Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Witty Adib!

It has been a while since the last time I wrote about Adib ...kesian Abang Chik. Time is my enemy! As made known to all, this year is his first year at school and being as talkative and playful as he is, everyday he comes home with 1001 kisah about the school , the teachers, his friends, canteen food etc.

He was in his best attitude only for like a week or perhaps a few days , then he reverted to his chinese horoscope character i.e. mr monkey, jumping here and there, running all over. His bag is washed almost every weekend, thank god for bibik! He was once asked to stand before the assembly for being too dirty and messy and that was monday! I was stunned! Adib actually blamed the pengawas for being too strict.

Had some problem before with Along but he was not that bad., as for Angah , he is always the tidy one..of course he is Mr Prefect aiming to become Ketua Pengawas for his final year, next year.

This was Angah comment " Adib ni buat Angah malu ajer lah- mesti org kata apalah adik Aimran ni".

I laughed and told Adib , " next time , cakap kat pengawas tu abang aku pengawas tau".
Recently, he came home with blue eyes and bruises on his cheek. He played with his chair and felt down, he said he cried as loud as he could.
I asked him, "tak malu ke salah sendiri, nangis pulak"

He answered me, "tak!"

Actually that was not his first time hurting himself, Angah told me that Adib hardly walks, he just runs around -run in the corridor, run to the canteen , run to the toilet, running everywhere. Know what, Adib said he wants to be a runner like Angah. Frankly looking at teh way he runs which is more like Along, we have doubt on his abilities on the track! By the way, both of them were overyjoyed when Adib was selected to the same sport team which is Rumah merah...what a coincidence huh!
Everyday, after school bibik will wait for him at the gate and most often than not, he will be the last to come out. Bibik told me there was this girl , his classmate, who loves to report to bibik , that he has to stay back to finish his work as he likes to walk around during class and tease people.

On another occassion...one night over dinner--favourite time for the boys to update me with their activities--Adib told us that his teacher asked the class to create a sentence starting with

" Saya mempunyai...." . All the kids raised their hands, eager to say outloud their sentences and some of the sentences was like " saya mempunyai abang", "saya mempunyai beg" etc etc. Adib said he didnt bother to participate, he just kept quiet as he wanted to finish his work --apparently others have finished except for him, obviously---then once finished, Adib raised his hands, and shouted

"SAYA MEMPUNYAI TAIK HIDUNG" -- he didnt laugh telling us this--he told us his whole class plus the teacher laughed and he thoughts that's ok and witty!We dropped our jaw!!

I am so looking forward to see his result for the first exam. Hopefully it is as brilliant as his characters! Sigh! The truth is , we --both me and abah-- cant get far at being strict with Adib--unlike our approach with the 2 older brothers--perhaps we are now "old parents" -- nevertheless, Adib is still very much a baby to both of us, he is the "Abang Baby" !

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Makan makan with family

It was last 2-3 weeks when Ayah Im treat the whole family lunch...I asked Mak Ndak what's the occassion, "promotion?"...her reply was " lebih kurang lah". So betul lah tu.

Just a note Mak Ndak is now carrying their second child, perhaps in conjunction with that as well. As they want to go for tomyam and thai food, we suggested our another favourite spots, New Horizon Restaurant...place is nice and the price is reasonable also.
After lunch, we extended the outing to the bowling alley...winner for the day was Cik Lah--not bad huh!

On a different occassion...another makan2..to close 2010 -- 2 or 3 weeks before I delivered Ahmad Aariz, yes this is like basi , it was last year, we brought the family to this ikan bakar and seafood spot...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Current favourite pastime-Bowling

I can tell that this hit the family like a storm.
It started back in January or perhaps late 2010, when Angah and a couple of his friends were invited by Cikgu Tengku to join her daughter learned bowling (at Kuantan Premium Lane). This is basically individual effort, nothing got to do with the school's co curicullum.

Then sometimes in January, Angah participated a bowling tournament and returning from this tournament, he requested me to buy him the bowling starter package which consists of a ball, a pair of shoes and a bag...and this costs a whooping RM348. I turned him down at the very first request... and being persistent as he always be, he then approached Abah and he got a YES without any hesitation from our dear abah. I was like... "that was easy!"

With "lucky star" shining brightly in that january even Along got his starter package.

