Monday, December 28, 2009

The 3D experience

Last week we watched 3D movie-Avatar- at the first ever 3D cinema in Kuantan. Awesome visual and the boys enjoyed it very much.

Go Karting

Brought the boys go karting yesterday in KL. New experience , the boys love it- they said far better than video games racing and even swimming??
...and personally I think it is fun!

Winner for the day is Angah--(he said so--he told me he able to overtake Abah after a few laps--so i announced him as winner)-- this boy just shot off ....Abah were worried whether he knows to use the brake paddle or Abah was after Angah from the very start, but after a few corners then Abah realised that he was really speeding and only used his brake at the corner.

Like a normal racing, accident is a must thing..and we had one as well when Along went off the circuit. We think he lost control while chasing Angah or Abah. It's kind of funny and I bet that incident will become a good joke for the next couple of months...he..he..he..
As for myself, i was just speeding at my own pace --

Adib is not able to join for his height, kesian dia!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Cenderahati for UPSR

Along got quite a few presents for his 5As...he actually requested for a laptop from mummy and abah...and at the very end, he changed his mind to a desktop as his main purpose is purely for computer games and that was according to the salesman advice.

As abah always does, he gets him top of the range - best one for makes me wonder, if this is for UPSR...what should we expect for PMR or SPM....gosh.... kids these days or is it us, the parents????? far as possible, we try to make a gift with a reason not simply lavish without any purpose.

Most of the uncles, aunties and the grandparents gave him for the past one month he was quite loaded and has been spending quite a lot.

The best part was when he got his first cash prize, he told me that he wanted to buy Adib and Angah something and pay us a dinner at his favourite Chilli's. Wow that really touched my heart.

I actually told him that he doesnt have to do that, but his respond was "tahula mummy banyak duit tapi afi nak belanja" , since he insisted i requested him to treat us at Starbuck instead of Chilli's...cheaper kan? And that was what he did...we had supper at Starbuck and it's all on Along!

Adib was grinning endlessly when Along told him, "Adib, Along nak belanja Adib-kite pergi toys r us ok" And he bought another set of NERF Guns for Adib and Angah. It's a big set which comes along with a papan tembak plus extra bullets.

This is how they play at home...yes, with the goggle..and you are seeing it right, that was Along

From uncle Bell, he got this Manchester jersey...he has been wanting this jersey since it was first launched but we put it in KIV all along due to the price tag:) he..he..he... so receiving the jersey from uncle Bell is like a dream comes true for Afi....and now , i actually commented this to him.."44 kali keluar 44 kali lah pakai baju tu"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

BBQ party for the Sagitarians

Last weekend we had a BBQ birthday bash for the sagitarians in the family, they are Angah, Aunty Ann and Aunty Shabell.

Thus another round of cakes and food....Everybody were there except for Tok Haji who always missing in action and the newly wed who were in Phuket for another round of Honeymoon.
Kids have their little talk...

"Uncle Boy" with the real boys

The BBQ corner...somehow there is no picture of the chief chef in action lah...Uncle Wafi is the co chef while Uncle Bell had his go towards the very end of the session.....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adib and Level 2 Smart Reader

Adib missed the passing mark for level 2 Smart reader exam and in order to proceed to Level 3 he has to refer the paper. Hence, for the past 2 weeks , he got to attend classes from 8.30 to around 12 and this is kind of intensive , I guess.

The day that we got the result was the same day the UPSR result were annouced~and the result was collected by both Aki and Angah. Abah and mummy had a good laugh knowing the result ~~frankly, we didnt expect him to fail , we understand he's getting lazier for the past few months but it has never occurred to us that he can actually fail the exam. Along and Angah had passed the exams all along without anykind of hiccup so we thought Adib would be ok. All of us actually laughed hearing the news...a bonus point for being the youngest!

Anyway, we explained to him that he now has trouble to move to level 3 and Abah continued to tease about him having to take extra classes when other kids can enjoy their holidays playing around...

One day , he asked me.."mummy, kenapa tak cakap pun nak naik level 3~Adib tak tahu pun!" in other words, he was telling me if he knew that he need to pass, he had ensure that during the first attempt...Dont play with this boy , he has 1001 ideas in his mind...

So for the past 2 weeks he attended the classes and somehow he has been behaving very well, he woke up every morning without any hesitation~~kind of strange actually!
He has his exam today...on my way down to work, as usual i checked on him in his room and suprisingly i saw him doing his revision...he really took the exam very seriously this round.

