Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Xmas

Of course we dont celebrate Christmas, but we have stories surrounding christmas n ahmad adib. My dear cheeky ahmad adib aka mr froggy is obsessed with snow. Due to excessive of televisions, he associates snow with christmas...i.e. the world will only snowing during christmas...and christmas is only for mat saleh in the land of mat salehs of course. I think it was last year, he was all shocked with christmas decorations in KL..and I told him...xmas is for christians and christians come in many colours not only whites. And i think from school, he learns about religions and understand that part well now.Then comes the snow...I cant remember when, but sometime this year upon knowing that dec25th is Xmas ( he checked the desk calendar), he has asked me and abah to bring the family to have a vacation in London for Xmas due to his obsession with snow. He didnt request once but many times, i was so tired to layan him that at times i said yes, just to shut him off.So he waited patiently.......
He once told me, when people are out in the street of London celebrating Xmas with Santa, we should stay in the hotel for a while and come out again playing with snow after santa has left.

Then there was this day when the weather is so hot in Kuantan and we were like craving for starbuck's ice blended, he said...we wont have this problem in London, because we can just take the snow and put it in our mouth...tak payah beli ice blended.

On another occassion, Angah was making a lot of fuss about his birthday present...Adib told Angah, nanti kat London, we ask Santa some presents and give all to Angah....tak payah mummy of charge.
Finally last friday ...2 days before Christmas...he asked me if they have piano the next day,and I told him the calss was cancelled because Christmas would be the next day...suddenly he screamed, "mummy ni kata nak gi London....esok kan xmas, adib nak main snow.."...Adoi as if London is just a drive away.........Thank god, christmas is over now...and i hope this wont repeat next year...but of course we got to think a way to fulfill his dream on touching the snow....perhaps Genting...he..he...!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adib and Halloween gadget

The last time we went down to KL, the city was celebrating Halloween. I have written before about Adib and his interest with Halloween. Tot it was over as he is 7 years now but I was wrong...he is more anxious now than before....I'll tell you why.
At our fisrt stop i.e. Pavillion..the was only a small kiosk...and he started, "mummy please mummy, satu aje amik yg murah aje". I said ok and left him to Abah, as I rushed to Mothercare for Aariz's soother because we left his in the car. When I rejoined them again, Adib was still "sebek" (wearing a sad face). So we went to the shop again and get him "the hand"...The hand was filled with kekabu initially but being as creative as he is, Adib asked for my permission to take it out and wear it instead.

The very next day we came accross this one shop selling all sort of party goodies...and of course halloween was the theme...and the boys were like over the moon...yes, the 2 older brothers were like tumpang sekaki....

Brought home this mask....i asked Adib to take Shrek...and he replied "mana takut shrek tu" Shrek back to the shelf... Choosing which to buy....he was looking for the scariest and freakiest

Angah chose to be Mr Anonymous...and he bought another one during his school trip to Melaka--a green anonymous mask...
Along bought 2 little mice...they look so real which chill me to the bone..for a few days, those little mice were like following me....they were in my handbag, mix with my make up, on the table , in my bed....everywhere....geram betul... The picture below was during dinner with Tok Bibah and Tok Haji...i was worried tok bibah would have a heart attack...gosh.... So finally I asked Adib...what is it with all these Halloween stuff....and he answered me,

"boleh kacau budak budak perempuan...mesti semua jerit jerit"......

There you go...begitu memberansangkan...ha..ha..ha...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Aariz and Aimran's 2011 birthday

I feel like it was only recently i gave birth to my precious baby Aariz and in a blink he is now 1 year....emmmm...not a blink a few blink blink and wallah...besar dah anak kita. He was about 3kg in March i.e. 3 months after his by right, his adjusted age , we think should be around 9 months now.
Having said that, legally he is still 1 year old. Aariz is now learning to sit on his own, loves playing with his toys...and can be more expressional these days when you talk and play with him....and he still very much into his Baby TV....
I think I will have problem to get him concentrate on his studies later on...if taking Along's as an example...Along , when he was little we bombarded him with all the disneys' movies...he could spend hours in front of the tv and he can do that until now...erkkkkk...anyway...

