Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shalin's Cup 2012

The boys joined the Shalin's cup this year...all the 3 of them. We had no plan for Adib to participate initially but he told us that he was interested. So we enrolled him along with teh older brothers...his comment was like this "jangan risau Adib tak akan dapat last position...sekurang kurangnya Adib duduk kat 2nd last". The abah told him if anything happened just buat muka selamba and he replied " Ya, Adib buat selamba aje".

We managed to practiced at the alley , the day before the tournament..

And the day came, Angah and Adib played for Under 12 Boys in the afternoon.  Angah has entered quite a few tournaments so this was like another game for him....but suprisingly, Adib was rather calm also--he is always the Mr Cool actually. He was alright until the first 3-4 throws when every throws ended in the "longkang".. Along and myself were watching him ...and I was so worried,tuhan aje yg tahu... not knowing what to tell.... Abah at that time was supervising Angah who was 2 -3 lanes away than Adib's...we called for Abah and abah told him to change something and he did...and he was ok after that and in one of the 6 games he played, he scored 151 which is a record on its own for him.

People actually tot Adib is like 11 or 12years old and it did suprise them knowing that he is only 8 going to be 9 next year. He actually got the right skill and a few coaches have commented we have high hope on our Mr Cool!
For a first timer we think he has played so well..tak banyak drama macam Along...ha..ha..ha.. and he placed himself not at 2nd last position but 41 or 51 out of the 70-80 participants...oklah..
After the game , I asked what did he feel having the first 4 throws inside the longkang, he said "malulah mummy"...but it didnt really show...nampak lah pipi merah sikit he..he..he..

Then Angah....this boy.. he was so near to be selected to the 2nd block but "pancit" at 5th and 6th that drop him to 14th or 15th place and selection is up to 12th near yet to far away kan? Tak de rezeki lah!

Along ...he still has some problems with his walking-approaching the lane- and his push...but he improved a lot during this tournament. and I am quite happy with him. We plan to concentrate more on bowling this year --really put our heart and soul into this games and give our full support to the boys...kalau tak menang jugak next tournament memang nak kena piat telinga sorang sorang ha..ha..ha..

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fendifid said...

Ha ha ha...punya la semangat mommy...pastu last sentence tu membunuh betul. Caya la korang...keep up the momentum. Pasti berjaya....lizduan...bolehhhh.