Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Injit Injit Semut

Just a few pictures from our trip to HK...The boys ...they are actually catching up well with mummy's and abah's hobby i.e. shopping..when they get themselves in the boys' section, they would happily just pick up their stuff and did their own fittings....

However boys being boys , most of the time of course they play and as running around is forbidden in most places....they find other games....this is new actually, my first time seeing them playing "Injit injit semut"..
i was like gosh even girls dont play that...
******macam sama besar ajer 2 orang ni kan?*****
but their version of Injit injit semut rhytm is not the conventional song we had when we were young, their's is the newer version which lyrics includes " you have Britney we have Siti" -- you can get it in you-tube...interesting lyrics!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mickey's Waterworks Parade

This is a must see event in Disneyland...I believe the theme of the parade is accordance to the season . As we went there in summer, we were presented with Mickey's Waterworks Parade.

The Toys' story

Poo and the gang

..Mickey Mouse

..Donald Duck
..snow white + cinderella
Minnie and Daisy...


...Alice from the Wonderland...+ the team

The Chipmunks ride..

Pokok entah apa

Buzz spaceship...

Have no idea...what are these characters in Disney...Mr Piggy lah kot.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Disneyland, Hong Kong

Our family vacation recently in Hong Kong. Our first time departing from Indonesia and Singapore, and it was great great fun....splendid. Main intention is bringing the boys to Disneyland.

Had a little bit of a drama with our hotel reservation but that was solved...phewww...

First destination was Disneyland was summer in HK, and the weather was really hot ...worse than Malaysia..should have brought with us bottles of mineral from outside--mineral costs us HKD16 and taht's abt RM8 inside disney--and with 10 bottles??, the guard did check our bags at the entrance but they just glanced through so just hide at the bottom of your bag that should work.

The only character that we took picture with were the Chipmunks , people rushed for mickey and minnie without realising Chipmunks at the other side of the Main Street, USA - so we had Chipmunks without having to queue whatsoever...i like!

Disneyland is not that big actually, the size is just nice...manageable for a day walkabout..segregated into 4 area i.e

1)Main Street USA---where are all the souvenires shops

2) Adventureland ----Tarzan + Jungle river cruise

3) Fantasyland ----I would categorised this as the Girls' area
4)Tomorrowland ----Sticth, Buzz and the UFO areas--more like a Boys' playground

To fulfill our little Abang Cik's dream, we first visited Adventureland...the Tarzan Treehouse...we got to take a raft to the treehouse--up to my limit for outdoor adventures:) was not like you'll have Tarzan jumping up and down howling but the boys love the treehouse---as for mummy, i am taking a breather here and there...
At the same site , we experienced the Jungle River Cruise -- i like this --there were fire, animals which almost looks like real, and all sort of jungle creatures /activities shown to us....

Later in the afternoon, we returned to this Adventureland for "Festival of the Lion King" - a musical theater...I think this show would bring back a lot of childhood memories to Along (it is not like he is a grown up now) but when he was small , we used to tune in the Lion King's songs cd endlessly and run the video tape continuously to keep him stay still in front of the tv....and we used to sing along to the theme songs of the certain extend it did bring me back to our earlier years.....
Next site was Fantasyland.....the girlie teritorry...only Adib was overly excited..Along and Angah were pushing for Tomorrowland as they read about electric cars- U Topia in the guide map. By noon , queue were building up fast at all rides, the waiting time could go up as long as 30-40 minutes, so we skip quite a few rides - as Abah said the rides are basically the same as what we have in Genting and other funfair , so we focused more on the shows and those rides which can't be found outside Disney. Shows were scattered everywhere thus need to time ourselves right following the show brochure--from the Sticth Interactive show to The Golden Mickeys-another musical Chinese (with translation at a side screen) but songs are in English so it was ok!
most boring ride...which i have to annouce and supported 110% by the boys is the Small World rides---it was an indoor snail like boat cruise alongside "children" from all over the world singing and dancing to "It's a small world after all)---the "children" looks very much like Chucky from the horror movie....

At the end of the visit, I asked Adib if he wants to come again, he said yes..."adib nak datang sini lagi" so I told him , we'll come in 6 years time when our "Adik" is grown enough to appreciates Disney and if we cant afford Florida :) ......