Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aariz's development at 2 years 4 months

Like mentioned in previous posting which was like 2 months ago ...goshh...so teruk lah..we had started sending Aariz for therapy at UIA.. so blessed that UIA is very near to our place.

We should have finalised the hearing therapy but one of the machine is out of service thus we need to come back again whenever the machine is function again..erghhhh..anyway, the therapist said she can only confirm that 80% Aariz is not having any hearing problem ...but to really confirm 100% we need that magic machine's verdict. Jadi tunggu lagi..

Then  the speech therapy.. for this round Aariz was required to have one to one session with the therapist and he did just that so well.We actually had the speech therapy after the hearing and he was actually all moody and showing tantrum back in the hearing room...so for him to be so calm during the speech session was a bonus. For speech, we still need to do some facial massaging even inside his mouth to stimulate the nerve and muscle--on the face is ok..quite easy but inside the mouth area is very challenging--there is a chance that you may lose a finger ha..ha..kesian bibik :). Speech delay is also associated with ability to pay attention therefore we need to play with Aariz and get him to concentrate and pay attention for few seconds or minutes.

Then the physio therapy...this is when the therapist need to touch him and do some brief massaging to check on stiffness of the legs  and those are what Aariz hates the most especially when they try to have him lied down.

The session is always filled with shouting, crying, tantrums ...we need to move from one place to another just to calm him ,  and to get his attention again...

Basically from the therapist observation, his is a delay problem--the stiffness at the joint is not as hard as before i.e. during the first and second session...so they think with continuous exercise, he may be able to walk on his own.  There is also some balancing problem due to his feet which are pointing outward and they are making him a special shoes for that.

Except for the hearing (which we have to wait for the magic machine), the speech and physio therapies is now a monthly affair for us. We hope for the best....currently

Aariz is still walking around with support--he still needs to hold on something...
he has been shouting a lot these days....I believe he needs us to pay more attention to him more ....he will shout for attention and all we need to do is to just sit with him or paly with him..

he understands well if we scold him...Adib likes to do this..just love seeing him crying..but I have told Adib he got to stop because Aariz is not able to distinguish that we are actually just playing, he may think that the scolding is a real thing...
He adores Along so much...he is very much at ease with Along..whenever he is not happy with something you can either call Along or of course his favourite bibik..
Overall he is progressing ...he is late yes, but we are seeing the so much progress...we will never force him...taking a step at a time..especially if we recall the day when he was just 1.1kg...or when we brought him home at 1.8kg....we are so thankful for having him...love him so dearly..my dearest baby boy!

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fendifid said...

Good job all, wow i can imagine how loud he shouted by seeing hia face expression during the masaage sesaion. Glad to hear he is progressing well. Cayokkkkk Aariz