Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mat Dib = Juon

Everymorning i will get Adib bathed and dressed and powdered but he will do the combing himself. I wanted to capture some pictures of him doing that..styling himsef in front of the mirror.
Unfortunately, the pictures came out to be like below....

he looks like the kid ghost in Ju-on

Adib ran out of the room shouting, telling me to delete the was kind of funny...until i cried myself laughing...
he scolded me the whole time on our way to school.....
Later that evening, he showed the pictures to the 2 older brother to scare them but the 2 ended up laughing instead.....he..he..he..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 school term

It has been 3 weeks since the school term started again for 2010 sessions...Angah is now in 4Wira , Adib is in Smart Reader Level 3 and Along of course Form 1 in Class 1RK4.

This year is Angah's first year attending the morning session and this will continue until standard 6. He woke up at 6-6.15 am and off to school around 7.15am. As for Along, SABS is about 15 km from home, so he now takes the school bus and the morning ride is at 6.30 everymorning. Adib , like last year i send him to kinder everyday around 7.30am.

So far the boys are ok with the wake up time, but frankly it is still too early to say anything at all...we'll see after 3 months down the road.....i bet the whole taman will jump out of bed hearing my voice....

Something that i have to make a note is the changes in Adib behaviour towards homeworks and reading. To certain extend the last exam's result did give some positive impact to our little brother. He actualy spare some time in the afternoon between watching tv and playing computer games for his homeworks and for Adib , i think that is remarkable!

I am not imposing any restrictions as yet for the computer---the rule is, get your homeworks done and you are free to play the computer or watch the television--- thought i want to be a bit lenient this year after all there will be no major exam for the boys this year not until the next 3 years when Angah will be sitting for UPSR and Along for PMR---I 'll get a nervous breakdown in that 2012..gosh, i just realised the year....scary errrrr.....

However, I did tell the boys ---things may change after the first term we'll see...

To my dearest sons.....Best of Luck and Happy Studying!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Long process to Secondary School

As mentioned before Along got his 5As for UPSR---is that confirmed him a good selected school for secondary??? the answer is NO. As I have been telling others, 5As these days are like melimpah ruah and places in those schools are so limited.

First of all, there is no such thing as being offered these days...everything , need to be it Science or MRSM or Integrasi or even Sekolah Rancangan Khas --the last 2 schools are new to people at my age.
Right after UPSR, we applied for Science school - initially we thought we wanted to send off Along to Boarding simply because we have concern about his lazy habit.....
When the result is out, within 10 days we sent another application and this round was for MRSM....both are e-application but still hardcopy need to be mailed to the respective school...strange huh!

The Rancangan Khas (RK)application is done through the school. due to some miscommunication or maybe Along is just hayal...he did not apply for the rancangan khas.

A week or 2 before the new term started - result for Science came out and "dukacita-permohonan anda GAGAL"- we failed the application. On second thought , I think it's a blessing in disguise--somehow I think , me particularly--I am just not ready to let Afi out of my sight...not yet!

So we waited for RK, thinking that all 5As achievers would be placed in selected schools like RK automatically. After checked with one of the teachers, it turned out my expectation was all wrong. As mentioned earlier RK need to be applied as well.

There is only one choice left i.e. to APPEAL and that was what we did...

Another waiting period, in the meantime we enrolled Along to Panglima Perang - a school next door.

After 2-3 visits and a few calls to the Jabatan Pelajaran--the effort was like all out , using every channels that we can--not only us but also from Aki and Tok , alhamdulillah 2 weeks after the school new term opened, we got the offer letter for Sekolah Men Sultan Abu Bakar (SABS), an RK school...

Last Friday Jan 18th---both Along and myself had our little tour around Kuantan, first went to Jabatan to pick up the offer letter
then to Panglima Perang to daftar keluar
and later to SABS for registration--we actually made 3 rounds at Jalan Beserah before finding SABS....pphewwww.....i guess i cant call myself a Kuantanese as yet!Entrance to SABS..
Thus mummies, daddies, aunties, uncles, brotehrs and sisters out there----do take note on those application...if you applied first hand , insyallah they will spare a place for your kiddo --to go thru the appeal process is really tiring---the waiting is just overwhelming!

Half day spent from one jabatan and 2 schools, we indulged ourselves with Mc D--Along's choice!

Thank Allah everything settled and Afi seems to be happy with SABS....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A new activity to open 2010. Last friday when i came back from work Angah told me that he would like to join 3 "Ko-Ku" (co-curriculum) activities in school. They are the Boys' Scouts, Kelab Benteras Jenayah (Committee to stop crime) -yes, there is such activity in school now and the school Football Club. So I told him, I am ok as long as he able to split his time between all these activities and his studies.

It did not stop there he then told me to ensure that he will be selected for the football team , a regular practice is crucial, so he made suggestion for a regular play at a nearby futsal courts for him and his team --somehow he has like a team already for std 4 pupils only-i guess. He then talked to Abah and he was granted the green light.

Thus last saturday Angah and Along made some arrangements with some friends, the fee is 50 per hour so they need to have at least 10 pax...combinations of some std4 up to form 2 boys - most of angah's friends at school are not staying nearby so they only gathered those staying in the neighbourhood.

On sunday after lunch about 1, i sent them to the court....

They all enjoyed themselves and Angah happily told me that this is going to be a weekly routine...