wearing them and thus he still has balance of around RM200 I think.

Now they have among them about 5 to 6 sets of NERF gun...and the "benteng" is getting bigger.
Bibik told me , Angah brought some friends to study at home after school...since the school resumed after hari raya, they were given a lot of UPSR revision Angah have his own discussion group..they do revision together , have lunch  at our house...solat jemaah (sejuk hati dengar) and later played the guns! I tell you what even if Angah ditakdirkan doesnt get 5As, I wont get mad because he has done his "usaha" part!
This posting sum up the Raya week...and we are now back to reality and down to 1 week to go before UPSR and another 3 weeks I think before PMR.