However all that came with some conditions , they got to promise to really put their heart and soul learning the game. Both of them are now attending a twice-a-week training under a same coach.

Did I mention 'storm" just now? I did right ....There was no "storm" on the above story but when Adib got his 6lbs bowling ball plus a pair of shoes and Abah bought 2 for himslef and a pair of shoes as well--that is when I realised that this is really a storm hit!

Thus, currently bowling is our favourite pastime...every weekend without fail!

I am the only one without any bowling ball and shoes. I was already being offered actually but at the rate of interest the boys and abah are showing, I let them concentrate on whatever gears they want to have. They already talking about investing in all sort of balls ..spinning, straight, soft, hard, medium soft, that brand, this brand...well it is abah's style, if you want to do something, do it with passion and full force--- and with style, of course....!!

Bath time for Aariz

Finally after reached the 3kg threshold...we were up for another most awaited activity with Aariz i.e. bathing. As far as we know, he was not bathed from day 1 until last friday.
I have never known that there's medical concern about premie or even small babies' tolerance with water temperature.
There were people who told us that 2.5kg is good enough (for us to wait)...but the boys' paed , Dr Ang suggested for us to extend it until he passed 3 kg so that was what we did.

Before this bathing experience, we only clean him using the Johnson's wipes and water.
****this picture was taken last month before "bercukur"--the growth is fast********

Thank god , he does enjoy his bath time..looks like he loves being in the water.....no problem at all...actually we never have bathing problem with the older boys as well. They just enjoyed sinking themselves inside the baby-bath , actually .....until now in a bigger version , the tub!

***this is how u should hold your baby to avoid slipping --giving supports for the head and neck***

With our weather, I strongly feel warm water may sooth and calm babies.
So that's it after 3 months...Aariz finally indulged himself with the pleasure of bathing and he had his first with Abah! Well , i am always the one holding the camera .....:)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aariz's adjusted age

Yesterday march 13th was Aariz's 3rd month birthday. We weighted him using our own scale and he was about 3.1 to 3.2kg. I am not sure about term babies' weight growth, didnt really concern last time but for Aariz....having witnessed him when he was only 1.1kg....personally we think the development is remarkable.

At his current size, he now looks more like a normal term baby....kesian anak mummy!

We read in the internet that premie has adjusted age. The adjusted age is measured from the initial expected due date which for Aariz was supposed to be on Feb12th, therefore his adjusted is 1 month on the dot as at yesterday. This adjusted age should be used to measure premie's development until the day they match with kids' at his ACTUAL age or until he reaches 2 years old.

In his immunisation book (from the hospital), it is listed a few things that a baby of 3 months should be able to do, as below, together with my observations:

1) able to move his body- TICKED
2) able to cooing/squealing- TICKED
3) response to loud noise- TICKED
4) ability to smile back (when u smile at him)- I DONT THINK SO--but sometimes i think i did see it or was it my imigination....
5) ability to look at your face- TICKED

Well..there's no rush...we are not going anywhere, are we?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aariz goes bald!

Abah has been itching to have Aariz bald since his days in the hospital, when one of the nurses told us that they do shave the babies upon request or when it's required for some medical purposes. But I was not into it because of Aariz's size and somehow I would prefer to do it on our own than to ask others.

And we waited until last 2 weeks, after our first visit to the hospital. It's our normal practice on the boys, we always keep their hair at minimum length (not that licin though-it's no 2 on the barber shaver)---after all they are boys :)--- until the year they entered primary school.

I am not sure whether it is sunat or what , but I think it is advisable to shave off the initial hair. Dont worry, new hair will bloom in no time! See how much dirt underneath?, perhaps it is because we have not shampooed him since birth but we did use water to clean his head. That day was the first time we shampooed him.
The end result...very licin!

Talking about hair, i really have problem with our teenaged brother's "peacock" hairstyle-- i call it peacock because the back hair is combed upward like the peacock feathers and the front is combed flat to one side. I've made a lot of noise about Along's recent hairstyle but he just ignores me and dare to ask me to iron his hair or have it straighten..............???? I cant wait for his next visit to the barber and know what, he told us he wants to go to hair salon not the barber...we had the boys tried hair salon once and now they are requesting for more....that is unbelievable!! Memang nak kena piat telinga!---Along read this and he laughed...mmg nak kena piat sungguh!