Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SKIM's Graduation Day 2012

There is so much delay in my sharing but better late than never, right? This event was held early Nov..should come before the posting on UPSR result. Alhamdulillah that this year we got the chance to join the gradution day since both Angah and Adib managed to place themselves for some prizes.

Angah got the Leadership award--for his role as the School's head boy and also for leading some other co curicullum activities. Before the ceremony started, the  teachers put up slide show of the activities that the school carried out for the whole year..and from there, I realized that our Angah was really active..his face was like everywhere,and being the head boy--he would lead like 90% of the school's activities--we  feel proud of our  Angah...sangat kecil kecil cili api kind of a person...I hope he will continue this positive attitude through out his high school as well..amin.

Apart from the Leadership award there is also Best educations award separately for a boy--Daniel (with the spec)  and a girl, Co Curriculum award-- the last pic at the bottom i.e. Eddie and Sportmanship award--the first--Amir Aliff. I think it is good that the school separate those achievements and have more to go up the stage, rather than have only 1 person conquering all.

Then ...the out of the blue kind of surprise is when Adib got best English prize for standard 2. Memang mummy and abah terkejut beruks. In fact Adib was also suprised himself. He didnt even know when was the exam...punyalah..he is such a baby...I have been asking him when was the final exam right to the day he gave me a slip to inform that he would be getting a prize for best English. I was a bit worried about him because he told me that tehre were other kids who already in Band 5 and 6 and teacher told him that he is only Band3...but I remember the teacher said maximum for standard 2 is Band3--at Band 6 a student should be classified as having good akhlak. I told Adib many times...we call and name him Adib which means "Yang Beradab" for a reason ha..ha..ha..

Adib was all so proud and looked very concious to go up the stage! He walked so fast eventhough I told him to slowly walking and look at the camera..he..he..

 The students staged a few performance which I think were very much more lively and interesting compared to prior years. If I remember correctly, previous years, they use to perform coral speaking and choir and thats about it.

The most memorable of this year's performance is the one performed by the OKU class..I think many actually shed their tears watching and listening to the song they presented.

Here we go after the ceremony..proud of Angah and Adib...and also Along for also made us proud going up the stage for his UPSR result last 3 years....he..he..he..that was the only time erghhhhhhhhhh

Monday, November 19, 2012

Angah got 5As for UPSR

The result is out today and alhamdulillah Angah got his 5As. I always think Angah has done good preparation for his UPSR. He only got 4As for his trial but that result doubled his effort to an extent. We all went to the school at 10am sharp--mummy, abah , along, adib and our dearest aariz--we dragged aariz along eventhough that was his morning nap time :)

 The first teacher we met at the canteen was Cikgu Shahrul and without hesitation he informed us the good news--"aimran ok"...and i had tears in my eyes. We didnt tell Angah but wait for Puan Nyon to make the annoucement.The result for SKIm was not that encouraging--the numbers of 5As students are only 18 and that was the same score as prior year, but overall percentage slightly increase if i heard correctly.

Angah was quite confident taht he would get his 5As from the day the exam ended and we were quite comfortably confident also because we saw his effort and based on his assurance on the exam itself. Because of that, we actually had bought him his G Shock watch last night--I asked abah if we were really buying before the result? Abah said he has got one of his UPSR presents. So Angah is we patiently wait for PMR result. i am one proud mom today....Congratulations Angah