Monday, March 15, 2010

Adib's new bicycle

Adib has been very restless for the last one month crying, shouting, laughing and screaming for a new bike. There was this one weekend (when abah was oustationed), he actually cried in the car, scolding mummy not to wait for abah and just chose one bike for him ...with tears running down his face. I handed over my handphone and asked him to talk to Abah, he did but before that he wiped his tears, cleared his throat and actually talked to Abah in a tears-free-voice, asking if he can get Mummy to buy him a new bike and he just ok-ed when abah told him to wait until Abah came back for us to buy it together...

This is one of the incidences whereby the boys can get very complicated with mummy but can easily agreeing with Abah.

The old bike is a hand-me-down from Along to Angah and last but not least down to Adib. The wear and tear is not that bad actually--- besides I did cahnge the tyres last year or maybe the year before:)but perhaps it is just unberable to Adib and the fact that Along and Angah was busy spraying theirs with new colours and changing accessories may to certain extend get into him!

After postposing endlessly finally, last weekend, we bought Adib his first newly own bike.

I think I wrote before about Adib who is by nature very cautious over things like swimming, playing etc. and he is now complaining that the new bike is too big --as he has already had some scratches on his leg from falling off the bike yesterday --and commented that we should get him a smaller one.....sabar je lah!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cybergames Fest 2010

Angah was chosen among other 8 students to represent SKIM for Cybergames competition in Kuantan last saturday. The kids were introduced to a website called MyCore--i am not sure what is this Mycore portal for , but perhaps it is the official website for the fest itself..anyway, to answer that curiosity please click and join here....

Mummy was told by Cikgu Bibi that this is the first year for such fest or competition being launched so basically even the teachers were not sure what to expect:)

ohh yes...before My Core, there was a round of Chicken Dance...that was one joyous activity-the kids enjoyed it so much.I think the organiser was great as they succeded to make the event very high spirited and fun for the school children.

Kids were also thought on how to create a game...each team created a football game. We need to test Angah on this:)

****Along was sent to Angah+the team's station to check if they are following the instructions correctly. This was before the competition of course****

Last part was the games competition ...the game was educational on maths and vocabulary not CSO of course. At the end of the day, SKIM secured the 3rd place. Congratulations!

There is a playground at that Kompleks Dagangan thus we let Adib to try out in that boiling hot afternoon.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

KL visit in Feb

Tok Bibah was hospitalised for 5 days for initially food poisoning which at the same time increased the blood pressure and glucose level--that what made the 5 days-stay. From now on she has to really monitor her food and of course needs to have a lot of rest.
As we were lazying ourselves yawning and what not, Aunty Anne suddenly suggested for a karaoke session and being as persuasive as she always does , she actually managed to "pau" Uncle Alin. Thanks to the lovebirds---they definitely has toppled uncle Boy and aunty Dzu -for the most romantic couple in the family --no doubt about it. tok Bibah actually commented that, now you know the reason for my high bp:)

Thus, we had a go at Red Box, SOGO. Unfortunately, kids were forbidden in that session so the boys missed their chance to belt out Linkin' Park
Mummy must be struggling with Russion Roulette--Rihanna or perhaps Beyonce-Listen..
Aunty Ann???????must be Kris Dayanti.....if it's "I am a big big girl"..she will be smiling coz that is peanuts to her...

Best part during the session was when Uncle Alin ask for a duet with Aunty Darling for "Roy and Fran"'s song which was an 80's song---borned in 1983, so aunty Darling could be as litlle as our dear Adib when the song was a hit. Of course some songs are evergreen and move across time but that Roy and Fran is just a so-so....

Aunty darling was like , "lagu apa ni?"....had a good laugh!

Another good laugh was when the guys (Abah, Uncle Alin and Chumad) belted out a song and suddenly, there was a suara halus came out from Chumad....memang kelakar!
frankly i think we should do this more often...

Mummy & Abah with Tok Haji, Uncle Bell, Aunty Sha and the adorable Eden.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A self retreat at Secret Recipe, Indera Mahkota

Right after the ceremony, a group of girls suggested for a lunch at Secret Recipe. They got RM125 in cash each thus it's like a self retreat, and this occasion would be the final gathering they would have....

So i sent Along and some of Along's friends to SR for a one and a half hour lunch....And as usual Angah will join along.
It takes them 1 minute or so to decide who should sit besides the girl...and I guess Angah has no choice but to just oblige to the older boys' instruction.

Our littke Adib actually wanted to stay as well, but the boys all in one voice opposed to the idea...kesian...

Adib will always try to act like a teenager when he is around Along's friends...look at his face expression.....and he will even talk in such a way..."aku this and that"....