Monday, April 1, 2013

Tok Mimah's birthday gathering

This was last february...during the cny break, gosh..this posting is almost 2 months overdue. In the past years, we normally celebrated Tok's birthday at home in Pekan with table covered with foodie end to is a normal scene for any birthday celeb in Pekan. However this year, it was even better he..he..Atok actually annouced that she wanted to treat the whole family at Zenith hotel..
So there we were to celebrate the special occassion together in red--in conjunction with cny--melebih dari cina :)

To Atok, wishing you much love, good heatlh and blessing life..always and forever.

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fendifid said...

Better late than never. Meriah sokmo sambutan dgn anak menantu dan cucu