Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aariz at 6 months

Aariz is now 6 months ( exactly 2 days ago)...time flies huh...he was 5.7kg 2 weeks before his 6 mth birthday. His development so far...he can respond well and pay attention when you play or "agah" him. He definitely can smile back!

He had laughed twice so far... the first time was with Abang Dib, the day we bought him his new rocker or "kerusi gedik gedik". Abah said it worth every penny. Adib shaked the hanging toy and he laughed aloud...that was awesome! I initially thought he actually crying. He broke 2 -3 laugthers and done with it for quite sometime, until the second time with bibik and the construction worker, whose name is Aris...what a coincidence! Bibik told me that Aris (the worker) just like "hi" to him and he laughed aloud a few times. We missed that!!

1 week before his 6mth birthday, he had his first taste of solid food. We started with pear and banana puree for the first week, then now, he's having apple and ....something... puree...Thought this weekend , we'll try baby rice on him.

We read in the net that, we should keep one kind of food for a certain period so that if anything goes wrong with your baby, you can figure out what actually caused them. Same goes with the quantity, starts with one table spoon and increase according to the baby's demand. Thus , that is what we did, one food for a week.

I can tell that he is enjoying his weaning.

He can also push himself upwards if you stand him on his feet. On clothing he now fits the 0-3months clothes, still ok with newborn size but not the "tiny baby" size.....

The change in sizes really measures his growth...apparently from as tiny as 1.1kg....

We had him bald for the second time last weekend. We initially thought we want to wait until "majlis akikah" but that will have to wait for another 2-3 months, depending on the house renovation progress, and by the time I think he will be like little Tarzan ....

So we shaved now and let it grows again for the "majlis potong jambul"..

So that's all for now........... love him so dearly....

Chicken pox and "Sunat"

Last 2 weeks was a school holidays and unfortunately Adib was down with chicken pox..thank god, his, was a mild one...I am not really sure actually, if he really had a mild type or his antibody is just so strong that it able to fight the virus. But that is Adib, i dont remember him being conducive to sickness....irregardless if he had a fever, or having a bee stung his eyes or even when he had a fractured arm...he can just run around non stop except for sleeping.

He had the chicken pox close to 2 weeks, and throughout the period , he asked me daily whether he can kiss Aariz or hold him. You guys should know that Adib has been a very good big brother to Aariz, he can help to keep his eyes on him whenever we asked him to.Of course, having the virus inside the house, we were worried about Aariz so much. However, a doctor friend told me that if I have had a chicken pox, Aariz wont get the virus because being less than 6 months, my antibody still circulates inside him...hah..new information right? to me at least!

*********practising his acting skill*********

That's Adib...as for Angah , he was circumcised during the holidays.

**********the Before face***********

This "sunat" has been postponed from last Dec to the first term holiday, and this round , we (mummy and abah) just could not come up with any other excuses...so as promised we have him circumcised. He didnt even want to wait for a proper kenduri ( which has to wait for the renovation to finish). Why? because he doesnt want to be the last boy to bersunat in his class.

The traditional method was chosen ,and we granted his wish. He had seen Along with his clamp and due to that he opted for his choice. A doctor told me that the traditional way is more accordance to the islamic requirement- how true is his statement, I cant tell as I did not look up for other opinions. Recovery period is 2 weeks compared to Along's which was one whole month...
*************the After face**********

And these are how the 2 weeks holidays passed by.......