****in february 2011 at about 1.8kg****

During this time last year, everything about Aariz was rather uncertain...every now and then, the paeds would unveil his progress and told the worst scenarios...that was difficult to handle, most of the time I ended up with tears. Abah and Mummy, we tried our best to stay strong for each other and of course to convey the positive vibe to Aariz.
***still think he is the cutest newborn---basically this is how the unborn baby looks like snuggling in moms' tummy--masyallah***

That devastating phase is over insyallah, and now we cherish beautiful moments every minutes and every day. Aariz is also so lucky to have the 3 abangs who love him so dearly and always openly showing their affection towards him. All praise to Allah.

Another Sagitarian that we have in the family is Angah...he is 11 years old now, and will sit for his UPSR next year...Of course we are aiming for 5As....a bright boy indeed but can be rather complacent also. The truth is mummy yg takut lebih...the boys macam tak de perasaan aje...very the selamba! For Angah, wishing him happy birthday, semoga jadi anak yg soleh insyallah...berjaya di dunia dan akhirat....and I also hope he can control his anger....He can easily loose his temper.....and he tend to response too quick that he leave the thinking part to later.To handle that Abah is giving constant fact too constants I think ha..ha..ha...and now Adib is like a tape recorder "ishhh.... Sagi ni..."... Loving all of them so completely!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Early pact for 2012

In about 7 days we will be celebrating Angah's birthday, then 4 days later will be first birthday for our precious little one, Ahmad Aariz. After that , in a blink we will be in 2012. 2012 will be a challenging year for the family as Along will sit for his PMR and Angah for his UPSR. How's that? Gosh...scary thought a nightmare...i feel like it was just months back I was traumatised with Along's UPSR ..and now I have 2 to handle in a year. 2011 final exam was not a good one for both..Along, I think he only got like 1 or 2 As for ...i dont know computer literature maybe...or perhaps no A at was too bad that I dont want to remember. He got another D for Agama...I really cant undersatnd that....during my years of schooling, agama is something for extra A...and my boy got D for agama. Angah , he got 4As and 1B--B for Bahasa. So both results are not helping in reducing my turmoil in approaching 2012.

I was so mad...that i changed to "mummy monster" on the day i collected Along's result. I was so mad at Along himself and to myself as well...I hate myself when i had that "transformation" but mummy is also human , at times i just got blown away!!Sometimes, I wished i didnt do what i did...but you boys should know i had all good intention inside.

Anyway,to think about it ... I should have adopted a more strict way in guiding the boys with their studies. The truth is I dont do much than buying them the revision books...thought they are mature enough to study for their own benefits. But kids being kids, we just need to exercise our parental guidance. We need to keep a close-eye on their activities and so on.

I sat down with the boys, talked to them and we have made a pact between us for 2012.

We are going to work together for" Ace-s" and We have started right away:

1. The desk top is switched off until the next exam... for Along to show some improvement

2. No more footie ...also until the next exam..they still can take a break with activities around the house area though

3.Angah is allowed to his laptop twice daily...during day break and a nite to feed his some cyber animals..about one hour each time---he personally requested this

4.Along still allowed to the playbook once a while --for some facebooking and games

5. Along needs to finish some exercise on daily basis and let me mark them at nite.

6.They both have started their tuition this Dec
They both have shown some improvement to adhere to the pact we made and i hope all of us will keep on track until the finishing line. May Allah helps us to achieve these goals of ours...aminnn.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Approaching the Big 1

It has been a while since my last update on Aariz and suddenly he is just a few days away from the Big 1 celebration. There have been many good developments and I will try to document everything here.
Blame it on my urat urat yg putus, but i think he was about 9 months when he started to turn over or "meniarap". They were very brief turn-over initially...the stomach barely touched the floor and he just turned again making lot of noise. And Abah came up with this comment, "lung cage dia besar macam mummy ni"....abah kan kalau yg pelik pelik semua mummy :(
However, now he can really stay flat on his stomach with no cry and able to raise his head high.
At this point of time, we are patiently waiting for his first crawl and eventually his first step. My boys, they didnt walk that early actually...Along had his first step at 1 year 3 months, Angah at exactly 1 year...Adib ...I cant recall...but I dont think it was earlier than 1 year. As Aariz corrected age currently is about 10mths...we dont expect any miracle so soon.

Recently at exactly 11months he expended his taste buds taking porridge into his menu.

Ingredients are rice, carrot and chicken-- cook and blend together. We may try ikan bilis/anchovies this week. Anyway, we still alternate this porridge with other baby food and baby biscuits....keeping the varieties to stimulate interest...Mat Aariz tend to get bored quite easily..picky..There were days he can just refuse to drink and eat....sangat merisaukan.