Called the teacher this evening and Teacher Elly told me that he has passed with only 1 mistake on the writing paper...CONGRATULATION ADIB...we are all so proud of you..muah..muah..muah

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scenes from Upin and Ipin the Gang

Angah gone bald again!

After weeks of complaints about Angah's hairdo...for not keeping it tidy enough and on a few occassions , he continuously forgotten to put the hair cream and we just realised that Zack Efron style is just not suitable for a kid like him...
Today reluctantly Angah surrenderred his head to abah...kesian.Abah used the hair shaver at no 4 not 0 - what usually being used for Adib. It's like a promise before Angah was shaved ~~he wants to make sure his is not like Adib's skin head! The boy in green was the commentator..."abah guna 0 bukan 4 , angah...habis dah Angah botak sama dgn mat dib"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Aimran's bithday party

Another birthday after another...turns out we have many sagitarians in the family....
Angah actually is the only one from the 3, who would request for a birthday party every year without fail..

When he was in kindergarten, he always missed the chance to celebrate his birthday with his friends in the kindergarten itself for obvious reason, December is a school holiday. Back then he used to make a fuss about this and I think that could be the reason that he always remember to request for a party to ensure he does not miss the opportunity to celebrate his day with his friends.

Even if we are to give him a choice between something else and party, he will choose for a party~~he doesnt really care if it's a big one or a small one as long as he can call for a few friends, he'll be satisfied!

This year we threw him a party at home....before the party, family members from Pekan joined us for lunch~~~~ the menu is a repetition he..he..asam pedas for all, ikan patin tempoyak for the boys and Aki, udang goreng butter and sayur...+ my signature dish---tak lain tak bukan mee kari/jawa and spaghetti bolognese and caramel pudding and cakes lah...carrot cake utk orang orang tua and chocolate fudge cake ...

At the end of the day....
Mummy: "angah happy tak?"
Angah: "happy lah, mummy dah janji dari tahun lepas"

Hilang penat lelah...Happy birthday my dear Angah!

Adib had his go with the candles......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a HI to adolescence?

As Along is now moving to secondary school and fast approaching adolescence, we think it is necessary to teach him a next step of self hygiene..i.e. to use facial cleanser, man body talcum, deodarent and eau de toilette. So when we did our monthly groceries last weekend , we bought the below items~~~ he has been using body spray before but the Adidas edt looks kind of interesting, so we took one for him..

The only thing we have forgotten is the facial for the time being told him to use mine or abah's.

I personally observed his first attempt going through the process....what to go first and how to apply...

1. wet your face and palm...squeeze the cleanser..buih buih then apply it to your face and neck

2. after bath and drying, apply the body talcum~~this is normal except the change of talcum~~from Johnson's to Dashing--adidas do not have talcum so Dashing was picked instead.

3. Roll the deodorant

4. spray the edt from back and front and on your wrist.

kelakar jadi nya. told him that i will make a spot check from time to time to ensure that he smells pleasant he..he..he. With Along~~~ i will need to continuously monitor to ensure he pick up this ritual after bath diligently.

Aleesya's 3rd birthday

Last weekend went down to Pekan at Ayah De's to celebrate Aleesya's 3rd birthday. Like a normal family is all about eating and beramah mesra...

We were served with laksa penang, nasi tomato, the ever famous pudding pisang and pecan them all especially the nasi tomato...we even have it tapau! Thanks to Mok De.

Adib helping Alee-cha with the presents...he has been wanting to open the Barbie and even requested me to buy the male doll from the high school muscal edition....gosh!

It's not easy to get Ketik Na and Akil, looked at the camera and not doing the normal "cacing" movement...

mummy tengah feeling atau terkujat entah apa!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Warit's Birthday Party

On second day of Raya Haji, we celebrated Warith's birthday at Aunty Ann's place. Aunty Ann and Uncle Wafi were in Jakarta for a motorsport tournament, so the party was arranged by Tok Bibah.

Presents from Tok Bibah....I bet Tok Bibah bought a bundle of Polo as The Boys also received same Polo shirt for their birthdays (Along+Adib's + Angah in advance)recently!

Soseh soseh Raya Haji 2009

Adib with the Power Puff Girls on pagi raya haji...I love the girls' baju raya...striking and cantik cangat!The girls, Adib, Ketik-Na and MAt Kokil

Cik Putih @ Amani... adorable!

The whole lot with LOVE ...mimicking Inas.
Another Cik Putih...Eden

Klon Uncle Bell...Farisya