Friday, September 26, 2008

Once upon a night with very heavy rains

Tonight I brought the boys out to break fast at Secret Recipe restaurant nearby. Abah did not join us as he was out with some friends. The dinner was a normal one nothing fancy...The moment we were about to leave the retaurant it was raining terribly heavy with lightning and thunder. So mummy went to Tok Ma's restaurant...(Tok Ma is our neighbour) to borrow an umbrella....then I first brought Aimran to the car, followed by Adib and the last one was Along (afi actually suggested this sequence and I agreed). Upon returning the umbrella to Tok Ma, mummy ran in the rain to the car. I really soaked myself.....and the conversation began:

Along : Afi takut betul tadi

Mummy: nape?

Along: Kan tadi belakang kite ramai mat mat bangladesh diri tengok je kite

Mummy: ah....tak de apa apa lah kan ade banyak kedai kat situ..

Along: Mula bila mummy hantar aimran....Afi takut dia orang larikan adib..sebab tu Afi diri betul2 hujung.....pas tu bila Mummy dah hantar Adib, Afi lega sikit.....tapi bila mummy dah hantar Afi.....Afi tengok mummy pergi semula nak hantar payung tu....Afi takut balik..

Mummy: Nak takut ape nya...

Along: Afi takut dia org ragut mummy ke ape...macam mana? Afi rasa mummy kena hantar Afi belajar silat or tae kwando lah..atau dua dua sekali Afi nak belajar....

Angah: Nak nak nak..nak belajar semua sekali ninja kungfu semua sekali

I am so touched.........

Friday, September 19, 2008

Khatam Al-Quran

I(afi)have already khatam my Al-Quran this month. I was very happy because I have khatam my Quran. There are two people who have finished the Quran who were me and my mother. Now we will take a rest for a short time but we will read it again. There are 4-6 students have completed the Quran in my class.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Farhani's 6th Birthday (2007)

We celebrated Kakak's 6th birthday last year at Tok mimah's in Pekan...We had cake of course and all sort of food...Actually, mummy thinks food and Pekan come hand in hand...we are always served with full table everytime in Pekan without it a normal visiting routine or on any special is like free flow...don't you boys agree with me? Tok mimah will always take all the trouble preparing this for Along, that for Aimran ...and so on...must remember that ok!

Mat dib broke his arm

Remember Afi's posting on Mr-Two-Face...this is another accident involving Mat Dib..This happened sometime early this year in March08 if I am not wrong, Adib felt down at Pantai Gelora mini Zoo here in Kuantan during one of our routine weekend outings. Again Adib being Adib..he cried a little and then played PS2 once we reached home..So all of us thought it was nothing much, but the next morning he cried non stop telling mummy his hand was in great pain so i brought him to KSH. He was x-rayed and his elbow was goodness, how can he actually played PS2 the night before.........our si kecik is really amazing and never failed to amuse us...

Tok Bibah's 53rd Birthday

Tok Bibah with all the 7 grandchildren...(From eldest to youngest) Afi, Inas, Aimran,Adli, Adib,Iris and Warits..Fazril was still not in the picture yet. The occassion was Tok Bibah's 53rd birthday...Picture was taken before all of us (except for Bell and Baba) off to Chiang mai's restaurant for dinner.
The Golden vogue as ever...

Family gathering is always an interesting occassion...We tend to forget all the differences between us....well there are so many heads which come with various colours .....and these moments of togetherness are always being cherished....To our dear Tok bibah and my Mama, we love you so much and wish you well, good health and may Allah bless.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a trip to KL for merdeka

We went to Kuala Lumpur on the 29th of August. me(aimran),Anissa,misha,imran,irfan,arissa and my brothers (afi and adib) . We have so much fun at Restoran Bora Ombak.A song is dedicated to me(aimran) which is KETAHUAN. We really enjoy the singging and the dancing. My favourite song is hujan. I ate chicken chop and drank vanilla milk shake. We go back home at 10:30pm. Anissa was very happy because uncle fendi said "anissa do you want to sleep at misha house'' and anissa said ''yes I want to sleep at misha house'' and then they all sletp at misha house except us. We all really happy and fun at Restoran Bora Ombak.the end..........................