Friday, April 30, 2010

Food pic obsession

I was downloading pictures from my BB when i found a few pics taken by Adib. How do i know it's Adib - from the quality of the pictures.

He usually likes to take his own pictures but this time he took a few snaps of his supper---gosh I must have spread that blogger-obsession-on-taking-own-food-pictures to him --

i have to undo this somehow --It is not like a wrong thing to do perhaps he is brushing his photography skill or something :) but from a kid as litlle as Adib and he doesnt own a blog-mind me --it looks like a meaningless activity to me.

Another example, that kids are taking up from our actions better than what we thought them....Parents out there, be conscious!!


This is another favourite pastime for the boys....bathing in the bathtub...

Mummy's bathroom is actually the only part of the house that we renovated to get the tiles changed and have the tub installed. There were many critics as people are seeing it as just a "toilet" but we see it as a "rest"room literally---After a long day, sink yourself inside the bubbled tub and you can really unwind....

As for the boys, as mentioned earlier , a favourite pastime---they do this more often that us, the parents.

From time to time, I take this opportunity to have their body scrubbed all over ...especially to Along. Macam berkerak ajer all the time :)
Jangan mareeeeeeeee.....
Si baggong ni kalau dah masuk tak de umat dah boleh join

Thursday, April 29, 2010

EnfaGrow Mother's Day Promotion

We were doing our monthly groceries at Giant last week when we had a few sales girls -some sort like taking their turns to promote Enfagrow/kid... for information Adib still drinks milk--of the record-- yes, still using the bottle---even in the past with the older boys we have never forced them to stop from drinking milk--they made their own choice to use the bottle or to drink from the cup. Along was the longest until standard 4 , if I am not wrong and Angah was up to standard 2. Now, the older boys only take fresh milk and Adib with Enfakid the milk powder for 4 years and above.

OK back to Giant, they had an Enfagrow mother's day promotion last week ...the first salesgirl, suggested me to buy up to RM80++ to entitle oursleves for a calendar. Give me a break, i was expecting for something like teddy bear:) So we passed!

Then another girl came along and told us, to take another refill pack (we had taken 2) to entitle for a free photography and have the photo instantly printed. The picture can be slotted into the calendar -(which the earlier girl talked about).
Photography in Giant ???? No ...Thanks--so we passed again.

At the counter, we were really like being swamped by a group of the Enfakid salespeople, checking our trolley and upon seeing the 2 refill packs we took earlier --they acted as if they'd just found some kind of traesure and asked me a few questions---at this time i was totally helpless, besides the one doing the talking was an older woman..--kesian pulak--(my replies are in RED)

(1)Salesgirl (SG): kak why buy the new pack? i dont know just take whatever on the shelf

(2)SG:--it is more expensive but the content is the same --with the old packaging , you may save some bucks ---OK OK just cahnge them

(3) SG:You are entitled for the calendar --Tot I have to buy more than 80??

(4) SG:Says who??? no you came later after paying and get your calendar ---OK

(5) SG:But Kak add one more lah, you can have your pic taken and printed on the spot--it's ok

(6) SG:ambiklah --son alone also can--***kesian lagi*** OK OK Take another pack

(7) SG:ok boy come here---Adib: tak nak lah---

(8) the sales and kuncu kuncu nya bersatu suara : kak ambik sekali lah...
AHHHH OK lah oklah..cepat Dib .....SMILE.................

and we were finally free from the Enfakid's hassle....punyalah....
After paid off the bill, I went to the free gift counter to get the people there to check on our receipt...somehow they read ENFAKID as SUSTAGEN and we got ourselves a free hooded towel..:)

Guess who???

Adib's head cant get thru the hood for obvious reason :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The easiest question

This was once upon a time during lunch...
Along raised a question to all ..
Along: apa soalan paling senang dalam dunia
Mummy: what is your name?
Along: Ada jugak org tak tahu nama..
Mummy: Itu dah masuk bab lain kalau nama sendiri pun tak tahu

Angah or Along: Awak hidup ke mati?
Along or Angah: Yelah mesti senang nak jawap

and we have a few other questions suggested by Angah and Along -

when suddenly,
Adib: soalan paling senang "mana makanan adib ni?"

Then only we realised we were busy talking and eating at the same time and didnt even realise that Adib was yet to get his order....
had a good laugh bergegar meja :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amani, Farisya and Abah's birthday in Pekan

Another birthday party...this round it covers 3 person...our dear Abah, Amani (1 year old)

and Farisya (7 years old).

Our first time having a birthday cake for Abah...but he didnt make it not until after maghrib when the party was over...what can i commitment!

Dear Abah, this is what your cake looked like...

....Mak Ndak....Cik Da....Cit tie...Mok De...and Mummy:)

The "youngest" lot of the family currenty...Ketik Na, Amani and Akil-Man...
I was not able to find the boys ....they were like everywhere....common scenario in Pekan..
The food was like hari raya servings....

Laksa Pahang....

Satay..nasi impit

Mok De's pudding....nicey!