Apa l agi ekk....ahh...he loves baby talking. He makes noises when Adib changed the tv channel...if he is stationed in front of the television, we must ensure Baby TV is on. He screams and pushes himself when he wants us to pick him up....such a smart baby my sayang. He also knows if you scold him. This skill was picked up quite incident was in our car when Abah greeted him, it was just "aa....rizz", perhaps he was shocked or maybe the greeting was without a smile.....and he replied with a scream...

Since then our mischievious abang just love to re create the act...again and again....and mummy will then ended up screaming to Abang Chik.

apa apa aje yg mengacau adik ...tu tugas Mat Dib.

One last thing, he has his first tooth last 2 mths...and now there are 6 little cute teeth...and one of them is bigger than the rest agak kelakar jugak. I think that's about all for now...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Spender" --a.k.a seluar katok

The title is a bit alarming right? Seems like it doesnt suit a family blog but i just got to share this story. So one nite during dinner--the usual time for the boys to share their story of the day--their activities etc--Angah told us about some standard 2 children playing with a "spender" , throwing it around with a stick. After a while one of the children, asked another child to throw the spender to Angah. I feel like there's missing thread in the story emmmm...anyway, the silly little chap did threw the spender to Angah and that was a wrong choice obviously.
Being Angah, with a slightly extra dose of Javanese blood in him--as what abah likes to refer to define or explain "uncontrollable anger"--Angah actually scolded and slapped the unfortunate little boy.
I knew that he would get to that. I have taught him a few times, the easiest way to handle anger, if you are angry-standing, you should sit, if that doesnt work you should lie down...and had also reminded him that anger is evil. Of course, i scolded him and repeated again about anger is evil...told him, he should change and learn to handle his anger or he will one day lose all his friends...I told him, he should have just warned the boy... and of course, he defended himself telling me it was not a hard slap--(i really hope that was the actual thing)--just a mere touching on the kid's face with open hand...and that slap came after his warning not to fooling around with him.
Then suddenly while we were debating, our dear Dennis the Menace, interfered and said this,
" kalau Adib, Adib tak marah mummy! Adib amik spender tu letak atas kepala aje"...and how do you respond to that?
We all laughed out loud...betul betul LOL....there you go Adib with his out of the box response, which always full with some peculiar ideas again and again

Mak Usu and Afroza birthday bash

We were in KL last weekend to celebrate Mak Usu and Afroza's birthday. Everybody was there except for Uncle Bell. The party was held at Mc D and theme colour for the day was red.It was a great event...a successful was awesome to mingle around with families. There were games before the birthdays girls blew out the candles.

The kids enjoyed the games. Along and Inas being the only teenaged grandchildren of Tok Bibah were reluctant to join--at first, but mummy was there, that hesitation was easily handled! and they played along till the end.....good boy Along :) and Inas of course...see they even wore the head 17 years old, she's cheeky and very sporting so no problem with her...By the way, it's our first time seeing Noin with the tudung....manis Noin...personally i think it is too early for Noin but if she ikhlas then why not.

Tok Haji was there too....and it was Tok Haji's first meeting with our precious Aariz. He asked a few questions about Aariz and i was touched that he does have some details right about our little one, means he does care despite his other commitments...god bless~
I love family gathering...hope we are able to organize this kind of event more often...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Along and Adib's birthday

For the past 7 years we have been celebrating Adib and Along's birthday together....for obvious reason that their birthdays fall in the same month - oct- and in fact, Adib's birthday is just a day before Along's. Then for this year we happened to arrange Aariz's bercukur in Oct so we tot yeah why not throw the party on the same day...and we had the birthday bash...
Being a teenager, Along was not that keen with this birthday party thingy...but being a mom, it is just necessary for me...and thus, we used our parents' right and forced him to just stand there...and he did reluctantly...good boy!
Nothing much actually, adib blew the candles...then we distribute the goodies, shared the cake and that' about all.
At the end of the day, I asked Adib...if he's happy with the birthday bash...

Thank god...he said he did.."Adib happy tapi hadiah sikit tahun ni semua untuk Aariz aje"..oucchhhh

Then Angah menyampuk happily "yeah birthday Angah nanti Angah sorang"

So... I just got to remind him "Tahun ni yours will be with Aariz lah...Aariz kan december"
And Angah .."ah..ah...ya.."...he..he..tough luck :)