Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mr Froggy's question

This blog is more than dormant already...last postg was May  holy cow..ancient dah tu. Ok i am having all  this semangat to write tonite.. and had earlier posted one in my other blog. If there is any frequent visitor..i apologize for my absence.
I was at #slakeandbite just now with Adib..we dropped Along n Angah for their tuition and spent our time waiting at our cafe. Just wanted to share d conversation we had -A friend of Along who is also a neighbour actually joined us..i was asking him about school and so on...then we talked about gansterism and d friend mentioned abt some student "kena gantung" from school. Then at d cafe...adib asked..kawan Along tu kena gantung pakai tali ke mummy. Never occur to me that he actually didnt know and i explained what it is all about..and he later replied " la best la tak yah gi sekolah--adib ingat kena gantung tu kena hang berapa hari kat sekolah... sabor jelah.
Such a baby kan? Itu kita selalu marah d brothers for taking too hard on Adib when he is still a baby..

He..Adib kan macam macam idea dia..the elder brotehrs esp Angah always highlighted that Adib is my favourite - i dont know if he is my favourite but he was the youngest for quite sometime-- 7 years to be exact before our dearest Aariz. Despite of being pampered and prioritised according to the brothers lah..I think his tolerance on many things is higher compared to the brothers, he tend to give-in a lots and he would question me and defend the brothers when i scolded them...on 2nd thought maybe it is true lah he is pampered because he can question me...adoii..

Ok some of his achievements last year -- he was top for few subjects in school...making mummy and abah all so proud. Soemthing to go into mummy's brag book he..he..he..memacam kan mak mak zaman sekarang ni or is it only me...adoi god helps me..

I think i have also mentioned somewhere that he has been progressing positively with bowling and he placed himself no 2 for under 12 in the club's tournament. Another one to mummy's brag book - sabar eh...
Having said all that, even without those - we would love him the same way..all my boys- nothing more an dnothing less :) my mission is always to raise children with good hearts..always have good intention...good muslim insyallah. Lots of pressures raising 4 boys as they are born leaders at least to their own family later in life but i enjoy every moment of being the only different gender in the family or am i actually suffering ?^#~%~$@*^%~


fendifid said...

Cute je adib. Mesti soalan dia semua di luar jangkaan.

Ila said...

Hi blogger friend founded at last...