Friday, April 9, 2010

One day without Bibik

That was the day before Kak In's wedding...Bibik Rosma was borrowed for 2 days by Tok Mimah in Pekan. Frankly one of the things that I always concern about having a bibik is for the boys to get too complacent with everything being prepared for and not knowing to handle simple chores by themselves...things like making the bed, washing dishes, sweeping etc.

From time to time, i try to get them hands-on on those chores especially cleaning their own room and making the bed.....washing dishes is something very rare because the kitchen is like bibik's that day was a good opportunity for the boys to practice this skill..

One did the soap and the other rinsed with clean water.....Adib was excused of course...he's still a baby.....:)
Good job boys! Berkilat sudah.....

Adib at school

Last monday, i sent Adib as usual but the unusual happened...

Normally a teacher and/or the caretaker/kakak will greet the kids every morning, but that morning last monday---we were welcomed by a bunch of kids -Adib's adult at site!

I asked the kids, whereabout of the teacher and they told me the kindergarten was actually still closed as nobody was there as yet except for teacher, no kakak except for these kids.
Was really shocked!

I immediatly called Teacher La - and she told me that the caretaker actually just gave a 24 hour notice that very morning and a teacher was on her way. So I waited together with the kids and took that opportunity to snap some pictures....that is what blogger does right?

Ok kids smile!!!!

Second Watikah as Pengawas

Early this year, Angah was re-elected as the school prefect...

Knowing how serious he carried out his duty last year, remember....chasing people around the school which most of the time became like cat and mouse --i have no doubt about the re election.

To Angah congratulations...just dont be too serious...chill out dear!
...last but least have fun writing down the whole class's names...:)
This evening Angah told me that during his friday prayer, ...a standard 5 kid has disturbed his prayer...the boy came from his side, making faces to him for 3 times and on the third time he slapped the boy at his face....The boy left and he started praying again....
I was shocked and lost my words - how to response???? i reconfirmed if he really slapped or he actually punched the boy...he told me he slapped just once to get the boy stop messing with him while he was praying and if he was to punch , the boy may lose a few teeth......

Abah said Angah has too much darah jawa inside of him...tak boleh sabar...
..i just keep reminding him to control his temper and berastafar to fight the anger....never let anger conquer ourselves!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tok Bibah's Birthday

This was during Aunty In's wedding in JB- Malam Berinai while Aunty In had a break to change for a different dress....we took that moment to had this suprise for Tok Bibah...

We had Banana Cheese Cake - i presumed because there were banana inside..


Something from all of us..

To Tok Bibah...wishing you love, health, wealth and happiness ....senyum senyum selalu:)

Tok Mimah' birthday

This was a few weeks back in Pekan..had it arranged with Mak Dak to celebrate Tok Mimah's and Cik Tie's bithday...

We had the Classic Cheese cake and KFC apart from the homecook fried meehoon and some pudding...that was really mouthful....kenyang lagi mengenyangkan..

The Party concept was "berterabur" he..he..he...but makan is always fun:) punya lah tak de pun gambar org sabar je lahhhh except for Ketik-Na
To Tok Mimah, wishing you love, health , wealth and happiness...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend activities

There are a few activities the boys do during weekend and two of them are as follows:
1) Drawing - this come and go...the moment the drawing block is all used up, it will stop for a while until the next replenishment...

2) Chatting - the boys are far more advance than us-the grown up...they chat thru YM...and yesterday Adib had a go with Along's friends....and I should have a proper posting to annouce that Adib can read and spell now both malay and proud of him.
While chatting he also wrote some text and once a while he will ask for Along to help out spelling some words and the friend at the other end was screaming " tak tahu eja jangan chat lah"..and he replied " ohh jahat ehhh"

He also do FB chatting...usually using Along's id, choose a friend that he knows and wrote nonsense to him or her..his main favourite is of course , Shafiq!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Boy Scout

Like Along (during primary school), Angah also joins the Boy Scout for his co curricullum activities. I first thought to just alter Along's uniform and hand it down to Angah. However, their size is like "langit dan bumi", so on second thought I decided to buy him a new set..besides the collar is actually changed now to a mandarin collar. He has been emphasizing on that endlessly to ensure that he got a new set of uniform...

Now he wears this every wednesday....
My very handsome Boy Scout!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moments from Aunty In's Wedding

On our way down to JB on Saturday morning~~managed to reach there just in time for the Akad:)

All of us with the bride and groom after Akad~~~Aunty Darling anja cangat!

Tea time folks...with aunty Ann and the bride's mom~~my beloved aunty, Tok Ana

Adli, Angah and Adib

was once upon a time my kembar ...uncle Boy with the lovely aunty Dzu

The mummies....and yet to be mum +Dora the explorer +previously perempuan melayu terakhir Ratu/Farisya.....not anymore, she is as fair as the mom now:)

Breakfast at Seri Malaysia

The waiting time......

Tok Hajia nd Tok Bibah

My adorable sisters

The 3 generations of Ngasri's.......semoga Allah mempereratkan hubungan kami semua...AMIN!