Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Aariz walks

I just have to stop here and make this posting. Aariz has walked again ...hoorahhh...alhamdulillah...yes on his very own without support. It was yesterday, hari hol in Kuantan...and we brought Aariz with us for the morning jog with Gading Bowling team. That was actually our 2nd time taking Aariz to Taman Bandar and letting him play at the playground. Basically he would hold on the equipments and walk around moving from one equipment to another.

 Then yesterday, I left him with Abah as I need to attend a conf call via my mobile (in the car). He was initially  moving  around holding on to Abah's finger like what he was doing with me...then abah tried to let him loose i.e. pulled his finger away and suddenly Aariz just walked. We have been waiting for that moment for far too long and we all feel so blessed and happy.

It was kind of hilarrious because he actually walking with his hand on his head or face.

You see this little boy of mine is for some reason is very diligent in his actions and movements. As an example if he wants to get down from a bed, he would look down...turn his back...push his leg, scream as loud as possible and slowly pull himself down...this is actually from as early as he learns how to was abah who taught him "kaki dulu kaki dulu" and he always make sure he look first and then the foot.

Then when he learned to move down and up the stairs...he slowly tried a few steps considering the gap between the steps and when he was confident after 2-3 attempts...then only he completed his mission. We always think he is a "gayat" (scared of heights) type thus that delay his attempt to walk (there is a chance to fall down) other than some minor stiffness of the legs.

When he walked yesterday, he was so conscious and scared ...his face looked worry and he had his hands on the head... looking all concern if he would fall down anytime.It was funny. He also screamed....ha..ha..ha..

Oh I am one happy mother..we all was a huge huge relief.
Now we just concentrate on the speech therapy....and hopefully this round, he will continue walking without any reservation anymore...thus,  officially Aariz walks at 2 years and 5 months....phewwwww....